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Distance 464 miles North of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office as steamers depart
Mail arrives at Post Town as steamers arrive
Mail leaves for Sydney as steamers depart
Mail arrives at Sydney as steamers arrive

Route  Steam Lawrence, or steam Grafton, 14m. Lawrence

AMOS		Robert		farmer		Barnesdale, Woodford Island
ARCHIBALD	Isaac		teacher		Woodford Dale
BANCROFT	A.		farmer		Lower Southgate
BATEMAN		Joseph		farmer		Lawrence
BATHGATE	James		farmer		Sportsmans Ck.
BATHGATE	Simon		farmer		Sportsmans Ck.
BLANCH		Abraham		farmer		Woodford Leigh
BORTON		Joseph		boarding house	Myrtle Ck.
BOYLE		James		farmer		Kings Ck.
CAMERON		Duncan		farmer		Woodford Leigh
CAMPBELL	Donald		farmer		Glenroe, Woodford Island
CAMPBELL	Hector		farmer		Glenroe, Woodford Island
CAMPBELL	John		farmer		Dovedale, Woodford Island
CAMPBELL	S.		farmer		Dovedale, Woodford Island
CARTER		Josiah		farmer		Lower Southgate
CAVENAGH	Bridget		farmer		Woodford Island
CHILDS		Charles N.	farmer		Sportsmans Ck.
CHILDS		Charles N.	wheelwright	Lawrence
CLARK		C. W.		innkeeper	Tenterfield Rd.
COLLEY		James		farmer		Lower Southgate
COMMEFORD	Thomas		farmer		Kings Island
CONNOLLY	Thomas		farmer		Woodford Leigh
COOPER		Samuel		farmer		Lower Southgate
CORMACK		Julian		stock-keeper	Tullmorgans
COX		George		farmer		Lower Southgate
CREIGHTON	Edward		farmer		Woodford Island
CURRIE		Rev. Charles R.	(C. E.)		Lawrence
DAVISON		Ann		storekeeper	Lawrence
DAVISON		A.		wharfinger & shipping agent Lawrence
DAVISON		Archibald W.	innkeeper	Lawrence
DAVISON		Robert		farmer		Lower Southgate
DAVISON		Samuel		postmaster	Lawrence
DEE		William		innkeeper	Lawrence
DEE		W.		wharfinger & shipping agent Lawrence
DOBBIN		Charles B.	farmer		Woodbridge
DODD		John W.		teacher		Lawrence
DONOGHUE	J.		farmer		Woodford Island
DRUMMOND	P.		farmer		Sportsmans Ck.
DUNCAN		Robert		farmer		Sportsmans Ck.
ENSLEY		Alfred		farmer		Lower Southgate
ENSLEY		Charles		farmer		Lower Southgate
ENSLEY		William		farmer		Lower Southgate
FOLBIGG		Justius		farmer		Kings Island
FRAZER		George		farmer		Barnesdale, Woodford Island
GARRATTY	James		farmer		Woodford Island
GARRATTY	John		farmer		Woodford Island
GARRATTY	Michael		farmer		Woodford Island
GRAHAM		Murdock		farmer		Lawrence
GREAVES		P. C.		farmer		Lower Southgate
HANNAH		T.		farmer		Lower Southgate
HARRISON	John		farmer		Lower Southgate
HELMISH		John		boatbuilder	Lawrence
HOLLIS		Daniel		farmer		Woodford Island
HOLMES		J.		boarding house	Tenterfield Rd.
HYNDMAN		R. A.		surveyor	Lower Southgate
KENT		John		farmer		Woodford Leigh
KENT		Thomas		farmer		Woodford Island
KIDD		Thomas		farmer		Woodford Island
LANCE		Thomas E.	grazier		Bungawalbyn
LAW		James		farmer		Kings Ck.
LAW		John		farmer		Kings Ck.
LAW		Thomas		farmer		Kings Ck.
LEAVEY		Francis		farmer		Sportsmans Ck.
LOVELL		Tasman J.	senior constable Lawrence
LUXTON		Samuel		blacksmith	Lawrence
MAGUIRE		M.		farmer		Woodford Island
