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Distance 337 miles North of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Friday 5.30 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town Thursday, Monday 7.45 am.
Mail leaves for Sydney Sunday, Wednesday noon.
Mail arrives at Sydney Wednesday, Saturday evenings.

Route – Steam Newcastle, rail Murrurundi, coach via Narrabri to Wee Waa.

ALLINGHAM        George                stockman        Wee Waa
ANTONY                ---                sawyer                Deadman’s Ck.
BACON                Cecil                ---                Aberfeldy
BALL                David                bootmaker & bailiff Wee Waa
BEDFORD                David                labourer        Coghill
BROWN                Alexander        superintendent        Coghill
BURDELL                H.                labourer        Bulcarrol
BURRELL                John H.                chemist                Wee Waa
CAMPBELL        Benjamin B.        superintendent        Bulcarrol
CARR                William H.        poundkeeper        Wee Waa
DANGAR                P. G. G.        grazier                Bullerawa
DENT                George                selector        Bingalow Ck.
DEXTER                Joseph                cook                Bullerawa
DIXON                Richard                superintendent        Drildool
DOHERTY                John                constable        Wee Waa
DONOVAN                William                servant                Bullerawa
EVANS                William C.        superintendent        Nowley
FELTON                Arthur                storekeeper        Toulladunna
FLETCHER        James                superintendent        Wee Waa
HALL                John Edward        innkeeper        Wee Waa
HALPIN                Thomas                carrier                Wee Waa
HAWKE                Thomas W.        splitter        Bulcarrol
HOCKEN                William                ---                Drildool
HUNTER                John                servant                Wee Waa
HUXLEY                Charles                drover                Wee Waa
JAMES                Frederick        stockman        Drildool
KILMAN                George                stockman        Bulcarrol
LUDLOW                F.                superintendent        Bulcarrol
LAKUE                Thomas                builder                Tulladunna
LAMBOURN        F.                storekeeper        Blacktown
LANGE                Frederick        labourer        Bulcarrol
LEWIS                Edward                stock-keeper        Wee Waa
LAWLESS                Michael                farmer                Bullerawa
MOSELY                James, JP        grazier                Aberfeldy
MCDONALD        A.                ---                Tulladunna
MCFARLANE        Jane                storekeeper        Wee Waa
PALLETT                John                stockman        Queebri
PALLETT                John jun.        stockman        Queebri
PANTON                Eliza                teacher                Wee Waa
PRINCE                Charles                servant                Wee Waa
PRINCE                Eleanor                midwife                Wee Waa
REILLY                Richard                teacher                Brigalon Ck.
RIDDLE                John                superintendent        Tulladunna
ROBERTSON        James                stockman        Bringalon Ck.
ROBSON                Joseph                blacksmith        Tulladunna
RYAN                Patrick                selector        Brigalon Ck.
SCARR                Charles                cook                Drildool
SMITH                William                carrier                Wee Waa
SMITH                William                servant                Bullerawa
TARRANT                ---                sawyer                Deadman’s Ck.
TRINDALL        Charles B.        wheelwright        Wee Waa
WALKER                R.                contractor        Bulcarrol
WHITTON                George                carrier                Wee Waa
WRIGHT                H.                contractor        Tulladunna

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here