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Distance  131 miles South of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 8.15 pm.
Mail leaves for Sydney Saturday, Tuesday, Thursday 1 am.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Wednesday, Friday 7.15 am.

Route – Rail Sutton Forest; or, steam to Shoalhaven, vis Nowra, 14m. Tomerong.

ALDOUS                John                farmer                Tomerong
ALLAN                E.                wood cutter        Currambene Ck.
ANDREWS                James                farmer                Tomerong
BARHAM                Henry                farmer                Tomerong
BARHAM                James jun.        farmer                Tomerong
BARHAM                James sen.        farmer                Tomerong
BARHAM                William                farmer                Tomerong
BETTENS                Francis                farmer                Tomerong
BETTENS                Joseph                farmer                Tomerong
BETTENS                Samuel                farmer                Tomerong
BETTENS                Samuel J.        farmer                Tomerong
BLAKE                William                farmer                Wollomia
BLAYNEY                John                farmer                Tomerong
BRYCE                Alexander        farmer                Errowel
BRYCE                William                farmer                Cockrow
BURSLUM                W.                wood cutter        Currambene Ck.
CHUNG                Ah                fisherman        Jervis Bay
CONLON                Andrew                farmer                Currambene Ck.
COW                Hen                fisherman        Jervis Bay
CRAIG                Matthew                postmaster        Tomerong
CRAWFORD        James                farmer                Tomerong
DENT                George jun.        ship builder        Currambene Ck.
DENT                G. sen.                timber merchant        Currambene Ck.
DENT                Henry                timber carter        Currambene Ck.
DENT                J.                timber merchant        Currambene Ck.
DENT                W.                wood cutter        Currambene Ck.
EDMONDS                George                farmer                Tomerong
EDMONDS                Sydney                farmer                Tomerong
EMBLEM                J.                wood cutter        Currambene Ck.
FLOOD                T.                wood carter        Currambene Ck.
HARRIS                John                farmer                Connacutter
HART                Freeman                farmer                Tomerong
HOCKEY                Enos                farmer                Tomerong
HONER                Edward                fisherman        Jervis Bay
HUGHES                David                farmer                Tomerong
HUNG                Ah                fisherman        Jervis Bay
HUNG                Pho                fisherman        Jervis Bay
KELLS                Robert                farmer                Tomerong
LEABY                J.                lighthouse keeper Jervis Bay
LEE                Isaac                lighthouse keeper Jervis Bay
LEECH                Samuel                fisherman        Jervis Bay
LIN                Ah                fisherman        Jervis Bay
MAHER                John                farmer                Wollomia
MATHIE                Alexander        farmer                Tomerong
MATHIE                Malcolm                farmer                Tippet Hill
MATTHEWS        John                ship builder        Currambene
MISON                Jacob                farmer                Cow Ck.
MISON                Reuben                farmer                Cow Ck.
MURRAY                Christopher        farmer                New Bristol
MCGRATH                John                farmer                Wollomia
MCKENZIE        Robert                teacher                Currambene
O’CONNOR        Jeremiah        farmer                Jervis Bay
OWEN                Dally                farmer                Wollomia
PANTLIN                Frederick        wood carter        Wollomia
PARKER                W.                lighthouse keeper Jervis Bay
PARNELL                John                farmer                Tomerong
PEAKE                J.                timber carter        Currambene Ck.
PEAKE                T.                ship builder        Currambene Ck.
PETER                ---                fisherman        Jervis Bay
ROULSTON        Joseph                wood carter        Wollomia
RYAN                Thomas                farmer                Tomerong
SHEPPARD        Edward                farmer                Tomerong
SMITH                George                farmer                Tomerong
SMITH                William                farmer                Tomerong
STAPLETON        John jun.        farmer                Ulladulla Rd.
STAPLETON        John sen.        farmer                Wollomia
SUFFOLK                Archibald        farmer                Tomerong
SUFFOLK                Joseph                farmer                Tomerong
TURNER                Charles                farmer                Tomerong
WATT                James                farmer                Tomerong
YET                Ah                fisherman        Jervis Bay

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here