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Distance 530 miles North of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office by Clarence and Richmond River steamers.
Mail arrives at Post Town Tuesday, Friday 11 am.
Mail leaves for Sydney Tuesday, Saturday 10 am.
Mail arrives at Sydney by Clarence and Richmond River steamers.

Route – by Clarence and Richmond River steamers.

BAKER                Patrick                farmer                Wardell
BEARD                William                farmer                Wardell
BLACK                James                agent                Wardell
BLOGE                Thomas                farmer                Pimblico
BROWN                James                ---                Wardell
BRYAN                Daniel                farmer                Wardell
BYRNS                John                farmer                Broadwater
CAMPBELL        Archibald        farmer                Wardell
CARTER                Thomas                superintendent        Wardell
CHANDLER        Robert                farmer                Wardell
COLWELL                Thomas                farmer                Pimblico
COOKE                Henry jun.        farmer                Broadwater
COOKE                Henry sen.        farmer                Broadwater
COOKE                Samuel                farmer                Broadwater
COONEY                James                farmer                Riley’s Hill
COTTE                Spencer                innkeeper        Wardell
COTTEY                George                sawyer                Wardell
CULLEN                Henry                farmer                Wardell
DORAN                Patrick                farmer                Wardell
DREWERY                B.                farmer                Pimblico
DRUTT                William                labourer        Wardell
DUFFY                B.                farmer                Pimblico
DUNCAN                Henry                carpenter        Wardell
DUNCAN                Mrs.                farmer                Wardell
DWYER                Denis                farmer                Pimblico
ELDER                Anderson        labourer        Wardell
FLOODS                M. & P.                farmers                Wardell
GRIFFAN                Laurence        farmer                Pimblico
GRIFFAN                Thomas                farmer                Pimblico
HANDLY                Mrs. Anne        ---                Wardell
HAYWOOD                John                labourer        Wardell
HUGHES                Robert                farmer                Pimblico
JAMES                James                engineer        Wardell
JAMIESON        John                farmer                Wardell
JOHNSON                J.                farmer                Pimblico
KEARY                ---                farmer                Riley’s Hill
KENNEDY                James                ---                Balmas
KING                William                farmer                Wardell
KIRBY                James                farmer                Pimblico
KNIGHT                Robert                sawyer                Wardell
LAMOND                D. & J.                farmers                Broadwater
MACINTOSH        Farhor                farmer                Broadwater
MALLON                John                farmer                Wardell
MATHEWS                William                farmer                Broadwater
MEANEY                Patrick                farmer                Wardell
MEEHAN                James                farmer                Pimblico
MULLIGAN        John                labourer        Wardell
MYLAN                Michael                farmer                Pimblico
MCABT                Roady                farmer                Pimblico
MCCAN                James                farmer                Wardell
MCDONALD        Alex. jun.        farmer                Broadwater
MCDONALD        Alex. sen.        farmer                Wardell
MCDONALD        John                farmer                Broadwater
MCDONOGH        Owen                postmaster        Wardell
MCEAGHREN        John                farmer                Broadwater
MCFADDEN        Charles                farmer                Wardell
MCFADDEN        John                farmer                Wardell
MCFADDEN        Thomas                farmer                Wardell
MCINTYER        Archibald        farmer                Wardell
MCINTYER        Duncan                storekeeper        Wardell
MCLEAN                John                farmer                Wardell
MCMAHON                Thomas                farmer                Pimblico
O’BRIEN                Thomas                farmer                Wardell
O’CONNOR        John                farmer                Pimblico
O’KEEFFE        Daniel                farmer                Pimblico
POOR                John                farmer                Pimblico
PURDIE                James                farmer                Wardell
REARDON                John                farmer                Wardell
REARDON                Patrick                farmer                Wardell
ROBINS                Frederick        farmer                Riley’s Hill
RYAN                Michael                farmer                Broadwater
SELLERS                Thomas                farmer                Broadwater
SEMPELL                J. L.                clerk                Wardell
SHANNON                Thomas                farmer                Wardell
SIMSON                Piris                farmer                Pimblico
SMITH                Samuel                farmer                Broadwater
TROY                Patrick                farmer                Pimblico
TULLY                Patrick                farmer                Wardell
TWOHEY                George                labourer        Wardell
TYLER                Henry                innkeeper        Wardell
WALSH                Martin                farmer                Wardell
WARD                Thomas                farmer                Pimblico
WATERHOUSE        H.                clerk                Saw Mills
WATERS                James                farmer                Pimblico
WEST                John                labourer        Wardell
WIGHT                B.                teacher                Wardell
WILSON                Charles                farmer                Wardell
WILSON                George                farmer                Pimblico
WRIGHT                William                farmer                Pimblico

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here