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Distance  298 miles South of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office by Merimbula and Eden steamers.
Mail arrives at Post Town Thursday 5 pm.
Mail leaves for Sydney Thursday 8.30 am.
Mail arrives at Sydney by Merimbula and Eden steamers.

Route – Merimbula and Eden steamer, from Eden 15m. Towamba.

ALEXANDER        John                farmer                Pericoe
ALEXANDER        Robert                farmer                Pericoe
BARES                Richard                farmer                Towamba
BEARS                Thomas                teacher                Towamba
BENNIE                Alexander        farmer                Jinco Ck.
BLAIZE                Thomas                blacksmith        Towamba
BOZENSKI        Edward                farmer                Towamba
BRUCE                John                carrier                Towamba
FALKNER                Anthony                farmer                Towamba
FALKNER                John                labourer        Towamba
FAIRWEATHER        James                farmer                Wag Wag
GATES                Henry                carter                Towamba
HIGGINS                Robert                farmer                Towamba
HYDE                John                farmer                Wattle Flat
LAING                Allan                farmer                Towamba
LAING                Donald                woodman                Towamba
LAING                James                farmer                Towamba
LAING                William                farmer                Towamba
LAYCOCK                Maurice                ---                Towamba
LENARD                Austin                carpenter        Pericoe
MARTIN                George                storekeeper        Towamba
MARTIN                Samuel                farmer                Towamba
MITCHELL        Edmond                farmer                Towamba
OWEN                Edward                dairy                Towamba
PARKER                George                carrier                Towamba
PARKER                Samuel                farmer                Towamba
PARKER                Samuel jun.        selector        Towamba
POWERS                John                farmer                Towamba
RIAN                Daniel                farmer                Towamba
RIXSON                James                manager                Towamba Station
RIXSON                Thomas                farmer                Towamba River
ROBERTS                Charles                farmer                Towamba
ROBERTS                James                farmer                Towamba
ROBERTS                Robert                carrier                Towamba
ROBINSON        John                farmer                Towamba River 
ROBINSON        Richard                farmer                Towamba River
SHERWIN                John                manager                Burragate Station
SHERWIN                John jun.        stockman        Towamba Station
SLATTERY        John                farmer                Towamba 
STEVENSON        George                squatter        Wag Wag
WETHERHEAD        A.                squatter        Nangatta

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here