Greville's Post Office Directory 1872  SWALLOWS NEST

Page 478
Distance 155 miles West of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Tuesday 4 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town Wednesday 3 pm.
Mail leaves for Sydney Thursday 9 am.
Mail arrives at Sydney Friday 7 am.

Route  Rail Rydal, Cobbs coach Bathurst, 33m. Swallows Nest .

ALLAN                George                miner                Native Dog Ck.
ARNOLD                James                miner                Swallows Nest
BADLEY                John                miner                Isabella River
BAKER                William                miner                Native Dog Ck.
BALDWIN                Josiah                farmer                Campbells River
BALL                Joseph                miner                Native Dog Ck.
BEAHAN                James                farmer                Mount Clare
BEAHAN                Peter                farmer                Mount Clare
BROWNLOW        W. jun.                farmer                Campbells River
BROWNLOW        William sen.        farmer & grazier Campbells River
BURT                Alfred                miner                Native Dog Ck.
BUTLER                Frederick        miner                Davis Ck.
CASH                Terence                miner                Native Dog Ck.
CASH                Thomas                farmer                Davis Ck.
CLATON                Michael                farmer                Balaroe
CLEARY                William                farmer                Porters Retreat
COLE                William                farmer                Campbells River
COYLE                John                farmer                Truscotts Flat
CRAWERST        A.                farmer & grazier Campbells River
CROZIER                David                miner                Swallows Nest
CROZIER                J. Lenox        miner                Swallows Nest
CROZIER                William J.        miner                Swallows Nest
DUMAGER                Edward                farmer & grazier Native Dog Ck.
EAGAN                Michael                farmer                Main Ridge
EVANS                David                farmer                Campbells River
FAHEY                Edward                miner                Davis Ck.
FITZGERALD        John                farmer                Davis Ck.
FOLEY                Patrick                farmer                Campbells River
FOLEY                Thomas                farmer                Brisbane Valley
GARDINER        John                miner                Native Dog Ck.
GIBBONS                John                farmer                Kangaroo Flat
GIBBONS                William                farmer                Kangaroo Flat
GORMAN                Jas.                farmer & grazier Truscotts Flat
GORMER                James                farmer                Porters Retreat
GRADY                James                farmer                Native Dog Ck.
HACKNEY                T.                farmer & grazier Balaroe
HANRAHAN        James                farmer                Campbells River
HANRAHAN        Philip                farmer & grazier Wattle Grove
HAWOOD                Thomas                farmer                Judds Ck.
HEWITT                Patrick                farmer                Judds Ck.
HUGHES                William                farmer                Judds Ck.
KENNEDY                Peter                miner                Native Dog Ck.
KESSEY                John                farmer                Native Dog Ck.
LANAGAN                Edward                miner                Isabella River
LINBERG                Charles                miner                Native Dog Ck.
LONERGAN        Thomas                farmer                Wallbrook
LOVET                John                miner                Native Dog Ck.
MACKAY                John                farmer                Campbells River
MAHONEY                Morrice                farmer                Porters Retreat
MAHONEY                Patrick                farmer                Porters Retreat
MALONEY                Daniel                farmer                Porters Retreat
MULRONE                Henry                farmer                Campbells River
MURRAY                Edward                farmer                Brisbane Valley
MURRAY                Hamilton        farmer                Brisbane Valley
MURRAY                Michael                farmer                Brisbane Valley
MCANALLY        William                miner                Davis Ck.
MCCOLL                Archibald        grazier                Paling Yard
MCKENZIE        Donald                miner                Swallows Nest
MCKINNON        James                grazier                Paling Yard
MCKINNON        John                grazier                Paling Yard
MCLENNAN        John                farmer                Judds Ck.
MCMAHON                Patrick                miner                Native Dog Ck.
MCNABB                Robert                miner                Swallows Nest
MCPHEE                D.                farmer & grazier Kangaroo Flat
MCPHEE                James                farmer & grazier Swallows Nest
MCPHEE                Patrick                farmer & grazier Swallows Nest
MCPHILLAMY        C.                farmer & grazier Campbells River
MCRAE                Alexander        farmer                Campbells River
MCRAE                Donald                farmer                Campbells River
MCSPADDEN        Wm.                farmer                Campbells River
NEIL                Daniel                farmer                Campbells River
NEIL                Denis                farmer                Campbells River
ONEIL                Laurence        miner                Isabella River
POUND                Isaac                farmer                Campbells River
PYE                Thomas                farmer                Judds Ck.
RANGER                John                farmer                Main Ridge
RAWSON                James                farmer                Brisbane Valley
RAWSON                John                farmer                Brisbane Valley
RAWSON                Samuel                farmer                Brisbane Valley
ROBINSON        George                farmer                Campbells River
ROGERS                Hugh                miner                Davis Ck.
ROGERS                Hugh jun.        miner                Davis Ck.
RUSSELL                John                farmer                Truscotts Flat
SCHLY                John                farmer                Judds Ck.
SEWELL                Daniel                farmer                Davis Ck.
SEWELL                James                farmer                Main Ridge
SEWELL                J.                farmer & grazier Davis Ck.
SMITH                Thomas                farmer                Brisbane Valley
SMITH                William                farmer                Native Dog Ck.
STANGER                E.                farmer & grazier Campbells River
STAPLETON        Daniel                farmer                Isabella River
STAPLETON        Robert                farmer                Isabella River
STAPLETON        Thomas                farmer                Campbells River
STEVENSON        A.                farmer & grazier Campbells River
STEVENSON        James                farmer                Campbells River
STEVENSON        J.                farmer & grazier Campbells River
THOMAS                Arthur                miner                Swallows Nest
TODD                David                farmer                Davis Ck.
TODD                W.                farmer & grazier Davis Ck.
WARBY                Chas. C.        farmer                Campbells River
WARBY                George                farmer                Eagle Vale
WEST                R.                farmer & grazier Davis Ck.
WEST                Robert                miner                Swallows Nest
WILLIAMS        ---                miner                Native Dog Ck.

Greville 1872

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