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Distance 145 miles West of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 11.40 am.
Mail leaves for Sydney Monday, Wednesday, Friday 12.30 pm.
Mail arrives at Sydney Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 7 am.

Route – Rail Rydal, Cobb’s coach Bathurst, 7m. Wattle Flat.

ANDERSON        James                farmer                Wattle Flat
ANDERSON        John                miner                Wattle Flat
ANTONIO                Emanuel                miner                Wattle Flat
BAILEY                William                farmer                Wattle Flat
BALSOMS                Louis                miner                Wattle Flat
BARTLETT        Thomas                miner                Green Man
BARTON                Thomas                miner                Wattle Flat
BATRAM                Stephen                miner                Wattle Flat
BENNETT                James                carpenter        Wattle Flat
BLISS                Charles                miner                Bullock Flat
BLOCKLER        Henry                miner                Wattle Flat
BONFIELD        James                miner                Wattle Flat
BOYLE                Bartholomew        miner                Wattle Flat
BRIGHT                John                storekeeper        Wattle Flat
BRINKLEY        Robert                miner                Wattle Flat
BRINLEY                Robert                miner                Wattle Flat
BROOK                William                farmer                Wyagdon
BURTON                William                miner                Wattle Flat
CAMPBELL        James                miner                Wattle Flat
CAMPBELL        William                quartz crusher        Wattle Flat
CARMICHAEL        Allen                farmer                Wattle Flat
CARROLL                Patrick                miner                Bullock Flat
CLARK                James                miner                Wattle Flat
COOK                ---                miner                Wattle Flat
CORE                James                hawker                Allandale
CORE                William                miner                Bullock Flat
CRAWFORD        Andrew                miner                Wattle Flat
CRAWFORD        James                miner                Wattle Flat
DAWSON                James                miner                Wattle Flat
DONNELLY        James                teacher                Wattle Flat
DUNLOP                William                miner                Wattle Flat
ECCLES                Richard                miner                Wattle Flat
EGGLESTON        John                farmer                Windeyer
EGGLESTONE        Mayor                miner                Surface Hill
ELLIOTT                James                ---                Wattle Flat
ELLIS                Alfred                miner                Wattle Flat
ELLIS                Edward                miner                Wattle Flat
FARRELL                William                miner                Wattle Flat
FIELD                Henry                miner                Wattle Flat
FLEMING                John                miner                Dead Horse Gully
FOGERTY                Thomas                miner                Wattle Flat
GAFFNEY                Patrick                miner                Wattle Flat
GANDER                James                carrier                Little Oakey Ck.
GORDON                Richard                miner                Wattle Flat
GORMAN                Patrick                farmer                Paling Yards
GRIFFIN                James                bootmaker        Wattle Flat
GURD                John                innkeeper        Wattle Flat
HAGNEY                James                miner                Bullock Flat
HAMILTON        Thomas                miner                Green Man
HANCOCK                Matthew                miner                Clay Flat
HANNAN                James                miner                Little Oakey Ck.
HEULLEY                John                miner                Wattle Flat
HIBBERT                Daniel                wood cutter        Wattle Flat
HODGES                John                butcher                Wattle Flat
HODGES                William                farmer                Wyagdon
HOOLOHAN        James                miner                Bullock Flat
HOTTER                Goodson                miner                Surface Hill
HUDSON                Robert                farmer                Wyagdon
HURST                Martin                miner                Wattle Flat
HURST                Thomas                miner                Wattle Flat
HUTCHISON        Alexander        miner                Wattle Flat
JACOBS                Isaac                miner                Wattle Flat
JACOBS                William                miner                Surface Hill
JOHNSON                James                miner                Wattle Flat
KELLY                Thomas                miner                Big Oakey Ck.
KING                Timothy                miner                Piper’s Ck.
LATTIMORE        Hugh                miner                Wattle Flat
LEE                Jonathan        wheelwright        Wattle Flat
MACTAMENY        James                miner                Dead Horse Gully
MACTAMENY        John                miner                Dead Horse Gully
MACTAMENY        Wm.                miner                Dead Horse Gully
MAY                John                blacksmith        Wattle Flat
MILTON                Henry                farmer                Paling Yards
MINI                John                miner                Piper’s Ck.
MITCHELL        James                miner                Surface Hill
MOORE                Thomas                miner                Wattle Flat
MOORE                William                miner                Wattle Flat
MOREHOUSE        George                storekeeper        Wattle Flat
MORRIS                Denis                blacksmith        Wattle Flat
MOYLE                John                storekeeper        Wattle Flat
MUSGROVE        William                farmer                Wyagdon
MCCABE                John                carrier                McCabe Flat
MCCARTHY        Daniel                innkeeper        Wattle Flat
MCCUDDEN        Frances                farmer                Paling Yards
MCCUDDEN        Henry                farmer                Paling Yards
MCDONALD        John                miner                Wattle Flat
MCPEAK                James                miner                Clay Flat
NEAL                John                miner                Big Oakey Ck.
NEWRY                Walter                farmer                Wyagdon
NEVIN                Thomas                miner                Wattle Flat
NORTON                William                miner                Wattle Flat
PEDENROUGH        Alex.                miner                Green Man
PLUMMER                James                miner                Big Oakey Ck.
PORTER                George                carrier                Bullock Flat
PORTER                William                miner                Bullock Flat
PROSPER                ---                miner                Clay Flat
PUGH                Loyodd                miner                Clay Flat
RIELLY                Francis                miner                Wattle Flat
RIELLY                James                miner                Wattle Flat
ROGERS                John                miner                Piper’s Ck.
RUSDEN                ---                miner                Wattle Flat
RUTTER                Thomas                miner                Wattle Flat
SCHOFIELD        Thomas                miner                Bullock Flat
SCOTT                James                miner                Riley Ck.
SCULLEY                John                miner                Wattle Flat
SELLY                James                innkeeper        Wattle Flat
SHELDON                John                miner                Wattle Flat
SHINGLER        ---                miner                Bullock Flat
SMEAD                John                innkeeper        Wattle Flat
SMITH                David A.        miner                Dead Horse Gully
SMITH                George                farmer                Paling Yards
SMITH                John                miner                Dead Horse Gully
STEWART                Charles                miner                Green Man
STEWART                Henry                innkeeper        Wattle Flat
STOREY                James                miner                Wattle Flat
SUTCLIFF        William                miner                Wattle Flat
TAY                ---                farmer                Paling Yards
TOFF                William                miner                Surface Hill
TOWE                John                carpenter        Wattle Flat
TOWERY                John                carrier                McCabe Flat
VARRULLA        Charles                miner                Surface Hill
WALKER                James                labourer        Wattle Flat
WALSH                William                carrier                Wattle Flat
WEIGHTON        Alex.                miner                Big Oakey Ck.
WEIR                David                miner                Wattle Flat
WILKINSON        Joseph                miner                Allandale
WILLIAMS        Peter                miner                Bullock Flat
WILLIAMSON        Gilbert                miner                Surface Hill
WILSON                George                miner                Allandale
WILSON                James                farmer                Wyagdon
WILSON                John                miner                Surface Hill
WOOLARD                Walter                miner                Clay Flat

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here