Greville's Post Office Directory 1872  TEESDALE

Page 493
Distance 155 miles West of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Friday 4 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town Saturday 4 pm.
Mail leaves for Sydney Monday 8.30 am.
Mail arrives at Sydney Tuesday  7 am.

Route  Rail Rydal, Cobbs coach Blayney, 11m. Teesdale.

ATKINSON        Roger                farmer                Teesdale
BAKER                James                mail contractor        Teesdale
BAKER                John                farmer                Spring Vale
BAKER                Mrs. Ellen        farmer                Maidston
BOSS                Charles                farmer & grazier Teesdale
BOSS                Robert                farmer & grazier Teesdale
BRIGGS                Joseph jun.        farmer                Dunning Swamp
BRIGGS                Joseph sen.        farmer & grazier Dunning Swamp
BURKE                Edward                farmer                Black Springs
BURKE                John                farmer                Coombing Ck.
BURKE                John sen.        farmer                Bridgensons
BURKE                Michael                farmer                Coombing Ck.
BURKE                Patrick                farmer                Coombing Ck.
BURKE                Thomas                farmer                Teapot Swamp
CHAMDLER        Chas.                farmer                Mount Macquarie
CHANDLER        Edwin                farmer                Coombing Ck.
CHARTERS        Daniel                farmer                Teesdale
CHESHER                Thomas                farmer                Teesdale Park
CHITTENDEN        Daniel                farmer                Teesdale
CHITTENDEN        William                farmer                Teesdale
CLARK                John                farmer                Dunning Swamp
DOVER                James jun.        farmer                Coombing Ck.
DOVER                James sen.        farmer                Coombing Ck.
DOVER                Thomas                farmer                Dunning Swamp
DWYER                J.                farmer & grazier Coombing Ck.
DWYER                Matthew                farmer                Coombing Ck.
DWYER                Thomas                farmer                Rose Hill
ENGLISH                Patrick                farmer                Teesdale
ENGLISH                William                miner                Teesdale
FEY                Ellen                farmer                Coombing Ck.
FLANAGAN        Michael                farmer                Black Springs
FLANAGAN        Mrs. John        ---                Coombing Ck.
GLEADAL                George                farmer                Teesdale
GRAHAM                Andrew                farmer                Coombing Ck.
GRAHAM                Edward                farmer                Coombing Ck.
HANNON                Patrick                farmer                Spring Vale
HEALY                Patrick                farmer                Dunning Swamp
HEALY                Thomas                farmer                Dunning Swamp
KELLY                Michael                farmer                Teesdale
KENNEDY                Angus                farmer                Spring Vale
MARTIN                John                farmer                Coombing Ck.
MENDHAM                George                farmer                Coombing Ck.
MENDHAM                Joseph                farmer                Coombing Ck.
MENDHAM                Mrs. Jane        ---                Coombing Ck.
MORRISON        John                farmer                Bridgensons Swamp
MORRISON        Mrs. John        farmer                Coombing Ck.
MORRISON        Thomas                farmer                Coombing Ck.
MORRISON        Wm.                farmer                Bridgensons Swamp
MCKELLER        D.                farmer & grazier Croglee
MCKELLER        Peter                farmer & grazier Croglee
PASCOE                Mark                farmer                 Meadows
PIPER                Henry                farmer                Dunning Swamp
PIPER                John                farmer                Dunning Swamp
PIPER                William                farmer                Dunning Swamp
PURCELL                Catherine        farmer & grazier Coombing Ck.
RYAN                Jeremiah        farmer                Rockford Hill
TANKAY                John                storekeeper        Coombing Ck.
VANE                Mary                ---                Wattle Flat
VANE                Wm.                farmer & grazier Wattle Flat
VAUGHAN                John                farmer                Teesdale

Greville 1872

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