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Distance 80 miles North of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 5.30 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Monday excepted) 7.15 am.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Sunday excepted) 9.50 am and Tuesday, Friday
Mail arrives at Sydney every evening, and Wednesday, Saturday mornings.

Route – Steam Newcastle, rail Waratah.

ABEL                John                miner                Hanbury
ABEL                Thomas                miner                Waratah
ALARED                James                miner                Waratah
AMOS                George                miner                Hanbury
AMOS                Isaac                storekeeper        Hanbury
ARNOLD                James                miner                Hanbury
ARNOLD                John                innkeeper        Hanbury
ASHMAN                Benjamin        miner                Gravestown
BAKER                Benjamin        carpenter        Waratah
BAKER                George                miner                Hanbury
BAKER                William                miner                Hanbury
BATES                William                miner                Hanbury
BEAL                George                miner                Commonage
BEAR                William                miner                Hanbury
BELL                Richard                gardener        Waratah
BEVAN                John                farmer                Waratah
BEVAN                John                gardener        Waratah
BEVAN                Richard                farmer                Waratah
BEVAN                Thomas                gardener        Waratah
BLANCH                John                labourer        Hanbury
BLAKE                Henry                labourer        Waratah
BLAND                Simon                miner                Waratah
BOARD                W. W.                teacher                Hanbury
BOLON                John                miner                Commonage
BOUNDY                John                miner                Waratah
BRAY                Thomas                miner                Waratah
BRAY                Thomas A.        miner                Hanbury
BROWN                Charles                miner                Hanbury
BROWN                Edward                miner                Commonage
BROWN                Jacob                miner                Hanbury
BROWN                James                miner                Hanbury
BROWN                Robert                miner                Hanbury
BROWN                William                farmer                Comonage
BULL                Edmond                gardener        Waratah
BULL                Edmond E.        gardener        Waratah
BUNDY                Henry                miner                Waratah
CALVERT                John                miner                Hanbury
CAMPBELL        James                miner                Hanbury
CAVILL                William                miner                Hanbury
CHANDLER        Henry                miner                Hanbury
CHANT                George                miner                Hanbury
CHARLTON        Robert                blacksmith        Hanbury
CHARLTON        William jun.        miner                Hanbury
CHARLTON        William sen.        miner                Hanbury
CLACK                John                miner                Hanbury
COCKS                Edward                miner                Hanbury
COOPER                Thomas                labourer        Hanbury
CORBETT                Charles                smelter                Port Waratah
CREBETT                Peter                gardener        Waratah
CROWTHERS        Henry                dairy                Waratah
CUMMERFORD        James                labourer        Waratah
DALEY                Simeon                constable        Hanbury
DANIEL                J.                gardener        Banana Cottage, Hanbury
DAVIS                Thomas                dairy                Waratah
DAVIS                W.                Government Inspector Hanbury
DAWSON                William                innkeeper        Hanbury
DELANEY                William                butcher                Waratah
DEWHURST        D.                blacksmith        Station St., Hanbury
DIXON                W.                ---                Port Waratah
DRINKWATER        Richard                labourer        Hanbury
DYNAN                John                miner                Hanbury
ELLIS                Joseph                miner                Hanbury
EVANS                Abraham                miner                Hanbury
EVANS                William                miner                Hanbury
FARQUHARSON        Henry                dairy                Hanbury
FENWICK                Michael                miner                Hanbury
FERGUSON        John                miner                Hanbury
FOREST                Benjamin        miner                Hanbury
GANE                George                mason                Hanbury
GARDINER        Charles                miner                Waratah
GARRATT                Joseph                miner                Waratah
GOODWIN                Thomas                labourer        Waratah
GOWER                A.                Smelting Works        Port Waratah
GRANT                Henry                miner                Waratah
GRANT                Peter                miner                Waratah
GREENWORTH        John                miner                Waratah
GRIFFITH        Thomas jun.        miner                Waratah
GRIFFITH        Thomas sen.        labourer        Waratah
HALE                Henry                labourer        Waratah
HALE                Matthew                labourer        Waratah
HAPPELL                William                miner                Hanbury
HARPER                Charles                miner                Waratah
HARRIS                John                labourer        Port Waratah
HAWKE                George                butcher                Waratah
HAYTOR                Reuben                teacher                Foley
HEALY                Edward                baker                Hanbury
HEBBARD                George                miner                Hanbury
HEBBARD                Thomas                miner                Hanbury
HEWITT                Henry                smelter                Port Waratah
HODGES                John                smelter                Port Waratah
HOPKINS                John                bootmaker        Hanbury
HOPKINS                Thomas                miner                Hanbury
HUGHES                Josiah                mason                Waratah
HUNTER                Andrew                miner                Waratah
IHNEN                James                miner                Hanbury
JACKSON                George                labourer        Hanbury
JACKSON                John                labourer        Hanbury
JAMES                Daniel                wharfinger        Port Waratah
JAMES                Henry                smelter                Port Waratah
JENKINS                William                smelter                Port Waratah
JENKINSON        Joseph                blacksmith        Hanbury
JOHNSON                William                miner                Hanbury
JONES                Richard                smelter                Port Waratah
JONES                Samuel                miner                Hanbury
JORDON                Francis                ---                Hanbury
KAFFE                Daniel                miner                Waratah
KEEFE                John                miner                Waratah
KERR                David                miner                Waratah
KEY                Harrison        miner                Waratah
LAHAY                Francis                miner                Waratah
LAMBERT                James                labourer        Waratah
