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Distance 9 miles North of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Thursday 4.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Monday, Thursday 7.30 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Wednesday, Saturday 3 p.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Wednesday, Saturday 5.30 p.m.

Route  Billy Blues ferry, North Shore, 5m. Lane Cove

ADAMS		Thomas		farmer		Lane Cove
AITKIN		Edward		saddler		Tarraville
ALLARD		Thomas		woodman		Lane Cove
ARCHIBALD	Gerald		---		Clanville
ARCHIBALD	James		farmer		Lane Cove Rd.
ARCHIBALD	Richard		---		Clanville
ARMITAGE	John		farmer		Lane Cove Rd.
BAKER		Albert		farmer		Lane Cove Rd.
BERRY		Charles		labourer	Lane Cove
BARTHO		Anthony L.	carpenter	Rosedale
BARTHO		Henry		wheelwright	Lane Cove
BOOKER		Edwin		labourer	Lane Cove
BOURKE		William		sawyer		Lane Cove
BOYD		James		farmer		Lane Cove
BOYLE		Philip		farmer		Lane Cove Rd.
BRITTON		John		farmer		Rosedale Estate
BRODIE		John		tobacconist	Lane Cove
BROMLEY		Joseph		sawyer		Rosedale
BROMLEY		William		sawyer		Rosedale
BROWN		John		timber merchant	Lane Cove
BROWN		Thomas		orange grower	Rosedale
BUCKINGHAM	Charles		orange grower	Lane Cove
BURKE		Michael		labourer	Lane Cove
CARVER		Robert		bootmaker	Lane Cove
CASEY		Owen		overseer	Lane Cove
CATES		Walter		gardener	Lane Cove
CHERRY		James		farmer		Lane Cove
CLARKSON	Mountford	labourer	Lane Cove
CONNELLY	Thomas		woodman		Lane Cove
COOK		John		woodman		Lane Cove Rd.
COOK		Sarah		householder	Lane Cove
COOKE		John E.		farmer		Lane Cove
DRUITT		Joseph		labourer	Lane Cove
EDWARDS		James G.	teacher		Lane Cove
FISHER		George		farmer		Lane Cove Rd.
FLANDERS	John		labourer	Lane Cove
FLORENCE	Frederick	farmer		Emma Ville
FORBES		Frederick	labourer	Lane Cove
FORD		Thomas		herbalist	Rosedale
FOSTER		Richard		sawyer		Lane Cove
HEALEY		Mrs. A.		orange grower	Lane Cove
HENRY		George		woodman		Lane Cove
HILL		Hugh		householder	Spencers Farm
HOWARD		Lawrence	woodman		Lane Cove
HUGHES		Henry		woodman		Lane Cove River
HUGHES		Thomas		carpenter	Lane Cove
JENKINS		Thomas		orange grower	Lane Cove River
JOHNSON		Henry		carpenter	Rosedale
JOHNSON		John		farmer		Maiden Dale
JOHNSON		Joseph		sawyer		Forked Ridge
JOHNSON		William		painter		Maiden Dale
JONES		James		carrier		Rosedale
KING		---		farmer		Rosedale Estate
KIRBY		Thomas		labourer	Rosedale Estate
KIRBY		William		farmer		Lane Cove
LEAL		Robert		blacksmith	Lane Cove
LEEPER		William Henry M. teacher	Lane Cove
LINIGAN		John		sawyer		Lane Cove
LOVEDAY		Henry		labourer	Lane Cove
LUSTY		Thomas		woodman		Lane Cove
MALONEY		Cornelius	farmer		Lane Cove
MAZLIN		Thomas		labourer	Rosedale Estate
MOODIE		George		sawyer		Rosedale Estate
MOODIE		Robert		mason		Rosedale Estate
MCDOUGALL	William		labourer	Lane Cove
MCINTOSH	A.		orange grower	Bannockburn
MCINTOSH	Robert		orange grower	Lane Cove
MCINTOSH	C.		woodman		Lane Cove Rd.
MCINTOSH	Edwin		orange grower	Lane Cove
MCKEOWN		W. H.		orange grower	Rosedale
MCMAHON		Owen		innkeeper	Lane Cove
PENTECOST	Edward		nursery		Lane Cove
PENTECOST	Richard		nursery		Lane Cove
PORTER		Michael		---		Lane Cove
PORTER		Richard		innkeeper	Lane Cove
PORTER		Richard jun.	butcher		Lane Cove
PORTER		Thomas		farmer		Lane Cove
PORTER		William		labourer	Lane Cove
POWELL		Thomas J.	farmer		Lane Cove
PYMBLE		James		orange grower	Lane Cove
PYMBLE		Robert		orange grower	Merry Vale
REALY		John H.		farmer		Lane Cove
REDDY		Daniel		carter		Rosedale Estate
REYNOLDS	C.		woodman		Lane Cove River
REYNOLDS	Patrick		orange grower	Lane Cove
RICKETTS	Mrs.		teacher		Lane Cove
RIDEAL		James		farmer		Rosedale
ROBERTS		William		labourer	Lane Cove
ROSE		Thomas		farmer		Lane Cove
RYAN		Daniel		farmer		Lane Cove
SAINTY		---		fruit dealer	Lane Cove
SENIOR		Thomas		sawyer		Lane Cove
SERVAIS		Theodore	farmer		Little Slope
SMART		James		orange grower	Rosedale
SMITH		Samuel		orange grower	Lane Cove
SMITH		Sydney		labourer	Lane Cove
TERREY		James		storekeeper	Rosedale
TRIBE		William		labourer	Lane Cove
TURNER		William		labourer	Lane Cove
VANDINE		W. H.		sawyer		Lane Cove
WATERHOUSE	John		boatman		Lane Cove
WATERHOUSE	Joseph		farmer		Lane Cove
WATERHOUSE	Thomas		farmer		Lane Cove
WATERHOUSE	Thomas jun.	farmer		Lane Cove
WHITTINGHAM	Henry		farmer		Lane Cove
WILLIAMSON	George		sawyer		Lane Cove
WILLIAMSON	Robert		constable	Lane Cove
WILSON		George		orange grower	Lane Cove
WOODS		George		labourer	Lane Cove
WOOLLEY		Joseph		labourer	Lane Cove
WRIGHT		Charles		dealer		Lane Cove
WRIGHT		Edward		orange grower	Lane Cove

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here