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Distance 106 miles West of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 4 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Monday excepted) 12.20 am.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily 11.45 pm. (Saturday excepted)
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7 am.

Route – Rail Wallerawang, 1m. Wallerawang township.

ALBURY                Henry                carrier                Wallerawang
ALDRIDGE        John                labourer        Wallerawang
ALLAN                Robert                sawyer                Wallerawang
BALDWIN                Richard                farmer                Wolgan
BARNABY                Thomas                carrier                Wallerawang
BARTON                Edwin                JP                Wallerawang
BAYLE                William                innkeeper        Wallerawang
BERKINSHAW        David                labourer        Middle River
BLACKFORD        Richard                butcher                Wallerawang
BOAG                Robert                farmer                Middle River
BRADY                Francis D.        storekeeper        Wallerawang
BRADY                Herbert                labourer        Wallerawang
BREMER                Charles                labourer        Wallerawang
BROWN                Edward                labourer        Wallerawang
BROWN                P. F.                innkeeper        Wallerawang
BROWN                Sydney                contractor        Wallerawang
BULL                John                blacksmith        Wallerawang
CAMERON                Alexander        coachman        Wallerawang
CAMPBELL        John                carrier                Wallerawang
CHAPMAN                Charles                farmer                Wallerawang
COOKE                Joseph                saddler                Wallerawang
COOKE                Thomas                saddler                Wallerawang
CORDEROY        William                storekeeper        Wallerawang
COVENTRY        David                carpenter        Wallerawang
COVENTRY        Henry                carpenter        Wallerawang
COX                John                dealer                Wallerawang
CRIBB                Richard                carrier                Wallerawang
CUNNINGHAME        George                farmer                Wallerawang
DANION                George                fencer                Wallerawang
DAWES                Charles                carrier                Wallerawang
DIEHM                George Michael        farmer                Wallerawang
DOBLE                John                innkeeper        Wallerawang
DOOLAN                Thomas                quarryman        Wallerawang
DREW                Thomas                carrier                Wallerawang
DRYKES                John                carrier                Wallerawang
EAMES                Thomas                innkeeper        Wallerawang
EAVY                Edward                carrier                Wallerawang
EDMONDS                Charles                farmer                Wallerawang
EDWARDS                Richard                carrier                Wallerawang
FENTON                James                carrier                Wallerawang
FREESTONE        David                carrier                Wallerawang
GLAZIER                John                carrier                Wallerawang
GOUGH                Job                fencer                Wallerawang
GRINTING        George                carpenter        Wallerawang
HAWKINS                Isaac                fettler                Middle River
HAY                Henry                farmer                Wallerawang
HINES                Frederick        carrier                Wallerawang
HOGAN                Patrick                carrier                Wallerawang
HOLLAND                John                sawyer                Wallerawang
HOLT                Joseph                innkeeper        Wallerawang
HOY                John                blacksmith        Wallerawang
HOY                William                blacksmith        Wallerawang
HUGHES                George                farmer                Wallerawang
HUGHES                Joseph                farmer                Wolgan
HULL                William                saddler                Wallerawang
JOHNSON                William                gardener        Wallerawang
JONES                Isaac                carrier                Wallerawang
KEAN                Bernard                farmer                Wallerawang
KEARNEY                John                dealer                Wallerawang
KERSHAW                Edward                labourer        Middle River
KERSHAW                James                labourer        Middle River
KING                William                wheelwright        Wallerawang
KIRKWOOD        James jun.        mason                Wallerawang
KIRKWOOD        James sen.        mason                Wallerawang
KOSTER                George                farmer                Wallerawang
LAMB                William                farmer                Wolgan
LARRISEE        Patrick                carrier                Wallerawang
LEWIS                Charles                farmer                Middle River
LYONS                Michael                farmer                Wallerawang
MADDON                Henry                farmer                Wallerawang
