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Distance 85 miles North of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 5.30 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Monday excepted) 8.30 am.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Sunday excepted) 9.30 am.
Mail arrives at Sydney every evening.

Route – Steam Newcastle, 10m Wallsend.

ALLAN                William                butcher                Platsbourg
ANDERSON        George                miner                Wallsend
ANTHONY                Edwin                blacksmith        Wallsend
BELL                Robert                bootmaker        Wallsend
BEVERIDGE        John                storekeeper        Platsbourg
BONSFIELD        Thomas                overseer        Wallsend
BRADFORD        John                miner                Wallsend
CAMPBELL        Robert                storekeeper        Wallsend
CLEAVELAND        Charles                storekeeper        Wallsend
CLEMENTS        William                storekeeper        Wallsend
COWELL                George                innkeeper        Platsbourg
COXEN                William                miner                Platsbourg
CUMMINGS        John                blacksmith        Platsbourg
CURREY                Matthew                ---                Wallsend
CURREY                Thomas                overseer        Wallsend
DAVIS                John                miner                Platsbourg
DAVIS                Thomas                miner                Platsbourg
DEVON                Robert                storekeeper        Platsbourg
DOUGLAS                Michael                miner                Wallsend
DRANSFIELD        Joseph                miner                Wallsend
EDWARDS                William                miner                Wallsend
FLETCHER        J.                colliery manager Platsbourg
FRETWELL        Charles                butcher                Wallsend
FRYER                Thomas                storekeeper        Wallsend
HACKWORTH        Robert                innkeeper        Platsbourg
HARRIS                John                bootmaker        Wallsend
HARRIS                William                innkeeper        Wallsend
HOGG                James                bootmaker        Wallsend
HOPE                John                storekeeper        Platsbourg
HOWELL                David                storekeeper        Platsbourg
JOHNSON                Matthew                innkeeper        Platsbourg
JOHNSON                Richard                carpenter        Wallsend
JOLLEY                Henry                overseer        Wallsend
JONES                M. E.                draper                Platsbourg
JONES                Richard                baker                Wallsend
LAVIS                Reuben                storekeeper        Wallsend
LEWIS                George                miner                Platsbourg
LINSEY                John                miner                Wallsend
LINSEY                John                miner                Platsbourg
LINSEY                William                miner                Wallsend
LOVELL                John                miner                Wallsend
LOVELL                Thomas                miner                Wallsend
MADDISON        Robert                miner                Wallsend
MEEKLE                James                baker                Platsbourg
MICKLSON        Thomas                miner                Platsbourg
MORRIS                Thomas                blacksmith        Wallsend
MUEGRAIM        Robert                bootmaker        Platsbourg
MCDONALD        Donald                bootmaker        Wallsend
MCKAY                Donald                storekeeper        Wallsend
MCLAUGHLAN        A.                storekeeper        Platsbourg
NEILSON                Richard                miner                Wallsend
NELSON                John                colliery manager Wallsend
OSWELL                Edward                miner                Wallsend
OSWELL                Robert                miner                Wallsend
PERRY                William                baker                Wallsend
PRATTON                Thomas                butcher                Wallsend
PRICE                Mrs.                storekeeper        Platsbourg
REED                George                miner                Wallsend
REID                George                miner                Platsbourg
RICHARDSON        Robert                miner                Platsbourg
ROBERTS                David                miner                Platsbourg
ROBERTS                Henry                miner                Platsbourg
ROBIN                John                storekeeper        Platsbourg
ROBINSON        William                miner                Platsbourg
ROSS                Alexander        clerk                Wallsend
ROXLEY                John                miner                Wallsend
ROXLEY                Peter                miner                Wallsend
SCHRODER        D.                surgeon                Wallsend
SEDTH                James                baker                Platsbourg
SHARP                James                storekeeper        Wallsend
SIMMONDS        Samuel                miner                Platsbourg
SMITH                Robert                carpenter        Wallsend
SMITH                Thomas                miner                Wallsend
SUNSET                Thomas                blacksmith        Wallsend
TAYLOR                Robert                miner                Platsbourg
TAYLOR                William                tailor                Wallsend
TODD                John                labourer        Wallsend
TURNBULL        William                storekeeper        Wallsend
TYLER                Edwin                carpenter        Wallsend
WAGDORE                Joseph                saddler                Wallsend
WILLIS                William                miner                Wallsend
WOOLEY                Noah                miner                Wallsend
WYATT                William                teacher                Wallsend
YOUNG                B. William        butcher                Wallsend

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here