Greville's Post Office Directory 1872  TALAWANTA

Page 480
Distance 573 miles North of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Friday 5.30 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town Friday 9 am.
Mail leaves for Sydney Tuesday noon.
Mail arrives at Sydney Saturday evenings.

Route  Steam Grafton, via Brewarrina, Talawanta.

ANDERSON        Alexander        stock-keeper        Gidia
ARNOLD                Richard                servant                Bokarah House
BARRELL                Bernard                grazier                Bokarah Ck.
BEAUMONT        William                grazier                Talawanta
BENNY                Catherine        servant                Talawanta
BERDETTE        William                overseer        Bokarah House
BROWN                William C.        superintendent        Bokarah House
CADELL                Fredrick        grazier                Lang Boyde
CADELL                William                grazier                Lang Boyde
CAMERON                A.                stock-keeper        Talawanta
CARTER                Richard                stock-keeper        Willow
CASTON                William                stock-keeper        Lang Boyde
CONWAY                Joseph                servant                Bokarah House
CRAIG                John                poundkeeper        Talawanta
DOYLE                James                grazier                Bokarah
DOYLE                John K.                grazier                Bokarah
DOYLE                Robert                grazier                Bokarah
ENESS                George                servant                Talawanta
ERWIN                Thomas                stock-keeper        Talawanta
GOVAN                James                superintendent        Talawanta
HENS                William F.        grazier                Gidia
HOILE                James                servant                Bokarah House
HOILE                John                servant                Bokarah House
JEMISON                Andrew                drover                Talawanta
KENNEDY                William                stock-keeper        Bokarah
LISBRONIBI        John                storekeeper        Bokarah
LITTLE                James                grazier                Talawanta
MCEWEN                W.                stock-keeper        Lang Boyde
MCKENZIE        Joseph                grazier                Bokarah Ck.
MCKENZIE        William                grazier                Talawanta
PEIRCE                John                stock-keeper        Bandabulla
PICTON                William                grazier                Lang Boyde
SANDERS                William                grazier                Bandabulla
SHAW                John                stock-keeper        Bokarah Ck.
SHAW                William                servant                Bokarah
SHERWIN                Thomas                grazier                Satala
SPENCE                Thomas                grazier                Cutabundie
THOMPSON        Thomas                innkeeper        Cooklonia
THOMPSON        William                ---                Bokarah
WIGMORE                G.                storekeeper        Bokarah House
WILLIAMSON        William                superintendent        Talawanta
WITMARSH        John                stock-keeper        Talawanta

Greville 1872

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