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Distance 380 miles North of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Thursday 5.30 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town Thursday, Sunday 6.30 pm.
Mail leaves for Sydney Saturday, Tuesday 5 am.
Mail arrives at Sydney Tuesday, Friday evenings.

Route – Steam Newcastle, rail Murrurundi, Cobb’s coach Bendemeer, 100m.

ABERCROMBIE        Robert                superintendent        Gunyerwaraldi
ADAMS                Alfred A.        grazier                Gineroo
AHEARN                John                labourer        Yallaroi
ANDERSON        Alexander        stockman        Reedy Ck.
ARMSTRONG        ---                constable        Warialda
AUMULLER        Henry                ---                Warialda
AUMULLER        M. A.                postmistress        Warialda
BLACKMAN        Thomas                labourer        Warialda
BONE                ---                ---                Myall Ck.
BOWMAN                Bridget                innkeeper        Warialda
BOWMAN                George                selector        Warialda
BOWMAN                James                bootmaker        Warialda
BOWMAN                William                horse breaker        Warialda
BROOKS                John                sawyer                Warialda
BROOKS                William                sawyer                Warialda
BROWN                F. A.                grazier                Bogabilla
BURKE                William                shepherd        Gournama
BURNS                William                stockman        Gragine
CAMPBELL        Donald                superintendent        Currawillabinda
CAMPBELL        Murdoch                manager                Trigamon
CARLYON                John                superintendent        Oregon
CARNEIL                James                shepherd        Gournama
CAVANAGH        R.                ---                Warialda
CAVANAGH        Stephen                householder        Warialda
CHANDLER        Stephen                stockman        Gunyerwaraldi
CODRINGTON        C. J. & A.        graziers        Coolatai
COGHAN                Thomas                stockman        Warialda
CORRIGAN        James                grazier                Pallamlbarra
CRANE                John                poundkeeper        Warialda
CROSS                G. H.                innkeeper        Wallangra
CULLEN                Richard                grazier                Tareelari
CULLEN                Thomas                grazier                Tareelari
DIGHT                C. H.                grazier                Tucka Tucka
DIGHT                John                grazier                Yetman
DIMES                G. S. R.        grazier                Tooloona
DIMES                Richard                grazier                Tooloona
EATON                George                grazier                Warialda
EATON                John & Thomas        graziers        Warialda
EVERINGHAM        Charles                stockman        Oregon
FITZPATRICK        James                overseer        Warialda
FITZSIMMONS        R. H.                CPS                Warialda
FLYNN                William F.        sergeant of police Warialda
FRANCIS                Thomas                householder        Warialda
FULLERTON        George                PM                Warialda
GAMBLE                Alexander        superintendent        Gullangotta
GEDDES                M. A.                storekeeper        Warialda
GLENNIE                Frederick        overseer        Wallangra
GORDON                G. H.                grazier                Gragine
GORMAN                Henry                stockman        Gragine
GRIFFITHS        ---                ---                Warialda
HALLAM                John                labourer        Warialda
HASSENBERG        William                blacksmith        Warialda
HEMSON                John                householder        Warialda
HOLMES                Edward                farmer                Murgle Ck.
HOLMES                M.                superintendent        Yallroi
HUSSEY                James                drover                Coolatai
JAMES                Henry                storekeeper        Wallangra
JAMES                Peter                carrier                Warialda
KEPPLER                Charles                stockman        Gragine
KNAUFF                Arthur                drover                Warialda
KNAUFF                George                drover                Warialda
KRUG                Conrad                stockman        Warialda
LAMOTTE                F. C.                selector        Myalla
LOVELL                George                mail contractor        Warialda
MAIDENS                ---                carpenter        Warialda
MALANE                Bartholomew        drover                Yallaroi
MANNEX                John                stockman        Cunawillabindra
MEARS                M. J.                storekeeper        Warialda
MILLS                ---                storekeeper        Yallaroi
MCGEE                Thomas                innkeeper        Warialda
MCMILLAN        Ann                grazier                Oregon
NEWTON                William                butcher                Warialda
O’BRIEN                James                contractor        Warialda
PEGLER                Robert                grazier                Cunawillabindra
PHILLIPS        Thomas                innkeeper        Wallangra
RADFORD                R. P.                storekeeper        Warialda
REDHEAD                Ernest                surgeon                Warialda
RIDLEY                F. W.                sheep inspector        Warialda
ROBIN                Henry C.        assistant storekeeper Warialda
SANGSTER        ---                drover                Coolatai
SCARLETT        William                drover                Gragine
SCHMIDT                Henry                shepherd        Tallawi
STEWART                Duncan                superintendent        Gragine
STRONG                J. W.                superintendent        Gournama
TAIT                Alfred                mail driver        Warialda
TALWAY                Job                farmer                Warialda
TAYLOR                John                groom                Warialda
THOMPSON        James Hill        manager                Myall Ck.
TOPLITZ                C.                shepherd        Warialda
TOWNSHEND        Robert                builder                Warialda
TROUTMAN        ---                shepherd        Warialda
USHER                Michael                lock-up keeper        Warialda
WALKER                Rev. W. F. H.        ---                Warialda
WEHE                Auguste                stockman        Yallaroi
WEICKS                Christopher        farmer                Warialda
WILSON                James                manager                Bogamildi
WINMILL                Henry                storekeeper        Myall Ck.
WYNDHAM                Frank                manager                Wallangra
YOUNG                John                storekeeper        Trigamon

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here