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Distance 385 miles North of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Wednesday, Saturday 5.30 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town Sunday, Wednesday 8 am.
Mail leaves for Sydney Thursday, Monday 3 pm.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Friday evenings.

Route – Steam Newcastle, rail Murrurundi, Cobb’s coach Armidale, 73m.
Wellingrove; or, steam Grafton, 90m. Wellingrove.

BLACKMAN        Richard                bootmaker        Wellingrove
BYRON                Peter jun.        wine merchant        Wellingrove
BYRON                Peter sen.        drover                Wellingrove
CAMERON                Mrs. Susan        selector        Wellingrove
CAMERON                Robert                selector        Apple Tree Gully
CAMPBELL & GIBSON                squatters        Wellingrove
CAMPBELL        C.                selector        Apple Tree Gully
CAMPBELL        John                selector        Apple Tree Gully
CAREY                George                carrier                Wellingrove
COLE                William                selector        Wellingrove
COSTELLO        Thomas                selector        Waterloo
DOUST                Thomas                selector        Wellingrove
ELSMAN                ---                selector        Swanvale
FLETCHER        John                selector        Waterloo
FORD                Patrick                carrier                Wellingrove
FRAZER                Donald                carpenter        Wellingrove
GARRIGAN        Philip                blacksmith        Wellingrove
GORDON                H.                squatter        Strathbogie Station
GROSS                J. C.                superintendent        Strathbogie Station
HAMILTON        James                carrier                Wellingrove
HANDLEY                John                carpenter        Wellingrove
HARRISON        Henry                sawyer                Wellingrove
HOOD                William R.        selector        Wellingrove
KENNEDY                William                carrier                King’s Plains
KNAUFF                John                gardener        Wellingrove
KRAUSS                William                carrier                Wellingrove
MACREATH        W. R.                selector        Wellingrove
MARKS                Thomas H.        storekeeper        Wellingrove
MARSHALL        Jane                ---                Wellingrove
MARSHALL        Long                carrier                Wellingrove
MARSHALL        William                sawyer                Wellingrove
MARSHALL        William                selector        Wellingrove
MAUND                James E.        ---                Wellingrove
MAUND                William C.        ---                Wellingrove
MCDONALD        Henry                ---                Wellingrove
MCDONALD        John                selector        Wellingrove
MCDONALD        William                selector        Wellingrove
MCINTOSH        Hugh                selector        Wellingrove
MCINTYRE        Colin                overseer        Pendari
MCINTYRE        Duncan                drover                Wellingrove
MCINTYRE        Ewen                drover                Wellingrove
MCINTYRE        John A.                superintendent        Waterloo Station
MCINTYRE        William                selector        Waterloo
MCKENZIE        Duncan                overseer        Wellingrove
MCLENNAN        John                farmer                Wellingrove
MCMASTER        Mrs. Mary        selector        Wellingrove
MORTON                John                bricklayer        Wellingrove
PATTERSON        ---                wine cellar        Swanbrook
REYNOLDS        Thomas                gardener        King’s Plains
RICH                John                gardener        Wellingrove
ROSS                J., JP                selector        Balaclava, Waterloo
RYAN                Patrick                carrier                Wellingrove
RYAN                John                overseer        Rocky Ck.
SCHEDEL                Francis                innkeeper        Wellingrove
SCHOFIELD        Thomas                carrier                Wellingrove
SHANNON                Robert                selector        Waterloo
SHARP                John                wine merchant        Wellingrove
SHARP                Thomas                selector        Wellingrove
STYLES                Thomas                sawyer                Wellingrove
SULLIVAN        William                ---                Wellingrove
SWINDEN                George                ---                Wellingrove
TICKLE                Thomas                sawyer                Wellingrove
URQUHART        John                selector        Wellingrove
VIVERS                T. & W.                squatters        King’s Plains Station
WALKER                John                contractor        Wellingrove
WELSH                James                carrier                Wellingrove
WILLIAMSON        James                selector        Swanvale
YOUNG                James                selector        Swanvale

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here