Greville's Post Office Directory 1872  TABULAM

Page 479
Distance 483 miles North of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Wednesday, Saturday 5.30 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town Monday, Thursday 8 pm.
Mail leaves for Sydney Tuesday, Friday 6 am.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Thursday evenings.

Route  Steam Grafton, via Casino, steam Tabulam.

ATKINSON        George                miner                Nopragur Ck.
ATKINSON        John                miner                Nopragur Ck.
CHANKEL                C. H. E., JP        squatter        Tabulam
CRAIKE                John                labourer        Tabulam
FISHER                John                storekeeper        Pretty Gully
FOY                Mrs. Ann        laundress        Tabulam
JAHES                Richard                labourer        Sandilands
JAMES                William R.        superintendent        Tabulam
JORDON                Michael                stockman        Tabulam
JORDON                Thomas                stockman        Tabulam
LEEDER                William                stockman        Bouralbo
MCLEAN                Donald                stockman        Tabulam
MCLEAN                James                innkeeper        Tabulam
PARKER                John                innkeeper        Pretty Gully
ROBERTSON        Mrs. J.                squatter        Bouralbo
ROBERTSON        R.                superintendent        Sandilands
ROBERTSON        W., JP                superintendent        Bouralbo
SMITH                E. T.                householder        Tabulam
SYUGE                Richard                miner                Pretty Gully
WATT                Alexander        miner                Pretty Gully
WEBSTER                ---                miner                Pretty Gully
WILLIAMS        Peter                bootmaker        Tabulam
WISE                Henry                carpenter        Tabulam

Greville 1872

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