Greville's Post Office Directory 1872  ST. MARYS

Page 472
Distance 28 miles West of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 4 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Sunday excepted) 6.27 pm.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Sunday excepted) 8.30 am.
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7 am.

Route  Rail South Creek, 1m. St. Marys.

ANDREWS                Samuel                farmer                Colyton
ANDREWS                Thomas                farmer                Colyton
BAKER                Samuel                farmer                St. Marys
BATES                Jacob                blacksmith        St. Marys
BAXTER                William                farmer                Colyton
BEECROFT        James                farmer                St. Marys
BEECROFT        John                farmer                Dunheved
BEECROFT        William                farmer                St. Marys
BENNETT                James                innkeeper        St. Marys
BIGGS                John                railway porter        St. Marys
BROWN                William                bootmaker        St. Marys
BYRNES                James                innkeeper        St. Marys
CHARKER                George                farmer                South Ck.
CHARKER                William                farmer                Elder Park
COOK                Emanuel                farmer                South Ck.
CORRY                John                innkeeper        St. Marys
DOLLIN                Thomas                bricklayer        St. Marys
DOUGLASS        George                farmer                Mount Druitt
DOWLING                William                storekeeper        St. Marys
EAGAR                George                constable        St. Marys
EMMERT                William                storekeeper        Colyton
FITZGERALD        Robert M.        squatter        Mamre
FULLER                Edgar                teacher                Colyton
FULTER                Charles                farmer                St. Marys
GARTHWAIT        John                currier                St. Marys
GIBLET                Christina        farmer                Tottenham Green
GILES                Alfred                greengrocer        St. Marys
GILLFEATHER        Michael                farmer                Landilo
GUERNS                Timothy                ---                St. Marys
GUILD                John                storekeeper        St. Marys
GUTHRIE                Alexander        railway porter        St. Marys
HARDIE                Edward                farmer                St. Marys
HACKETT                James jun.        innkeeper        St. Marys
HACKETT                James sen.        butcher                St. Marys
HARFORD                Thomas jun.        tanner                St. Marys
HARFORD                Thomas sen.        innkeeper        St. Marys
HARRIS                John                ---                Shanes Park
HEATON                Daniel                farmer                near Penrith
HOPE                George                farmer                St. Marys
JOYCE                Henry                labourer        South Ck.
KENNEDY                Robert                ---                Landilo
LANDERS                Samuel                ---                St. Marys
LAWSON                William                farmer                Landilo
LEAHEY                Patrick                farmer                South Ck.
LETHERBRIDGE        John                JP                Dunheved
LORD                Daniel                tanner                St. Marys
LOVEDEY                Benjamin        builder                St. Marys
MAIN                C.                engine driver        Penrith
MARKS                Samuel                farmer                Littleham
MARSDEN                Mason                farmer                St. Marys
MEACHER                Thomas                farmer                Colyton
MIGEN                William                farmer                St. Marys
MILLS                George A.        teacher                St. Marys
MOFFETT                John                farmer                South Ck.
MOLOY                Matthew                farmer                St. Marys
MORRISON        Andrew                farmer                Greendale
MORRISON        John                butcher                St. Marys
MCCOOK                Robert                farmer                Rose Vale
MCKANGLIN        Eneas                farmer                Bush Bank
MCKANGLIN        James                farmer                South Ck.
MCLAUGHLIN        Daniel                tanner                St. Marys
NASH                John F.                teacher                Landilo
NASH                Samuel                farmer                Landilo
OMARA                Michael                farmer                St. Marys
PAGE                William                farmer                Wentworth Park
PAIN                James                farmer                Dunheved
PASKIN                Thomas                tanner                St. Marys
PAUL                Charles                innkeeper        Colyton
RETALLICK        Elizabeth        farmer                Fluers
ROBERTSON        Robert                butcher                Colyton
ROBERTSON        William                farmer                Colyton
ROOD                John T.                ---                Bowood
ROYALL                Sarah                storekeeper        St. Marys
SADDINGTON & SONS                tanners                St. Marys
SAINSBURY        Henry J.        builder                St. Marys
SHADLOW                George                ---                St. Marys
SHADLOW                Thomas                farmer                Shrivenham
SHARPE                William                farmer                St. Marys
SHEPHERD        David                ---                Colyton
SHOULDER        George                farmer                Colyton
SWARTZ                James                farmer                Colyton
SWARTZKOFF        Henry                teacher                St. Marys
TARRANT                Quail C.        ---                Tottenham Park
THOMAS                James H.        farmer                Erskine Park
TURNER                George                contractor        St. Marys
WAINWRIGHT        Samuel                innkeeper        Colyton
WALKER                James                farmer                Colyton
WEBB & SON                        tanners                St. Marys
WESTON                Joseph                farmer                Baley Park
WOODLAND        William                farmer                St. Marys
WORTHINGTON        John                bootmaker        St. Marys
YOUMANS                George                farmer                Lockwood
YOUNG                James                ---                St. Marys

Greville 1872

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