Greville's Post Office Directory 1872  TEAPOT SWAMP

Page 492
Distance 145 miles West of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Friday 4 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town Saturday 1 pm.
Mail leaves for Sydney Monday 9 am.
Mail arrives at Sydney Tuesday 7 am.

Route  Rail Rydal, Cobbs coach Bathurst, 20m. Teapot Swamp.

ARMSTRONG        William                farmer                Reedy Ck.
BAYFORD                Henry                labourer        Teapot Swamp
BOURKE                Patrick                farmer                Coombing Ck.
BOURKE                Thomas                farmer                Dummy Hill
BROWN                Fanny E.        ---                Teapot Swamp
CANNON                James                shepherd        Dummy Swamp
CLARKE                John                farmer                Dickons Swamp
CONNORS                Martin                labourer        Dummy Swamp
DAVISON                Robert                farmer                Liscombes Ck.
DAVISON                Samuel                farmer                Curmean
DAVISON                Samuel jun.        farmer                Curmean
EAGAN                James                farmer                Big Flat
EAGAN                Patrick                carrier                Teapot Swamp
EAGAN                Richard                farmer                Teapot Swamp
EDWARDS                Lewis                labourer        Bald Hill
FELL                Alfred                labourer        Teapot Swamp
FLANAGAN        Mrs. John        farmer                Coombing Ck.
GODDEN                T.                miller                Teapot Swamp
GOODE                Edward                labourer        Teapot Swamp
GRAHAM                Andrew                farmer                Red Hill
GRAHAM                Henry                labourer        Coombing Ck.
GRAHAM                Robert                labourer        Coombing Ck.
GRAHAM                Thomas                labourer        Coombing Ck.
HARDING                George                carrier                Teapot Swamp
HARTLEY                A.                architect        Liscombes Ck.
HAYES                Michael                shepherd        Kellys Flat
HEALEY                Michael                farmer                Bald Hill
HEALEY                Patrick                farmer                Coombing Swamp
HEALEY                Stephen                labourer        Teapot Swamp
HEALEY                Thomas                farmer                Teapot Swamp
HEALEY                Thomas                farmer                Dummy Swamp
HOOD                John                farmer                Teapot Swamp
HOOD                William                farmer                Liscombes Ck.
HOSIE                Stanley                miller                Teapot Swamp
JARRETT                George                blacksmith        Teapot Swamp
JAVINS                Charles                farmer                Teapot Swamp
JENKINS                Mrs.                farmer                Teapot Swamp
KABLE                John                farmer                Dummy Swamp
KABLE                William                carrier                Teapot Swamp
KELLY                James                carrier                Reedy Ck.
KELLY                Michael                grazier                Pipeclay Ck.
KELLY                Patrick                farmer                Dickons Swamp
LONG                Denis                farmer                Dummy Swamp
LONG                John                farmer                Dickons Swamp
LOVETT                James                shepherd        Reedy Ck.
MACKIE                A. C. G.        farmer & grazier Bringelong
MACKIE                Elizabeth W.        storekeeper        Teapot Swamp
MACKIE                Mrs. Sarah        storekeeper        Teapot Swamp
MALEY                John                farmer                Teapot Swamp
MALIN                James                farmer                Teapot Swamp
MELROSE                G.                surveyor        Nine-mile Camp
MORRISON        John                farmer                Coombing Ck.
MORRISON        Thomas                carrier                Coombing Ck.
MORRISON        William                farmer                Dummy Hill
MURPHY                Thomas                farmer                Teapot Swamp
MCCULLUM        D.                farmer & grazier Bringelong
MCCLOSKY        John C.                saddler                Teapot Swamp
MCKAY                Allan                farmer                Teapot Swamp
MCKAY                William                farmer                Reedy Ck.
MCLEAN                Alexander        farmer                Liscombes Ck.
MCLEAY                Thomas                sawyer                Pipeclay Ck.
NAVEN                Mrs. M.                farmer & grazier Hobbys Yards
PATTERSON        Samuel                farmer                Dummy Hill
PIPER                William                farmer                Dickons Swamp
POCKNELL        James                farmer                Teapot Swamp
POCKNELL        William                carrier                Red Hill
PURCELL                Mrs. C.                farmer & grazier Dickons Swamp
READ                W.                farmer                Dummy Swamp
RIELLY                John                farmer                Dickons Swamp
RODWELL                William                farmer                Teapot Swamp
RORISON                Francis W.        teacher                Teapot Swamp
RYAN                Philip                farmer                Teapot Swamp
STANLEY                Mrs. Christina        farmer                Reedy Ck.
STEWART                Alfred                bootmaker        Teapot Swamp
STEWART                James                labourer        Teapot Swamp
SUTHERLAND        John                farmer                Teapot Swamp
VAUGHAN                James                farmer                Reedy Ck.
VAUGHAN                John                bootmaker        Teapot Swamp
WARREN                Joseph                farmer                Teapot Swamp
WILSON                Edward                farmer                Teapot Swamp
WILSON                Henry C.        farmer                Teapot Swamp
WILSON                John                farmer                Reedy Ck.
WOOLARD                Isaac                farmer                Teapot Swamp

Greville 1872

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