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Distance 96 miles North of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 5.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Monday excepted) 10.15 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Monday 7.15 a.m., daily (Sunday excepted) 2.45 p.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney every evening 

Route  Steam Morpeth, or steam Newcastle, rail East Maitland, coach Largs

ARKINS		Daniel		butcher		Largs
BADCOCK		George		farmer		Bolwarra
BAILEY		William		farmer		Bolwarra
BAKER		Alfred		farmer		Largs
BALDOCK		John		farmer		Dunmore
BENNETT		William		farmer		Bolwarra
BLUFORD		George		labourer	Dunmore
BLUFORD		John		farmer		Dunmore
BLUFORD		John		innkeeper	Largs
BOLT		Robert jun.	farmer		Dunmore
BOLT		Robert sen.	farmer		Dunmore
BRADY		John		vigneron	Dunmore
BRIDGER		George		wheelwright	Largs
BUISLEY		George		labourer	Largs
CAMERON		William		teacher		Largs
CAMPBELL	James		---		Largs
CARROLL		John		farmer		Dunmore
CAVANAGH	James		farmer		Dunmore
COLLARD		William		farmer		Bolwarra
COLQUHOUN	Donald		farmer		Bolwarra
COLQUHOUN	Henry		farmer		Bolwarra
COLQUHOUN	John		farmer		Bolwarra
COMMERFORD	Patrick		squatter	Mount Harris
COOPER		Walter		farmer		Bolwarra
COWARD		Robert		farmer		Bolwarra
CROUCH		Jacob		farmer		Bolwarra
CROUCH		Nathan		farmer		Bolwarra
CROUCH		William		farmer		Bolwarra
CUMMINGS	Charles		farmer		Bolwarra
CUMMINS		James		labourer	Largs
DAVIES		Charles		farmer		Bolwarra
DELANTY		John		farmer		Largs
DICKS		Abraham		carpenter	Largs
DIMMOCK		George		farmer		Bolwarra
DIMMOCK		Joseph		farmer		Bolwarra
DONALD		Munro		labourer	Largs
DONOHOE		Patrick		constable	Largs
DUFF		---		farmer		Dunmore
ESCELL		Edward		farmer		Dunmore
ESCELL		George		butcher		Dunmore
FOGARTY		Thomas		farmer		Bolwarra
FORD		William		farmer		Dunmore
FOUNTAINE	---		farmer		Bolwarra
FULLER		James		farmer		Bolwarra
GILL		Elizabeth	farmer		Dunmore
GOLBY		Abraham jun.	farmer		Dunmore
GOLBY		Abraham sen.	farmer		Dunmore
GOLBY		William		farmer		Dunmore
GOMAN		John		labourer	Largs
GRAHAM		James		butcher		Dunmore
GRAHAM		Mary		farmer		Dunmore
GRAHAM		Robert		butcher		Dunmore
GRANT		Daniel		farmer		Dunmore
GUILFOYLE	Daniel		farmer		Dunmore
GUILFOYLE	John		farmer		Dunmore
GUILFOYLE	Michael		farmer		Dunmore
GULLIVER	William		hay presser	Dunmore
GUNNING		Thomas		farmer		Dunmore
HAINE		Charles		farmer		Bolwarra
HAINE		Eli		farmer		Dunmore
HAYES		Martin		farmer		Dunmore
HICKEY		Patrick		farmer		Bolwarra
HINDS		Laurence	carter		Largs
HODGES		John		carpenter	Largs
HUME		David		farmer		Dunmore
JARVIS		James		farmer		Dunmore
JENKINS		Henry		bootmaker	Largs
LANDRIGAN	John		farmer		Bolwarra
LARKINS		James		labourer	Largs
LAWRENCE	John		farmer		Bolwarra
LEGGETT		James		farmer		Dunmore
LIDDELL		William		artist		Largs
LIGHTFOOT	John		farmer		Bolwarra
MAHER		Jeremiah	farmer		Dunmore
MAHER		Michael		farmer		Bolwarra
MALTHOUSE	Frederick	bootmaker	Largs
MORCOME		Frederick	labourer	Largs
MOYLAN		Patrick		storekeeper	Largs
MUDD		John		farmer		Belle Vue
MCBRIERTY	John		farmer		Dunmore
MCBRIERTY	Michael		farmer		Dunmore
MCBRIERTY	Patrick		farmer		Belle Vue
MCCOMACK	Thomas		farmer		Dunmore
MCFAYDON	Charles		farmer		Bolwarra
MCFAYDEN	Christiana	---		Largs
MCFAYDEN	John		farmer		Bolwarra
MCGUIGAN	William		toll keeper	Dunmore
MCINNIS		John		farmer		Dunmore
MCLEAN		Richard		farmer		Belle Vue
MCPHAIL		Margaret	seamstress	Largs
MCRAE		Alexander	farmer		Dunmore
MCRAE		Angus		farmer		Dunmore
MCRAE		Malcolm		farmer		Dunmore
NORTHCOTE	Thomas		farmer		Bolwarra
NOWLAN		Patrick		farmer		Dunmore
NOWLAN		Thomas		farmer		Dunmore
OSBORNE		James		labourer	Bolwarra
PAINE		Thomas		farmer		Bolwarra
PEARSE		Joseph		squatter	Dunmore
PHILCOX		John		labourer	Largs
PRIKE		David		labourer	Largs
PRINCE		George		farmer		Belle Vue
PRINCE		James		farmer		Dunmore
PRINCE		Joseph		farmer		Dunmore
RYAN		James		farmer		Dunmore
SELLERS		Robert		---		Paterson River
SHORT		William		farmer		Bolwarra
STANDEN		Harriett	farmer		Dunmore
STUCE		Henry		fencer		Largs
TANDY		William		farmer		Bolwarra
THOMPSON	Charles		carpenter	Largs
THOMPSON	John		bushman		Largs
TOBIN		Patrick		farmer		Dunmore
TOBIN		William		farmer		Dunmore
TUCKER		Charles		farmer		Belle Vue
TUCKER		George		farmer		Belle Vue
UNICOMB		Abraham		farmer		Dunmore
VERCOE		Henry		farmer		Glenarvon
VERCOE		John		farmer		Glenarvon
VITLER		John		hay presser	Largs
WADE		Charles		innkeeper	Largs
WALLER		John		blacksmith	Largs
WATSON		Harriett	nurse		Largs
WATSON		William		farmer		Bolwarra
WEEKS		Thomas		labourer	Largs
WHALAN		Daniel		farmer		Dunmore
WHITE		Charles		farmer		Dunmore
WHITE		John		farmer		Dunmore
WHITE		John		horse breaker	Largs
WHYBAN		John		labourer	Dunmore
WILCHER		John		broom maker	Largs
WILKS		John		dealer		Largs
WILKS		Thomas		storekeeper	Largs
WILLIAMS	John		farmer		Bolwarra
WINEGARTNER	Frederick	vigneron	Dunmore
WINEGARTNER	William		gardener	Dunmore
WORBOYS		John		farmer		Bolwarra

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here