Greville's Post Office Directory 1872  STOCKTON

Page 473
Distance 76 miles North of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 5.30 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Monday excepted) 12.30 pm.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Sunday excepted) 8.30 am.
Mail arrives at Sydney every evening.

Route  Steam Newcastle, ferry across river to Stockton.

ANDERSON        James                shipwright        Stockton
ARCHER                William                labourer        Stockton
AUGHTON                Frederick        shipwright        Stockton
AUGHTON                Thomas                shipwright        Stockton
BARRETT                John                labourer        Stockton
BATTERHAN        James                waterman        Stockton
BELL                Alexander        fisherman        Stockton
BENNETT                Jacob                fisherman        Stockton
BLANCH                Alfred                farmer                Hannah Bay
BLANCH                Charles                farmer                Stockton
BLANCH                John                farmer                Hannah Bay
BLANCH                William                farmer                Hannah Bay
BOOTH                Thomas                waterman        Stockton
BOYCE                Hugh                waterman        Stockton
BRANAGAN        James                labourer        Stockton
BROOKS                Henry                contractor        Stockton
BROWN                James                labourer        Stockton
BRUCE                Charles                labourer        Stockton
BRYANT                George                limeburner        Stockton
BURHER                William                farmer                Fullerton Cove
BURROWS                William                limeburner        Stockton
CHATFIELD        Charles                shipwright        Stockton
CHILVERS        James                shipwright        Stockton
CHILVERS        Thomas                shipwright        Stockton
COX                Henry                labourer        Stockton
DARBY                Charles                sawyer                Stockton
DEVENUES        James                blacksmith        Stockton
DONOVIN                John                limeburner        Stockton
FITCH                John                blacksmith        Stockton
FRAZER                Hector                shipwright        Stockton
FRAZER                Thomas                fisherman        Stockton
GIBSON                Charles                labourer        Stockton
GIBSON                Thomas                labourer        Stockton
GILLIGAN        James                shipwright        Stockton
GYLER                John                labourer        Stockton
HAY                Alexander        shipwright        Stockton
HAY                John                shipwright        Stockton
HUNTER                William                fisherman        Stockton
KENARD                Matthew                shipwright        Stockton
LAME                John                mariner                Stockton
LEYMAN                William                shipwright        Stockton
LILLEY                Samuel                labourer        Stockton
LOYD                Benjamin        dealer                Stockton
MANSON                William                mariner                Stockton
MAXHAM                William                labourer        Stockton
MEAGIE                James                limeburner        Stockton
MENZIES                John                mariner                Stockton
MICHAEL                Thomas                shipwright        Stockton
MINER                Alfred                waterman        Stockton
MINER                Edward                storekeeper        Stockton
MCCAM                Thomas                labourer        Stockton
MCCLURE                William                fisherman        Stockton
MCGUIRE                Daniel                contractor        Stockton
MCKENZIE        Alexander        shipwright        Stockton
PINKER                William                waterman        Stockton
PITT                William                farmer                Stockton
PLASE                John                shipwright        Stockton
PLENGLASE        Henry                waterman        Stockton
RAE                John                innkeeper        Stockton
REES                James                dealer                Stockton
ROBERTS                John                fisherman        Stockton
ROBINSON        Charles                shipwright        Stockton
ROONEY                William                shipwright        Stockton
ROSS                Thomas                fisherman        Stockton
RUSSELL                John                labourer        Stockton
RUSSELL                William                shipwright        Stockton
SCOTT                John                shipwright        Stockton
SHARP                John                labourer        Stockton
SHERWOOD        George                labourer        Stockton
SMITH                John                farmer                Fullerton Cove
SMITH                Sidney                labourer        Stockton
SMITH                William                dealer                Stockton
SPEARS                James                shipwright        Stockton
THOMPSON        Joseph                labourer        Stockton
TYM                Richard                shipwright        Stockton
VALENTINE        George                labourer        Stockton
WARTUNEL        Thomas                labourer        Stockton

Greville 1872

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