Greville's Post Office Directory 1872  TAMBER SPRINGS

Page 481
Distance 270 miles North of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Saturday 5.30 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town Tuesday 6 am.
Mail leaves for Sydney  Friday 6 pm.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday evenings.

Route  Steam Newcastle, rail Murrurundi, via Gunnedah, 50m. Tamber Springs.

BAILEY                Charles                overseer        Bomera
BARNES                Matthew                selector        Tamber Springs
BLAKEWAY        Sydney                fencer                Bando
CALLIGAN        Michael                shepherd        Bando
CHICK                George                shepherd        Bando
COOK                Noah                shepherd        Bando
COOK                William                shepherd        Bomera
COWARD                Daniel                shepherd        Bando
DAWSON                James                selector        Tamber Springs
DONALDSON        Robert                shepherd        Bando
DOWLING                John                labourer        Bando
DOYLE                Michael                shepherd        Bando
EDWARDS                James                fencer                Bando
FINN                James                shepherd        Bando
FITZGERALD        James                shepherd        Bando
FLETCHER        William                shepherd        Bando
GOOLD                Pierce                poundkeeper        Tamber Springs
GRACE                William                labourer        Bando
GRACE                Edward                labourer        Bando
HATFIELD        A. Henry        innkeeper        Coxs Ck.
HIGGINS                Charles                labourer        Bando
HINTON                Richard T.        overseer        Nomby
HOLE                Samuel                superintendent        Bomera
IRVING                Johnston        shepherd        Bomera
KENNEDY                Patrick                shepherd        Nomby
KENNEDY                Timothy                shepherd        Nomby
LOVELL                Jonathan        labourer        Bomera
MATHIAS                John                carpenter        Bando
MEYERS                Charles                stockman        Nomby
MILLS                Frederick        storekeeper        Bando
MCGILL                Robert                shepherd        Bando
MCGRATH                Edward                teacher                Tamber Springs
PAULEY                George                shepherd        Bando
PAULEY                William                carrier                Bando
POTTS                John                fencer                Nomby
POWER                David                fencer                Bando
SAWERS                William                overseer        Bando
SHARRINGHAM        Joseph                labourer        Bomera
SMELTZER        Philip                innkeeper        Mellaly
TOWN                A.                squatter        Bomera
WATSON                Daniel                stockman        Bomera
WHITE                J. F. & Henry        squatters        Bando
WILSON                William                superintendent        Bando
WRIGHT                Walter                shepherd        Nomby

Greville 1872

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