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Distance 179 miles North of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday 5.30 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town Wednesday 8.30 am.
Mail leaves for Sydney Thursday 4 pm.
Mail arrives at Sydney Friday evening.

Route  Steam Newcastle, rail Murrurundi, Cobbs coach Scone, 13m.

ASHFORD                John                farmer                Daffodil
ATTERATA        James                farmer                Cuen
BAKER                Julia                farmer                Dartbrook
BAKER                Robert                farmer                Dampton
BARCLAY                John                shepherd        Milgarra
BARWICK                Frederick        farmer                Sparkes Ck.
BARWICK                James                farmer                Ripley
BARWICK                James J.        farmer                Cannans Ck.
BARWICK                John                farmer                Sparkes Ck.
BARWICK                Thomas                farmer                Sparkes Ck.
BARWICK                William                farmer                Sparkes Ck.
BEARD                Edward                sawyer                Wybong Ck.
BELL                Archibald N.        grazier                Milgarra
BELL                George D.        grazier                Milgarra
BELL                Jethro                farmer                Junction Ck.
BELL                Thomas                farmer                Cuen
BERGAN                Hannah                farmer                Dartbrook
BRADBERRY        Joseph                farmer                Wybong Ck.
CAMPBELL        Duncan                labourer        Woodlands
CLARKE                John                shepherd        Milgarra
COLLINS                William                farmer                Junction Ck.
COX                James                shepherd        Thornthwaite
CUMBERLAND        James                shepherd        Halls Ck.
DOCKER                Edwin                grazier                Milgarra
ELLIS                Joseph                gardener        Milgarra
FINLAY                George B.        grazier                Thornthwaite
FLANIGAN        John                farmer                Thornthwaite
FLINN                Denis                shepherd        Cuen
FLINN                Michael                shepherd        Cuen Ck.
FRENCH                James                labourer        Milgarra
GALLAGHER        Charles                farmer                Tooloogan
GILES                Richard                shepherd        Grampian Hills
GOODMAN                Annbella        postmistress        Thornthwaite
GOODMAN                James                grazier                Dartbrook
GOODMAN                Thomas                assistant postmaster Thornthwaite
GOODWORTH        Beatson                farmer                Wybong Ck.
GOODWORTH        John                shepherd        Cuen
GRAY                Michael                shepherd        Milgarra
GRAY                Thomas                shepherd        Milgarra
GREGORY                William                shepherd        Thornthwaite
HALL                Henry                shepherd        Milgarra
HOLDER                Richard                farmer                Halls Ck.
HOLE                Richard                shepherd        Wybong Ck.
JAMES                John                shepherd        Milgarra
JONES                William                shepherd        Dartbrook
KNEE                Charles                shepherd        Thornthwaite
LAMB                Robert                labourer        Thornthwaite
LEDGWICK        John                bootmaker        Milgarra
LEGER                John                shepherd        Wybong Ck.
LETTICE                John                grazier                Wybong Ck.
LILLEY                Edward                shepherd        Cuen
LILLEY                Joseph                shepherd        Cuen
MARSLAND        John                farmer                Junction Ck.
MORRESEY        Patrick                farmer                Dampton
MCDONALD        John                superintendent        Cuen
NARY                Michael                shepherd        Thornthwaite
PALMER                Henry                shepherd        Thornthwaite
PALMER                William                farmer                Cuen
PATTERSON        Geo. P.                superintendent        Milgarra
QUEEN                Morris                shepherd        Thornthwaite
RING                David                shepherd        Cuen
RING                Mary Ann        farmer                Cuen
ROBINSON        Samuel                shepherd        Milgarra
RYAN                Philip                shepherd        Cuen Ck.
SANDERS                Thomas                shepherd        Cuen
SCHYTROMPF        George                grazier                Dartbrook
SELLING                John                farmer                Wybong Ck.
SKEYS                Thomas                shepherd        Cuen
SMITH                William                farmer                Wybong Ck.
TOMKINS                Henry B.        grazier                Sparkes Ck.
TRIMBLE                John                shepherd        Dartbrook
TURNER                George                shepherd        Wybong Ck.
VINE                George                farmer                Cannans Ck.
VINE                James                grazier                Dartbrook
WARRAD                Henry                farmer                Tooloogan
WARRAD                William                farmer                Junction Ck.
WATKINS                G.                superintendent        Grampian Hills
WOOD                George                farmer                Junction Ck.
WOOD                John                farmer                Junction Ck.
WOOD                Robert                sawyer                Junction Ck.
WORLEY                William                shepherd        Dunwell Ck.
YOUNG                Alexander        shepherd        Wybong Ck.

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here