Greville's Post Office Directory 1872  TAEMAS

Page 479
Distance 194 miles South of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Thursday 4 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town Tuesday, Friday 1 pm.
Mail leaves for Sydney Tuesday, Friday 7.30 am.
Mail arrives at Sydney Wednesday, Saturday 7.15 am.

Route  Rail Goulburn, coach Yass, 12m. Taemas.

BARBER                George                ---                Yeumbra, Murrumbidgee
BARBER                Henry                ---                Cooradigby, Little River
BARBER                R. A.                ---                Humewood
BRASSIL                John                ---                Warroo Ck., Yass
BRASSIL                Patrick                ---                Warroo Ck., Yass
BRASSIL                Thomas                ---                Warroo Ck., Yass
BROUGHTON        H. B.                ---                Hiawatha, Young
BULLMAN                Andrew                ---                Forrest Warroo, Murrumbidgee
BURGESS                Henry                ---                Murrumbidgee
CALVERT                W. C.                ---                Cavan, Murrumbidgee
CAREY                John                ---                Gum Flat, Nowongullar
CASTLE                J. F.                ---                Cavan, Murrumbidgee
COLLINS                Martin                ---                Humewood
COLLISON        James                ---                Tommy Rice Hill, Cavan
COODEY                Patrick                ---                Salt Box, Cavan
CUMMINS                William                ---                Big Flat, Murrumbidgee
DUFFY                J.                ---                Taemas
DUFFY                P.                ---                Taemas
GRACE                James                ---                Green Flat
GRACE                John                ---                Green Flat
HAMLIN                Wm.                ---                Big Flat, Murrumbidgee
HARRIGAN        Elizabeth        ---                Forrest Warroo
HAWKINS                John                ---                Forrest Warroo
HALL                J.                ---                Cavan
JONES                Joseph                ---                Yeumbra, Murrumbidgee
JONES                Travers Joseph        ---                Murrumbidgee
JONES                Rees                ---                Murrumbidgee
KELLY                James                ---                Warroo, Yass
LOFTUS                J.                ---                Cavan, Murrumbidgee
LOUDER                S.                ---                Cavan, Murrumbidgee
MACDONALD        John                ---                Coodra Vale, Little River
MALLOY                P.                ---                Taemas
MARSHALL        William                ---                Narrangullan
MELVILLE        David                ---                Humewood
MCBEAN                Alex.                ---                Weejasper, Little River
MCDONNELL        James                ---                Cavan
MCELYAN                William                ---                Humewood
MCFARLANE        Duncan                ---                Cavan
MCFARLANE        George                ---                Cavan
PENTNEY                John                ---                Boambole
POWELL                George                ---                Humewood
RYAN                John                ---                Big Flat, Murrumbidgee
RYAN                William                ---                Big Flat, Murrumbidgee
RYRIE                S.                ---                Coodra Vale, Little River
SHAW                Alexander        ---                Glendyh
SHAW                Charles                ---                Glendyh
SMITH                Richard                ---                Juada
SOUTER                Wm.                ---                Coodra Vale, Little River
TATE                William                ---                Tunda, Murrumbidgee
TAYLOR                Samuel                ---                Sydenham, Murrumbidgee
THATCHER        John                ---                Cavan, Murrumbidgee
WATSON                John                ---                Coodra Vale, Little River
WEBSTER                A.                ---                Bloomfield, Murrumbidgee
WELCH                Thomas                ---                Warroo, Yass
WHEATCROFT        Edwin                ---                Gums, Nowongullar
WILMOT                James                ---                Sydenham, Murrumbidgee

Greville 1872

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