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Distance 393 miles South of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 4 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday 11.30 pm.
Mail leaves for Sydney Friday, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday 10 pm.
Mail arrives at Sydney Thursday, Saturday 7.15 am.

Route – Rail Goulburn, coach, via Tarcutta, 100m. Urana.

AH KIN                William                gardener        Anna St.
ALLCOCK                ---                resident        Yamma
ALLEN                William                resident        Butherwa
BINGHAM                Andrew                bootmaker        Anna St.
BINGHAM                Samuel jun.        bootmaker        Anna St.
BINGHAM                Samuel sen.        bootmaker        Anna St.
BLACK                Richard                resident        Urana
BOYLAN                Patrick                resident        Widiewa
BRENNAN                Patrick                squatter        Yathong
BRISLAN                Patrick                constable        Stephen St.
BROWN                John                resident        Coonong
BROWN                Thomas                butcher                Anna St.
BROWN                Walter                resident        Urangiline
BURCHER                Charles                drover                Goonambil
CAIN                Charles                resident        Coonong
CARROLL                Anne                servant                Widgiewa
CHAPMAN                William                squatter        Urana Station
CLAY                Henry                resident        Widgiewa
COCHRANE        James                squatter        Widgiewa
CONNOR                Samuel                resident        Brookong
CRAWFORD        Alexander        resident        Urangiline
CROFT                Samuel                resident        Boree Creek Station
CUNNINGHAM        James                groom                Brookong
DE MAINSON        Robert                shearer                Brookong
FAED                William                squatter        Buthera
FEATHERSTONHAUGH C.                overseer        Brookong
FINDLAY                Robert                squatter        Burrangong
GIBSON                Alexander        servant                Coonong
GRANT                James                servant                Widgiewa
HALLNINE        James                blacksmith        Osborne St.
HARTNELL        Patrick                resident        Widgiewa
HEBDEN                Charles                squatter        Brookong
JACKSON                John                squatter        Boree
JONES                John                resident        South Goonambil
JONES                William                labourer        Widgiewa
KELLY                Thomas                labourer        Urana Station
KING                Austin                innkeeper        Stephen St.
KYLE                William                labourer        Coonong
LAVERS                Robert                labourer        Urana Station
LAWLOR                Andrew                labourer        Widgiewa
LINDEN                C.                labourer        Widgiewa
LLOYD                Charles                squatter        Yamma
LOOKER                William                squatter        Burrangong
LOUGHEY                Mary                servant                Widgiewa
LYSAUGHT        Andrew                labourer        Boree Ck.
MACKINNON        G.                squatter        North Goonambil
MARTIN                Charles                builder                Brookong
MARTIN                William jun.        builder                Brookong
MARTIN                William sen.        builder                Brookong
MONROE                Hugh                labourer        Goonambil
MOORE                Frederick        squatter        South Goonambil
MURPHY                Francis                squatter        Clear Hills
MURRAY                Alex.                innkeeper        Cocketgedong
MCCAUGHEY        Samuel                squatter        Coonong
MCDONALD        John                sawyer                Anna St.
MCDONALD        Rose                servant                Widgiewa
MCGEE                Frederick        labourer        Widgiewa
MCJAMES                Godfrey                labourer        Clear Hills
NOLAN                John                builder                Anna St.
NOLAN                John sen.        selector        Brookong
NOLAN                Matthew                mail driver        Anna St.
O’CONNOR        Alice                servant                Widgiewa
OSBORNE                ---                squatter        Brookong
O’SULLIVAN        Daniel                labourer        Widgiewa
PARKER                Samuel                tailor                Anna St.
PERREN                John                innkeeper        Anna St.
PRICE                James                storekeeper        Anna St.
RAND                Robert                squatter        Mohonga
ROGERS                John                labourer        Widgiewa
ROSS                D.                resident        North Goonambil
RUDD                James                servant                Boree Ck.
RUDD                John                squatter        Columbia Plains
SHARP                Thomas                teacher                Widgiewa
SHEATHER        William                carrier                Brookong St.
SMITH                Joseph                drover                Anna St.
SMITH                Patrick                shearer                Anna St.
SMITH                Thomas                drover                Anna St.
SMITH                W.                boundary rider        Urana Station
THATCHER        Alfred                boundary rider        Butherwa
THOMSON                Hugh                squatter        Cocketgedong
TUNKS                Alfred                postmaster        Anna St.
TWEEDIE                A.                carrier                Anna St.
TWEEDIE                James                carrier                Anna St.
TWEEDIE                Thomas                carrier                Anna St.
WARREN                Henry                resident        Anna St.
WATT                George                squatter        Urana Station
WHITE                William                labourer        North Goonambil
WHITEMAN        Robert                carrier                Anna St.
WHITFORD        Nicholas        resident        Brookong        
WIDDUP                John                poundkeeper        Vardy St.
WILSON                William                resident        Coonong
WISE                Robert                selector        Brookong
WRIGHT                William                selector        Wagga Wagga Roadside

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here