Greville's Post Office Directory 1872  TARAGO

Page 486
Distance 148 miles South of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 4 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Monday excepted) 4.10 am.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Saturday excepted) 6.30 pm.
Mail arrives at Sydney Friday 7.15 am.

Route  Rail Goulburn, coach for Tarago, on road to Braidwood.

ALLEN                James                innkeeper        Inveralochy
BASINGTHWAITE        E.                squatter        Lake Bathurst
BEARD                William                farmer                Mullengullenga
BOREHAM                Abraham                farmer                Mullengullenga
BOYD                William                boarding house        Tarago
BRISTOL                Arthur                shepherd        Tarago
BRODERICK        Frederic        farmer                Reedy Ck.
BRYANT                William                farmer                Lake Bathurst
BULL                John                innkeeper        Tarago
BURTON                Joseph                farmer                Mullengullenga
BYRNES                James                farmer                Tarago
CAIN                John                farmer                Lake Bathurst
CALLAGHAN        Owen                farmer                Lake Bathurst
CAREY                Robert                farmer                Mullengullenga
CARNEY                John                farmer                Tarago
CHANNEL                James                labourer        Inveralochy
CHOWN                Alfred                farmer                Lake Bathurst
CLANCY                William                blacksmith        Inveralochy
COOPER                Horace                squatter        Willeroo
COOPER                James V.        squatter        Willeroo
COOPER                Robert                squatter        Willeroo
CROPPER                John                squatter        Lake Bathurst
CUTMORE                Samuel P.        farmer                Inveralochy
DAVOREN                William                farmer                Tarago
DEWSBURY        John                shepherd        Mullengullenga
GALL                Andrew                constable        Tarago
GOODCHILD        Francis                farmer                Mullengullenga
GOODCHILD        William                farmer                Mullengullenga
GREEN                Henry                shepherd        Ryans Vale
HALL                Caroline        ---                Lake Bathurst
HALL                Victor                farmer                Lake Bathurst
HALL                Wilfred                farmer                Lake Bathurst
HALLETT                Charles                farmer                Inveralochy
HARMER                Edmund                farmer                Mullengullenga
HENESSY                Ellen                farmer                Tarago
JONES                Mary Ann        seamstress        Inveralochy
KERSHAW                Joseph J.        storekeeper        Tarago
LACY                John                farmer                Mullengullenga
LOCKARD                James                farmer                Tarago
MAIDMENT        Thomas                overseer        Lake Bathurst
MALLOWS                Nehemiah        farmer                Tarago
MILLER                John                teacher                Tarago
MONTGOMERY        Matthew                teacher                Mullengullenga
MOORE                George                farmer                Tarago
MULLINGS        James                labourer        Tarago
MURRAY                John                farmer                Tarago
MCCONNELL        William                labourer        Tarago
MCDONALD        Donald                farmer                Tarago
OKEEFE                Jeremiah        farmer                Tarago
PETERS                Henry                farmer                Frentham Park
PHELPS                George                labourer        Gilmore
PHELPS                John                bootmaker        Gilmore
REYNOLDS        Walter                farmer                Tarago
SHAW                Alexander        bootmaker        Inveralochy
SHEATHER        Spencer                labourer        Inveralochy
SIMPSON                James                farmer                Inveralochy
SIMPSON                John                farmer                Frentham Park
STEPHENSON        William                farmer                Tarago
STEWART                James                squatter        Tarago
STRANG                William                farmer                Gilmore
TERRY                Michael                farmer                Tarago
THOMPSON        Alexander        farmer                Inveralochy
TYNEHAM                Patrick                farmer                Tarago
WOOD                John                farmer                Inveralochy
WOOD                Mary                farmer                Inveralochy
WOODWARD        James                carpenter        Tarago

Greville 1872

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