MANTLE                John                farmer                Wallerawang
MARTIN                David                farmer                Middle River
MARTIN                William                dealer                Wallerawang
MUIR                John                farmer                Wallerawang
MULLENS                William                fettler                Wallerawang
MULLER                Carl                farmer                Wallerawang
MULLINS                Patrick                innkeeper        Wallerawang
MURRAY                John                farmer                Wallerawang
MURRAY                Samuel                farmer                Wallerawang
MURPHY                Denis                farmer                Wallerawang
MCANDREW        John                farmer                Wallerawang
MCANDREW        Samuel jun.        farmer                Wallerawang
MCANDREW        Samuel sen.        farmer                Wallerawang
MCANDREW        William                farmer                Wallerawang
MCKEOWN                Frank                farmer                Wallerawang
NEWBECK                A.                blacksmith        Wallerawang
NOON                Edward                carrier                Wallerawang
NOON                Michael                farmer                Wallerawang
NOON                Timothy                farmer                Wallerawang
NOONAN                Patrick                labourer        Wallerawang
OXLEY                Edward                carrier                Wallerawang
PALMER                Richard                innkeeper        Wallerawang
PARKER                William                blacksmith        Wallerawang
PATMAN                William                carrier                Wallerawang
PEACOCK                Henry                carrier                Wallerawang
PENROSE                Thomas                farmer                Wallerawang
PERKINS                Thomas                butcher                Wallerawang
PERRY                William                wheelwright        Wallerawang
PETTITT                Charles                wheelwright        Wallerawang
PITT                George                carrier                Wallerawang
POOLE                Thomas                quarryman        Wallerawang
PULLEN                Thomas                carrier                Wallerawang
RAYMOND                Frank                storekeeper        Middle River
REDGATE                James                farmer                Wallerawang
RHEINHER        Antony                farmer                Wallerawang
RIDEOUT                Henry                farmer                Wallerawang
RUMMERY                John                carrier                Wallerawang
RUMMERY                Richard                carrier                Wallerawang
RUSSELL                James                labourer        Wallerawang
RYAN                John                farmer                Wallerawang
SCHARF                Peter                farmer                Wallerawang
SCRIMES                Richard                farmer                Wallerawang
SHANKLIN        Thomas                carrier                Wallerawang
SHAW                John                ---                Wallerawang
SHERINGHAM        Charles                wheelwright        Wallerawang
SHERINGHAM        John                blacksmith        Wallerawang
SINDEN                John                carrier                Wallerawang
SORRELL                William                innkeeper        Wallerawang
STANTON                Edward                carrier                Wallerawang
STATE                Edward                farmer                Middle River
STINTSON        William                carrier                Wallerawang
SUMMONS                Everett                ---                Wallerawang
TALBOT                George                farmer                Wallerawang
THOMPSON        Henry                innkeeper        Wallerawang
THOMSON                C. H.                teacher                Wallerawang
TOMLINSON        Francis                farmer                Wolgan
TUXFORD                Benjamin        carrier                Wallerawang
VALE                James                labourer        Wallerawang
WALKER                William                carrier                Wallerawang
WHITE                John                blacksmith        Wallerawang
WILCOX                Edward                carrier                Wallerawang
WIENERT                Adolph                mason                Wallerawang
WIENERT                Claudius        mason                Wallerawang
WILLIAMS        Henry                carpenter        Wallerawang
WILLIAMS        Henry                farmer                Wolgan
WILLIAMS        James                farmer                Wallerawang
WILLIAMS        John                farmer                Wolgan
WILLIAMS        Luke                farmer                Wolgan
WILSON                James                farmer                Wallerawang
WILSON                Nathaniel        farmer                Wallerawang
WOODS                William                carrier                Wallerawang
WRIGHT                Isaac                carrier                Wallerawang
WRIGHT                James                labourer        Wallerawang
YANKIE                William                carpenter        Wallerawang

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here