Greville's Post Office Directory 1872  TARLO

Page 492
Distance 138 miles South of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Tuesday, Friday 4 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town Wednesday, Saturday 7 am.
Mail leaves for Sydney Monday, Friday 12.30 pm.
Mail arrives at Sydney Tuesday, Saturday 7.15 am.

Route  Rail Goulburn, 10m. Tarlo.

ABRAMS                Alfred                sawyer                Tarlo River
ARMSTRONG        George                carpenter        Tarlo
BAILEY                Joseph                farmer                Tarlo Gap
BATES                James                sawyer                Tarlo River
BATES                John                farmer                Tarlo
BATES                William jun.        farmer                Tarlo Rd.
BATES                William sen.        farmer                Tarlo
BATTY                Benjamin        farmer                Tarlo
CADY                Alfred                farmer                Tarlo Rd.
CHAPMAN                Joseph                farmer                Tarlo River
CUNNINGHAM        John                poundkeeper        Tarlo
FITZGIBBONS        John P.                farmer                Tarlo River
GRANT                Samuel                farmer                Red Hill
HANKINSON        George                gardener        Tarlo
HANNON                James                farmer                Iron Bark
HARTLEY                Henry                farmer                Chatsbury
HAYS                Henry                farmer                Tarlo
HEDMONDS        Charles                farmer                Tarlo Gap
HILL                James                farmer                Tarlo
HILL                John                farmer                Tarlo
HILL                Joseph                bootmaker        Forest Lodge
HILL                William                bootmaker        Tarlo River
HUTCHINS        John                farmer                Tarlo
HUTCHINS        William                farmer                Ido
KELLY                Anthony                farmer                Tarlo River
KELLY                John                farmer                Red Hill
KELLY                William                farmer                Rhyanna
LOCK                William                farmer                Norwood
MARTIN                John                farmer                Red Hill
MARTIN                William                farmer                Red Hill
MATHEWS                Daniel                farmer                Forest Lodge
MILLER                Joseph                farmer                Middle Forest
MILLER                Robert                squatter        Red Hill
MORGAN                Robert                farmer                Sugar Loaf
MURPHY                William                farmer                Moss Vale
MCCALLUM        Archibald        farmer                Terlong
MCCALLUM        John                farmer                Tarlo River
MCCULLEM        Donald                farmer                Violet Hill
MCDONALD        Charles                farmer                Tarlo River
MCDONALD        Donald                farmer                Glen Donald
MCINNES                John                farmer                Tarlo River
MCINNES                Peter                farmer                Tarlo River
MCKERRAL        Malcolm                farmer                Red Hill
MCLAURIN        Collin                farmer                Kilmore Park
MCLAURIN        Lochlin                farmer                Cookbandoon
NIXON                Frederick        labourer        Chatsbury Rd.
PEDEN                Archibald        farmer                Red Hill
PEDEN                Hugh                farmer                Red Hill
PEDEN                James                teacher                Tarlo River
SHARP                Daniel                sawyer                Cookbandoon
SHERRIF                Robert                drover                Tarlo Gap
SIMONS                John                farmer                Rhyanna
SINCLAIR        David                bootmaker        Upper Tarlo
SKIDMORE        Mark                farmer                Tarlo Rd.
SKIDMORE        William                farmer                Tarlo Gap
SOLEY                James                gardener        Tarlo
STAFFORD        David                farmer                Red Hill
STEIN                Godfrey                farmer                Sugar Loaf
STRACHEN        James                farmer                Red Hill
WHITE                James                farmer                Tarlo Rd.
YABSLEY                Edward                farmer                Tarlo Rd.
YABSLEY                Richard                farmer                Tarlo

Greville 1872

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