MANTON		C.		farmer		Barnesdale, Woodford Island
MATTESON	John		farmer		Lower Southgate
MITCHELL	James		farmer		Lower Southgate
MULVENA		Patrick		farmer		Lower Southgate
MUNRO		Alex.		farmer		Woodford Island
MUNRO		Alexander	farmer		Woodford Island
MUNRO		Angus		farmer		Woodford Island
MUNRO		Charles		farmer		Woodford Island
MUNRO		Hugh		farmer		Woodford Island
MCBRIDE		Donald D.	grazier		Lawrence
MCCAVEY		James		stock-keeper	Ghibberaghee
MCDONALD	Angus		farmer		Lower Southgate
MCDONALD	James		farmer		Lower Southgate
MCDONALD	John		farmer		Lower Southgate
MCDONALD	Lachlan		farmer		Lower Southgate
MCDOUGALL	Kenneth		grazier		Camira
MCFARLANE	A.		farmer		Lower Southgate
MCFARLANE	Donald		farmer		Lawrence
MCINNES		Angus		farmer		Woodford Leigh
MCKAY		David		farmer		Lower Southgate
MCKAY		David		farmer		Woodford Island
MCKAY		John		farmer		Lower Southgate
MCKINNON	Alex.		farmer		Woodford Island
MCKINNON	Allan		farmer		Kings Island
MCKINNON	Hugh		farmer		Woodford Island
MCKINNON	John		farmer		Woodford Island
MCLEOD		John		farmer		Lower Southgate
MCLINCHEY	Neil		farmer		Lower Southgate
MCLUCAS		Archibald	farmer		Woodford Island
MCPHERSON	Hugh		farmer		near Kings Island
MCSWAN		Angus		farmer		Woodford Leigh
MCSWAN		James		farmer		Woodford Leigh
MCSWAN		John		farmer		Woodford Leigh
MCSWAN		Malcolm		farmer		Woodford Leigh
NEILL		Robert		farmer		Woodford Island
NICHOLSON	Donald		farmer		Lower Southgate
NIGHTENGALE	Robert		storekeeper	Lawrence
OCONNOR	Gerald		farmer		Woodford Leigh
OCONNOR	James		farmer		Woodford Leigh
OCONNOR	John		farmer		Woodford Leigh
ONEIL		Cornelius	farmer		Woodford Island
PARNELL		James		farmer		Lower Southgate
PATCH		John		farmer		Lawrence
PIGGOTT		Gabriel		farmer		Woodford Island
PRINGLE		John		farmer		Sportsmans Ck.
PRINGLE		Thomas		farmer		Lawrence
PRITCHARD	John L.		farmer		Woodford Island
REEVES		Edward		farmer		Lower Southgate
RIPPON		William		farmer		Lower Southgate
ROBERTSON	J. B.		farmer		Yackalow, Woodford Island
ROBSON		Thomas		farmer		Sportsmans Ck.
ROSS		Munro		farmer		Woodford Island
RUSSELL		Samuel		farmer		Woodford Island
SELLERS		B.		boarding house	Myrtle Ck.
SHANLEY		Sylvester	butcher		Lawrence
SHAW		Donald		farmer		Kings Ck.
SHEEN		Cornelius	farmer		Kings Ck.
SLOCUM		John		farmer		Lower Southgate
STARR		Edward		farmer		Woodford Island
STARR		Thomas		farmer		Woodford Island
STEWARD		Donald		teacher		Woodford Leigh
SYKES		Henry		clerk		Lawrence
TAPPER		Henry		carrier		Tenterfield Rd.
THOMPSON	J. H.		farmer		Woodford Island
TRACEY		Alfred		grazier		Bungawalbyn
VESPER		John		storekeeper	Lawrence
WALSH		Joseph		farmer		Lawrence
WALTERS		John		blacksmith	Lawrence
WATSON		William		farmer		Woodford Island
WEIR		Joseph		farmer		Woodford Island
WEST		Charles		builder		Lawrence
WHAKLEY		Francis		farmer		Woodford Island
WHALAN		James		farmer		Sportsmans Ck.
WHITBEY		James		farmer		Lower Southgate
ZUILL		John		grazier		Blakes Ck.

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here