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Distance 539 miles North of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Wednesday, Saturday 5.30 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town Monday, Thursday 10 am.
Mail leaves for Sydney Tuesday, Friday 3 pm.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Thursday evenings.

Route – Steam Grafton, 77m. Timbarra.

AH                Con                storekeeper        Timbarra
AH                Hooey                storekeeper        Timbarra
AH                Why                storekeeper        Timbarra
ALOOS                Antonio                butcher                McLeod’s Ck.
ANDREWS                Henry                miner                Gough Gully
ARMSTRONG        George                miner                McLeod’s Ck.
ARMSTRONG        Robert                miner                McLeod’s Ck.
BROWN                George                innkeeper        Drake
BROWN                Henry                miner                McLeod’s Ck.
BROWN                John                miner                McLeod’s Ck.
BUCK                B.                miner                Timbarra
BURTON                George                farmer                Snakes’ Ck.
BUSTARD                Charles                miner                McLeod’s Ck.
CARLE                Robert                miner                Timbarra
CAPPONI                Giovanni        miner                Timbarra
CASSIDY                John                miner                Boorook
CHAUVEL                Arthur                squatter        Fairfield
CLEMENTS        James                miner                Boorook
CLIFTON                Raymond                miner                Timbarra
COGHLAN                Charles                miner                Timbarra
COGHLAN                John                miner                McLeod’s Ck.
COMMISSARY        John                miner                Timbarra
CONNOR                Christopher        miner                Timbarra
DARCY                Mathias                miner                Boorook
DARCY                Walter                innkeeper        Sandy Ck.
DICKSON                James                squatter        Barney Downs
DONOVAN                John                miner                Boorook
DUNN                Frederick        labourer        Boorook
DYER                Henry                miner                Timbarra
EARNGEY                George                ---                Drake
EATLER                Charles                miner                Malera
ELLIS                John                JP                Timbarra
ELWORTHY        George                butcher                Timbarra
FARRELL                Hugh jun.        stockman        Drake
FARRELL                Hugh sen.        carrier                Timbarra
FRAZER                Roderick        farmer                Timbarra
FRY                William                miner                Malera
FUNG                Ehing                storekeeper        Timbarra
GENNETH                Andrew                miner                Malera
GRIFFITHS        Thomas                miner                Malera
HEDLEY                J.                superintendent        Rocky Station
HOGARTH                John                miner                Solferino
JONES                William                bootmaker        Timbarra
LARDNER                James                miner                Timbarra
MADONNA                Paul                miner                Solferino
MAHER                Daniel                storekeeper        Timbarra
MAHER                John                farmer                Commissioner’s Camp
MARCALLONI        Paul                miner                Solferino
MEALING                James                miner                Timbarra
MEALING                Richard                miner                Timbarra
MILLS                Alexander        storekeeper        Boorook
MONTGOMERY        Robert                miner                Timbarra
MORTIMER        Thomas                dairy                Timbarra
MURRAY                Donald                miner                Malera
MCCARTHY        Patrick                farmer                Snakes’ Ck.
MCINTYRE        Allan                miner                Malera
MCLEOD                Roderick        miner                Timbarra
NICHOLSON        Robert                miner                Timbarra
OWEN                John                labourer        Timbarra
PALMER                William                blacksmith        Timbarra
PHEMISTER        Robert                miner                McLeod’s Ck.
PRATT                Charles                miner                Malera
RHODES                Jonas                miner                McLeod’s Ck.
ROBINSON        Louis                miner                Malera
SAUNDERS        John                miner                Malera
SCOTT                William                miner                Malera
SHING                Hing                storekeeper        McLeod’s Ck.
SMITH                Merton                squatter        Cheviot Hills
STEWART                Alexander        storekeeper        Malera
TOOHEY                John                constable        Timbarra
WHEATLEY        Bridget                squatter        Boorook
WHEATLEY        George                farmer                Timbarra
WRIGHT                James                miner                Malera
WRIGHT                Richard                miner                Boorook
WRIGHT                Thomas                miner                Boorook
YET                Quay                storekeeper        McLeod’s Ck.

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here