LEWIS                John                labourer        Hanbury
LONGWORTH        Thomas                miner                Hanbury
LONGWORTH        William                miner                Hanbury
LOVELL                Frederick        miner                Hanbury
LYNCH                James                smelter                Port Waratah
MAJOR                Thomas                miner                Hanbury
MARRIOTT        Daniel                miner                Hanbury
MARTIN                David                labourer        Waratah
MALLEPHANT        George                mason                Hanbury
MATCHETT        Samuel                miner                Hanbury
MAYBURY                George                teacher                Hanbury
MILES                Andrew                smelter                Port Waratah
MILLER                John                miner                Hanbury
MILLER                Robert                miner                Hanbury
MITCHELL        William                smelter                Port Waratah
MOAT                Alfred                carter                Hanbury
MOODY                R.                manager Waratah Coal Company Waratah
MOORE                John                manager Smelting Works        Waratah
MORLEY                Frank                labourer        Hanbury
MORSE                George P.        squatter        Waratah House
MORSE                William         H.        squatter        Waratah House
MORTON                James                miner                Hanbury
MCEWEN                William                miner                Hanbury
MCINTOSH        Charles                blacksmith        Hanbury
MCLEAN                John                pointsman        Waratah Junction
MCMICHAEL        D.                butcher                Station St., Hanbury
MCNULTY                William                mason                Waratah
MCTAVISH        George                smelter                Port Waratah
NORGART                Peter                miner                Hanbury
NORRIS                Samuel                miner                Hanbury
NUGENT                William                miner                Hanbury
O’HARA                Michael                porter                Hanbury
PAGE                John                clerk                Hanbury
PALMER                Joseph                butcher                Hanbury
PAPPLETON        ---                clerk                Waratah Colliery
PARKINSON        N.                miner                Hanbury
PEARSE                Richard                baker                Station St., Hanbury
PEEDON                Charles                smelter                Port Waratah
PENMAN                John jun.        miner                Hanbury
PERRY                Henry                miner                Hanbury
PETHERBRIDGE        William                agent                Waratah
PHELPS                William                miner                Hanbury
PROCTOR                Dixon                miner                Hanbury
REED                Mark                miner                Hanbury
REED                William                miner                Hanbury
REESE                Abraham                smelter                Port Waratah
REESE                John                smelter                Port Waratah
ROACH                James                miner                Waratah
ROACH                Thomas                smelter                Port Waratah
ROBERTS                William                miner                Hanbury
ROBINSON        Joseph                miner                Hanbury
ROSS                Lindsay                miner                Waratah
RUDGE                George                miner                Waratah
RUSSELL                Abraham                miner                Waratah
RUSSELL                John                miner                Hanbury
RUSSELL                Reuben                miner                Hanbury
RUSSELL                Thomas                miner                Hanbury
RUSSELL                William                miner                Hanbury
RUTLEY                James                miner                Hanbury
RYAN                Thomas                labourer        Hanbury
SCOTT                Stewart                miner                Waratah
SCUBER & CO.                        storekeepers        Station St.
SESSIONS        William                miner                Hanbury
SHAKESPEAR        William                miner                Hanbury
SHARPE                John                miner                Hanbury
SIMONS                David                smelter                Port Waratah
SIMPSON                David                labourer        Waratah
SIMPSON                George                miner                Hanbury
SMITH                John                gardener        Waratah
SMITH                William                labourer        Waratah
SNEDDEN                James                carpenter        Waratah
SPENSER                William                miner                Waratah
SPINKS                John                miner                Waratah
STEPHENS        Henry                quarryman        Hanbury
STEWALD                Charles                miner                Hanbury
STEWART                Jacob                miner                Hanbury
STOAT                James jun.        smelter                Port Waratah
STOAT                James sen.        smelter                Port Waratah
STONEHAM        John                gardener        Waratah
STOREY                Henry                miner                Port Waratah
SYMONDS                Edward                labourer        Waratah
SYMONDS                George                farmer                Waratah
SYMONDS                William                dairy                Waratah
TAYLOR                James                carpenter        Hanbury
TAYLOR                Frank                dealer                Hanbury
THOMAS                C.                manager Copper Works Port Waratah
THOMAS                Joseph                mason                Hanbury
THORNTON        Mark                miner                Hanbury
THORNTON        Matthew                miner                Hanbury
THORNTON        T. G.                news agent        Hanbury
THORNTON        William                miner                Hanbury
TONKS                Benjamin        miner                Hanbury
TONKS                Thomas                miner                Hanbury
TOOMER                James                miner                Hanbury
TORPHY                Michael                dairy                Waratah
TOURLE                Thomas                squatter        Waratah House
TRINDALE        Alfred                labourer        Waratah
TRINDALE        Frank                labourer        Hanbury
TURTON                Robert                potter                Hanbury
WATERS                Edgar                miner                Hanbury
WATKIN                Thomas                miner                Hanbury
WATSON                David                storekeeper        Hanbury
WEARNE                David M.        miner                Hanbury
WEAVER                John                labourer        Hanbury
WHITE                William                painter                Hanbury
WHITEMAN        William                storekeeper        Hanbury
WILLIAMS & SONS                        gardeners        Waratah
WILLIAMS        Benjamin        labourer        Hanbury
WILLIAMS        Joseph                smelter                Port Waratah
WILLIAMS        Thomas                smelter                Port Waratah
WILSON                James                miner                Hanbury
WOOD                John                miner                Hanbury
WRIGHT                William                miner                Hanbury
YOUNG                Andrew                miner                Hanbury

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here