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Distance  140 miles North of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Wednesday, Friday 5.30 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 1.15 pm.
Mail leaves for Sydney Saturday, Tuesday, Thursday 10.30 am.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Wednesday, Friday evenings.

Route – Steam Newcastle or Morpeth, rail East Maitland, coach Paterson, 4m.

ALLEN                Alexander        farmer                Big Ck.
ALLEN                George                labourer        Campsie
ARNOLD                Isaac                farmer                Big Ck.
BALSTON                Isaac                farmer                Glen Albyn
BARRINGTON        ---                farmer                Lennoxton
BEATTIE                John                farmer                Cardeness
BORHAM                Thompson        farmer                Ararat
BOYCE                Henry jun.        farmer                High Park
BOYCE                Henry sen.        farmer                High Park
BOYCE                John                farmer                High Park
BRADLEY                Henry                labourer        Splitter’s Ck.
BRERETON        James                farmer                Cardeness
BROWN                George                storekeeper        Vacy
BROWNLEE        Matilda                teacher                Campsie
BUCKNELL        Arthur                farmer                Big Ck.
BUCKNELL        Thomas                farmer                Big Ck.
BURNS                Hugh                farmer                Glen Albyn
BURNS                James                farmer                Glen Albyn
BURTON                William                farmer                Cory Vale
CAMPBELL        Hector jun.        farmer                Lennoxton
CAMPBELL        Hector sen.        farmer                Lennoxton
CARDOW                William                farmer                Tackbeare
CARMICHAEL        Charles                farmer                Big Ck.
CLARK                Henry                labourer        Vacy
COLEMAN                Arthur                farmer                Lennoxton
COLLINS                Francis                farmer                Campsie
COLLINS                Francis J.        farmer                Tackbeare
CORDELL                Thomas                farmer                Vacy
CORY                Gilbert                farmer                Vacy
CRIPPS                Richard                farmer                Tackbeare
CROTTY                John                innkeeper        Vacy
DAGG                William                farmer                Elms Hall
DALEY                James                farmer                Tillimby
DALEY                John                farmer                Tillimby
DALGLISH        John                farmer                Campsie
DEVINE                Matthew                farmer                Big Ck.
DUCK                Samuel                farmer                Big Ck.
DUCK                Walter                farmer                Big Ck.
EKERT                John                farmer                Cree Bank
EYP                Joseph                farmer                Big Ck.
FERRIS                Henry jun.        farmer                Lennoxton
FERRIS                John                farmer                Lennoxton
FINN                Michael                farmer                Big Ck.
FITZGERALD        Thomas                teacher                Summer Hill
FLARETY                Mrs.                farmer                Elms Hall
FLORY                Jacob                farmer                Summer Hill
FRANKLAND        George                farmer                Mowbray
GEORGE                William                auctioneer        Bird Hill
GIPPLE                Martin                farmer                Cree Bank
HUNT                Henry                labourer        Cory Vale
JARVIS                George                farmer                Glen Albyn
JONES                Mrs. Thomas        ---                Green Ck.
JONES                Mrs. William        ---                Green Ck.
KEALY                Edward                farmer                Summer Hill
KEALY                William                farmer                Summer Hill
KINGSTON        Mrs. Charlotte        ---                Vacy
LEE                Theophilus        farmer                Glen Albyn
LOMAS                Frederick        farmer                Lennoxton
LOVETT                Charles                farmer                Vacy
MAGENNIS        James                farmer                Bird Hill
MAHER                Matthew                farmer                Summer Hill
MANN                Patrick                farmer                Terrara
MAYO                James                farmer                Cardeness
MELMOUTH        William                farmer                Cader, Iddiss
MERCHANT        James                farmer                Welshman’s Flat
MERRICK                William                farmer                Glen Albyn
MIDDLETON        George sen.        farmer                Cory Vale
MORCOM                Josiah                teacher                Vacy
MCKEOWN                James                farmer                Cooper’s Flat
MCKEOWN                John                farmer                Cooper’s Flat
MCMAHON                Matthew                farmer                Big Ck.
MCMAHON                Patrick                farmer                Big Ck.
MINNESS                William                tinsmith        Cory Vale
NORTH                John                farmer                Lennoxton
O’CONNOR        James                farmer                Brecon
PARISH                James                farmer                Big Ck.
PARSONS                James                farmer                Big Ck.
PILGRIM                Abraham                farmer                Mowbray
PRESLAND        Alfred                farmer                Cory Vale
PUXTY                James                farmer                Brecon
ROBINSON        William                labourer        Mowbray
SHACKLE                Samuel                farmer                Vacy
SLADE                John                labourer        Summer Hill
SLAVIN                Francis                farmer                Brecon
SLUMAN                Alfred                farmer                Green Ck.
SMITH                John                farmer                Tackbeare
SMITH                Samuel                farmer                Lennoxton
TAYLOR                James                farmer                Newton
WADE                John                labourer        Vacy
WALDERBACK        John                farmer                Campsie
WELSH                David                labourer        Vacy
WELSH                John                farmer                Mowbray
WHATSON                Frank                farmer                Vacy
WHATSON                Philip                labourer        Vacy
WORMERSLEY        Byfield                bootmaker        Vacy
WORMERSLEY        Robert                bootmaker        Vacy

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here