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Distance 450 miles North of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Friday 5.30 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town Friday, Tuesday 2 pm.
Mail leaves for Sydney Friday, Monday 3 pm.
Mail arrives at Sydney Wednesday, Saturday evenings.

Route – Steam Newcastle, rail Murrurundi, via Gunnedah, 85m. Wallgett.

ADAMS                Arthur                superintendent        Dungaleer
ADAMS                Frank                superintendent        Caidmurey
ATKINSON        Jas. H.                superintendent        Giagean
BAGOT                J.                squatter        Moonie River
BARBER                William                storekeeper        Ulumbie
BARDEN                Alfred                squatter        Wangaranally
BARDEN                J.                superintendent        Cumagaland, Castlereagh River
BETTINAGE        Thomas                PM                Wallgett
BEVITT                T. W.                superintendent        Youndah
BOOTH                James                stockman        Polly Brenan Station
BRITTEN                Bros.                squatters        Bogawing
BROWN                Charles                cook                Gingie
CHALSWORTH        Mary                dressmaker        Ulumbie
CLARKE                John                stockman        Gumblegubbin
CLARKE                William                labourer        Gingie
COX                J. F.                superintendent        Wangaranally
CRAWLEY                J. jun.                superintendent        Keicargo
CROSS                Frederick        carrier                Wallgett
CUNNINGHAM        John                carpenter        Wallgett
DODD                William                carrier                Morabie
DOYLE                J. R.                squatter        Ulumbie
DRAKE                Charles                constable        Wallgett
FARMER                John                labourer        Wallgett
FITZGERALD        John                storeman        Gingie
FORRESTER        W. J.                squatter        Gumblegubbin
FULLER                Reuben                labourer        Wallgett
FULLER                Thomas                inn & storekeeper Wallgett
GILMORE                Margaret        ---                Ulambie
GRACE                George                stockman        Booramah
HARDING                Louisa Anne        midwife                Wallgett
HARDING                Thomas                boatman                Wallgett
HENLY                George                cook                Urie Urie
HENNESS                Walter                squatter        Bozala
HEPKINS                W.                superintendent        Brothers Station
HOARTH                John                carrier                Wallgett
HORSLEY                Charles J.        superintendent        Ulah
HOWILL                Catherine        ---                Wallgett
HOWILL                Sophia                ---                Wallgett
JONES                David M.        mail contractor        Wallgett
KERR                James                storekeeper        Muckador
KNOWLES                J. G.                superintendent        Guangaro
MANSON                A. R.                superintendent        Bilrea
MEAGHER                Denis                sergeant police        Wallgett
MOSES                H.                superintendent        Morabie
MURRAY                G. A.                squatter        Milrea
MCKAY                C. B.                squatter        Brenan
MCKENNA                Bernard                superintendent        Euroka
MCKENNA                John                superintendent        Euroka
PERROLL                Henry                superintendent        Urie Urie
RAFFERTY        Patrick                labourer        Brenan
REDDEN                Michael                mail contractor        Wallgett
ROSE                D. M.                superintendent        Llinallow
ROURKE                H.                superintendent        Dungaleer
SHARPLEY        B.                superintendent        Angledool
SHARPLEY        D.                superintendent        Angledool
SHARPLEY        Jessie                squatter        Angledool
SHAW                James                stockman        Brothers’ Station
SMITH & BARR                        storekeepers        Ulumbie
SMITH                Sarah                dressmaker        Wallgett
SPARKE                E. J., JP        squatter        Gingie
STEPHEN                George                blacksmith        Wallgett
STEPHENSON        W. L., JP        squatter        Wallgett
STANTON                J.                constable        Wallgett
WILLIAMS        Benjamin        carpenter        Wallgett
WILLIAMS        F. H.                storekeeper        Wallgett
WILLIAMS        Thomas                squatter        Collawaroy
WOODS                Henry                carpenter        Wallgett

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here