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Distance  238 miles North of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Tuesday, Saturday 5.30 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town Thursday, Monday 2 pm.
Mail leaves for Sydney Saturday, Thursday 1 pm.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Saturday evenings.

Route – Steam Newcastle, rail Muswellbrook, via Cassillis, 15m. Uabry.

ASHTON                John                selector        Uabry
AULD                David                shepherd        Uabry
BALLARD                Thomas                shepherd        Tongey
BOYCE                Thomas                selector        Cockabutter
BRENNAN                James                selector        Uabry
BRENNAN                John                selector        Cockabutter
BURKE                William P.        selector        Uabry
CAMPBELL        Christopher        selector        Uabry
COHEN                George                freeholder        Uabry
DEVOY                James                squatter        Cranebrook Ck.
DONNELLY        James                selector        Cockabutter
DONNELLY        Mary                selector        Cockabutter
DUFFEY                John                shepherd        Cranebrook Ck.
EDWARDS                George                postmaster        Uabry
FANNING                John                selector        Uabry
FARR                George                selector        Uabry
FITZGERALD        James                selector        Uabry
GERMAN                John                carpenter        Uabry
HENSLEY                Thomas                selector        Uabry
HINDS                Alfred                carpenter        Uabry
LANE                Enos                selector        Uabry
LEE                Robert                superintendent        Tongey
LYNCH                Samuel                selector        Cranebrook Ck.
MOORE                James                shepherd        Tongey
MCCOY                John                selector        Uabry
MCMASTER        Allen                freeholder        Uabry
MCMASTER        William                selector        Uabry
NAIRN                John                selector        Uabry
NIELY                John                selector        Cockabutter
PAVIOUR                William                labourer        Cockabutter
PIPER                Thomas                ---                Uabry
PIPER                William                storekeeper        Uabry
RAINS                William                selector        Uabry
ROBINSON        James                woodman                Uabry
ROSS                Christopher        selector        Uabry
SCHIEMAN        Joseph                selector        Uabry
SEES                Nicholas        selector        Uabry
SPRADFORD        David                selector        Cranebrook Ck.
SWEENEY                Edward                selector        Cockabutter
THOMPSON        Walter                carpenter        Uabry
TRACEY                Catherine        servant                Uabry
TRAIN                John                stockman        Tongey
VIGERS                Richard                ---                Uabry
WALSH                Hannah                selector        Uabry
WARK                John                selector        Uabry
WATERFORD        William                squatter        Merotherie
WEIS                Peter                selector        Uabry
WEIS                Philip                selector        Uabry
WESLEY                John                selector        Uabry

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here