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Distance 606 miles West of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Saturday 4 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town Tuesday 2 pm.
Mail leaves for Sydney Thursday 6 am.
Mail arrives at Sydney Tuesday 7 am.

Route – Rail Rydal, coach Bourke, 130m. Toorale.

BAIN                Andrew                shearer                Toorale
BOND                Thomas D.        accountant        Toorale
BOOTH                Abraham                cook                Kearnie
BRADLEY                William                squatter        Yanda
BRAKE                Albert                teamster        Toorale
BROWN                Thomas                shearer                Toorale
BURSLEM                F.                sheep overseer        Winnlalrina
CAMPBELL        Edward                carpenter        Louth
CAMPBELL        John                boundary rider        Kearnie
CAMPBELL        Robert                boundary rider        Kearnie
CARRUTHERS        George                shepherd        Winnlalrina
CASTLE                Thomas                boarding house        Toorale
CONWAY                William                gardener        Toorale
DOVER                Samuel                teamster        Winnlalrina
DUNNE                Thomas                horse breaker        Kearnie
DWYER                James                shearer                Toorale
DWYER                Thos. A.        wool scourer        Fort Bourke
FANCOURT        Thomas                shepherd        Winnlalrina
FIELD                Joseph                teamster        Kearnie
GUINESS                Cecil                squatter        Jandra
HALL                James E.        shepherd        Winnlalrina
HALL                Robert                carpenter        Toorale
HARCUS                Peter L.        overseer        Dunlop
HENDERSON        Wm. J.                superintendent        Toorale Station
HOLMES                Peter                shepherd        Winnlalrina
JOHNSTON        James                overseer        Kearnie
JONES                George                groom                Toorale
KENNEDY                B.                boundary rider        Kearnie
MACKAY                John                ---                Clover Ck.
MALLOCH                John                shepherd        Winnlalrina
MASON                William                wool scourer        Toorale
MILES & CO.                        squatters        Toorale Station
MOSES                Thomas                blacksmith        Gundabooka
MCAULIFFE        Michael                innkeeper        Ford’s Bridge
MCDONALD        Lachlan                shepherd        Dunlop
MCKENZIE        D. G.                overseer        Dunlop
O’BRIEN                John                sheep overseer        Toorale
O’SHANNASSY        Matthew                squatter        Nulty
RICHARDSON        Robert                ---                Kallana
SEYMOUR                Frank H.        ---                Toorale
SMITH                James                squatter        Gundabooka
SMITH                Sydney                squatter        Gundabooka
STANTON                Charles                shepherd        Winnlalrina
STEPHENS        George                shepherd        Winnlalrina
STONE                John                sailmaker        Kearnie
TAYLOR                J. N.                blacksmith        Mount Derrina
WALL                John F.                wool scourer        Toorale
WARD                Matthew                groom                Tankerooka
WARREN                William                sheep overseer        Toorale
WILLOWS                Richard                ---                Toorale
WILSON                William                hawker                Toorale
WOODHAMS        Richard                butcher                Kearnie

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here