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Distance  491 miles North of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Wednesday 5.30 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town Tuesday 6 pm.
Mail leaves for Sydney Thursday 6 am.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday evening.

Route – Steam Grafton, 80m. Tooloom.

AH                Sin                miner                Upper
AH                Sue                miner                Lower
AH                Tie                miner                Upper
ALLISOL                James                fencer                Tooloom Station
BLACHFORD        Frederick        miner                Upper
BURGESS                John                fencer                Upper
CADELL                Thomas                squatter        Korelah Station
CAMERON                Roderick        miner                Upper
CARRY                Florence        miner                Lower
CHEE FOOK        Noo                miner                Tooloom
EASSON                William                sawyer                Pretty Gully
ELDRIDGE        Richard                miner                Lower
GRANT                Allen                miner                Upper
HAMPSON                George                miner                Upper
HAMPSON                Mrs. Mary        charwoman        Upper
HARE                Samuel                miner                Upper
HOCK                Lean                miner                Upper
HOP                Young                storekeeper        Lower
JEVERTON        Yance                miner                Lower
JORDON                James                stockman        Woodenbung
KEAN                Thomas                miner                Sandy Ck.
KENNEWELL        John                teamster        Tooloom
KERRY                James                miner                Upper
KNOCTYSCH        Charles                miner                Eaglehawk
LEADBEATER        Daniel                innkeeper        Upper
LEE                Kee                miner                Upper
LING                Pong                miner                Upper
MALONEY                James                stockman        Woodenbung
MORRIS                Henry                butcher                Lower
MULCAHY                Miss E.                ---                Upper
MCKAY                John                miner                Upper
MCKENZIE        James                blacksmith        Lower
MCLEAN                Ann                ---                Upper
MCLEAN                D. jun.                stockman        Woodenbung
MCLEAN                D. sen.                storekeeper        Upper
MCLEAN                John jun.        miner                Upper
MCLEAN                John sen.        miner                Upper
MCLEAN                Kenneth                stockman        Upper
MCLEAN                M.                stockman        Bonalbo Station
MCLEAN                Mary                ---                Upper
PERRY                Robert                miner                Sandy Ck.
SANDFORD        William                miner                Upper
SIMMONS                Henry                miner                Mosquito Ck.
STACK                Stephens        miner                Eaglehawk
SYKES                Alfred                dealer                Upper
TIN                Chos                miner                Lower
TIN                Cue                miner                Lower
TIN                Hag                miner                Lower
TIN                War                storekeeper        Lower
TURVEY                E.                housekeeper        Tooloom Station
URBEN                Mrs. Ellen        dairy                Ellerslie Station
URBEN                William                dairy                Ellerslie Station
WALDRON                William                miner                Upper
WEBSTER                Daniel                miner                Pretty Gully

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here