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Distance 135 miles North of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Wednesday, Friday 5.30 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday noon.
Mail leaves for Sydney Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10 pm.
Mail arrives at Sydney Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday evenings.

Route – Steam Newcastle, rail Singleton, coach Warkworth.

ADAMS                James                blacksmith        Rose Farm
ALLEN                James                farmer                Allendale
ALLEN                Robert                mail contractor        Allendale
ANDERSON        William                drover                Ada Cottage
BULL                Frederick        labourer        Bulga
CLARKE                Eliza                farmer                Bulga
CLARK                James                drover                Bulga
CLARK                Joseph                farmer                Newport
CLARK                McDonald        farmer                Bulga
CONLAN                E.                boarding-house        Bulga
CONLAN                John                farmer                Bulga
DUGAN                William                labourer        Retreat Farm
DURHAM                Charles                farmer & grazier Wambo
DURHAM                W.                farmer & grazier Wambo
EATHER                John William        drover                Bulga
EATHER                Thomas                farmer                Mount Pleasant
FOLLEY                John                superintendent        Cheshunt
FRANCESCO        Antonie                farmer                Bulga
GIBBS                R.                farmer & grazier Spring Grove
GOFFITT                John                farmer                Mount Pleasant
HARBOURN        John                farmer                Wambo
HAYS                John                farmer                Bulga
HAYS                Thomas                farmer                Bulga
HAYS                William                drover                Bulga
HOBDEN                Henry W.        farmer                Poplar Cottage
HOLMES                Adam                farmer                Bulga
HOLMES                William                farmer                Bulga
HULLICK                James                teacher                Warkworth
JOHNSTON        Isaac                labourer        Bulga
KOYLE                Matthew                farmer                Hanson’s Flat
MARSHALL        A.                farmer                Cockfighters’ Ck.
MARTIN                John                farmer                Charlton
MURPHY                Michael                wine merchant        Charlton
MCALPIN                W.                farmer & grazier Bulga
MCALPIN                William jun.        farmer & grazier Retreat Farm
MCGOUAN                A.                sheep farmer        Forest Vale
MCGOUAN                S.                sheep farmer        Forest Vale
O’BRIAN                Peter                carrier                Donnybrook
PARMETER        F.                farmer                Inglewood Forest
PARMETER        T. jun.                farmer                Inglewood Forest
PARMETER        T.                farmer & grazier Inglewood Forest
PARTRIDGE        William jun.        farmer                Point
PARTRIDGE        William                farmer                Bulga
PITMAN                Henry                farmer                Rosemont
PITMAN                Thomas                carrier                Jamer
RANSEY                W.                farmer & grazier Greenleak
REEVES                Thomas                labourer        Bulga
ROSE                George                carrier                Cockfighters’ Ck.
ROSE                John                farmer                Cockfighters’ Ck.
RYAN                Edward                carrier                Donnybrook
SCOTT                Harriet                wine cellar        Woodville
SCOTT                William                farmer                Glengarry
SCRIBER                Gasper                vigneron        Spring Wood
SCRIBER                Peter                vigneron        Spring Wood
SEYMOUR                Timothy                labourer        Ivy Cottage
SHARP                William                labourer        Bulga
SHEPPARD        Charles                farmer                Point Hermit
SHEPPARD        John                innkeeper        Warkworth
SMITH                John                carrier                Longford Ck.
SMITH                William                carrier                Longford Ck.
SOLOMON                Sarah                storekeeper        Warkworth
SQUIRE                Francis                farmer & grazier Leannigton Villa
SQUIRE                J.                farmer & grazier Edwards Villa
SQUIRE                John Henry        farmer & grazier Dequiros Villa
TAYLOR                Henry                labourer        The Green Farm
TAYLOR                T. jun.                drover                The Green Farm
TAYLOR                T. sen.                farmer                The Green Farm
TRISTRAM        W.                surgeon                Warkworth Cottage
TUDER                Henry                drover                Forest Home
TURNBULL        John                labourer        Bowman’s Ck.
TURNBULL        Ralph                labourer        Bowman’s Ck.
TURNER                Jane                laundress        The Green Farm
WATTS                Alfred                farmer                Seacroft
WATTS                Henry                farmer                Hawood
WATTS                William jun.        farmer                Spring Wood
WATTS                William sen.        innkeeper        Warkworth
WHEAL                George                superintendent        Comleroy
WHYBROW                Edward                selector        Bulga
WILLIAMS        Frederick        farmer                Rose Bank
WOODS                William                farmer                Milbrodale

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here