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Distance 554 miles South of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Tuesday, Friday, 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Saturday, Wednesday, midnight.
Mail leaves for Sydney Friday, Monday, 10 p.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Wednesday, Saturday, 7.15 a.m.
Route   Steam Melbourne, rail Sandhurst, coach Seven Hills, 65 miles

AH 	Tan		gardener	Canally		Balranald
AH 	Yem		gardener	---		Balranald
ALSTON	John H		overseer	---		Balranald
AMERY	Samuel		accountant	---		Balranald	
ARON	Maurice		storekeeper	---		Balranald
BAGGS	Thomas		labourer	---		Balranald
BAXTER	William		confectioner	---		Balranald	
BEGGS	John		woodcutter	---		Balranald	
BINKITT	Richard		overseer	Bidma		Balranald
BOWDEN	John		servant		Bidma		Balranald
BOWRING	William		storeman	---		Balranald
BOYCE	Henry		sawyer		---		Balranald
BRAND	William		bootmaker	---		Balranald	
BRUCE	Frank		cook		Paika		Balranald
BURKET	Richard		---		---		Balranald
BURRELL	George		carrier		---		Balranald
CALVERT	George		dairy		Canally		Balranald
CARTER	James		drover		---		Balranald
CARTER	John		stockman	---		Balranald	
CARTER	Richard		stockman	---		Balranald
CHAMBERS Samuel		carpenter	---		Balranald
CHARTERS Michael	mail contractor	---		Balranald
CHRYSTAL David		squatter	Windomel	Balranald
COLLINGS George		servant		Bidma		Balranald
COMETTI	Philip		builder		---		Balranald
CONARTY	Patrick		driver		Paika		Balranald
DALY	James		---		---		Balranald
DARCHEY	Thomas		squatter	Oxley		Balranald
DEMPSEY	John		storeman	---		Balranald
DOHERTY	William		hawker		---		Balranald
DOLDING	Edward		servant		Paika		Balranald
DOWLING	Edward		senior constable ---		Balranald
DOYLE	Patrick		servant		---		Balranald
EDMONDS	John		dairy		---		Balranald
EKINS	William		wheelwright	---		Balranald
ELLSON	George		overseer	Canally		Balranald
FAHEY	James		servant		Paika		Balranald
FLYNN	John		carrier		---		Balranald
FRETTILLIER Frederick	cordial maker	---		Balranald
GARRINGE John		carrier		---		Balranald
GARSIDE	W. D.		fellmonger	---		Balranald	
HALL & MURPHY 		innkeeper	---		Balranald 
HARRISON G. T.		telegraph & postmaster ---	Balranald	
HARRISON James		cook		Bidma		Balranald
HARTWELL George		labourer	---		Balranald
HEPBURN	David		drover		---		Balranald
HINDE	Arthur		butcher		---		Balranald
HINDE	John		hawker		---		Balranald
HINDE	Thomas		hawker		---		Balranald
HINDE	William		hawker		---		Balranald
HOLMES	Henry		carpenter	---		Balranald
ISDELL	James		overseer	---		Balranald
JONES	Edward		overseer	Paika		Balranald
KELLY	John		constable	---		Balranald
KENNEDY	Mrs.		laundress	Canally		Balranald
KENNEDY	Thomas		cook		Canally		Balranald
LAWRENCE J.		squatter	Bungonia	Balranald
LESERVE	John		brickmaker	---		Balranald
LEWIS	Henry		sawyer		---		Balranald
MACFARLANE Walter	squatter	Paika		Balranald
MACFARLANE Thomas	squatter	Nimmie		Balranald
MACFARLANE Walter, J. P. squatter	Paika		Balranald	
MAGUIRE	J. F.		squatter	Canally		Balranald
MAGUIRE & AHERN		squatters	---		Balranald
MAGUIRE & COHEN		squatters	Canally		Balranald		
MARSDEN	George		butcher		---		Balranald
MATHEWSON James		servant		Bidma		Balranald
MAYNE	John		plumber		---		Balranald
MITCHELL R.B., P.M., C.P.S. land agent etc. ---		Balranald
MURPHY	Patrick		carrier		---		Balranald
MURRAY	Harvey		teacher		---		Balranald
MCELVEANEY Mary Jane	governess	Canally		Balranald
MCKENNA	Michael		carpenter	---		Balranald	
MCMILLAN J. C.		squatter	Clare		Balranald
NOLAN	Ellen		housemaid	Canally		Balranald
OFFICER	A. L.		squatter	Murray Downs	Balranald
PATTERSON John		wheelwright	---		Balranald
PEARNON	Charles		manager		Yangra Station	Balranald
PEKSHAW	F. W.		manager		Canally Station	Balranald
POLLET	Edward		carpenter	---		Balranald
PYM	William		sawyer		---		Balranald
SAMPSON	George		labourer	---		Balranald
SHAILIER Henry		woodcutter	---		Balranald
SHELLEY	John		poundkeeper	---		Balranald
SILVESTER Charles	hawker		---		Balranald
SMITH	John		carrier		---		Balranald
SMITH	John		waterman	---		Balranald
SMITH	William		mail contractor	---		Balranald
SOUTHER	W. B.		chemist & bailiff ---		Balranald
STEVENSON J. W.		superintendent	---		Balranald
STEVENSON W. J.		overseer	---		Balranald
SURRY	James		painter		---		Balranald
TAIT	Peter		boundary rider	Canally		Balranald
TAYLOR	William		woodcutter	---		Balranald
THOMPSON Messrs.	squatters	Woopagarvie	Balranald
TOOMEY	John		puntman		---		Balranald
TURNER	John		carrier		---		Balranald
TURNER	Thomas		saddler		---		Balranald
TYSON	James sen. 	squatter	Juanbong	Balranald	
TYSON	William jun.	squatter	Juanbong	Balranald	
WALDON	William		blacksmith	---		Balranald
WALKER	W.		innkeeper	Halfield, Darling Rd. Balranald
WEBSTER & MACFARLANE	squatters	Packer		Balranald
WHITBETH Andrew		blacksmith	---		Balranald
WHITE	Charles		brickmaker	---		Balranald
WILLIAMS James		carrier		---		Balranald
WILLIAMSON Charles	squatter	Yangra Station	Balranald
WILLIAMSON Walter. J. P.squatter	Yangra 		Balranald
YARRINGTON Rev. W. H. H. C. E. minister	---		Balranald
YOUNG	Peter		---		---		Balranald

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here