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Distance 81 miles North of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 5.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Monday excepted) 8.30 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Sunday excepted) 6.30 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney every evening 

Route  Steam Newcastle, rail Lambton

BELL		George		miner		Lambton
BEVERIDGE	David		miner		North
BEVERIDGE	John		storekeeper	Lambton
BUNN		Thomas		miner		North
BOWER		William		bootmaker	Lambton
BROOM		Uriah		miner		Lambton
BROWN		A.		coal merchant	New Lambton
BROWN		J.		coal merchant	New Lambton
BURG		Andrew		carpenter	Lambton
BUTTERWORTH	Thomas		miner		Lambton
CAIRNS		Robert		innkeeper	Lambton
CARR		William		blacksmith	North
CHARLTON	William		council clerk	Lambton
CLEVELAND	Charles		draper		Lambton
COLES		Henry		miner		Lambton
CONN		Michael		miner		Lambton
CROWDACE	Thomas		mining engineer	Lambton
DAINTY		Richard		storekeeper	Lambton
DAINTY		Shadrick	miner		North
DAVIDSON	Robert		miner		North
DAVIS		Simon		carpenter	Lambton
DAWSON		Samuel		miner		North
DELZEL		Andrew		miner		Lambton
DENT		John		innkeeper	Lambton
DOHERTY		Edmund		storekeeper	Lambton
FARQUASON	Andrew		sawyer		North
FISHER		James		miner		North
GIBBS		William		miner		Lambton
GREEN		James		butcher		Lambton
HANNAH		John		miner		Lambton
HARTLEY		Samuel		miner		North
HARVEY		Alfred		butcher		Lambton
HEAL		John		miner		North
HEMMINGS	Thomas		miner		North
HILL		John J.		surgeon		Lambton
HINDMARSH	Francis		miner		Lambton
HOSFIELD	Charles		storekeeper	New Lambton
HOSFIELD	Thomas		manager		New Lambton
HUGHES		John		greengrocer	Lambton
HUNTER		Joseph		miner		Lambton
JACKSON		Daniel		miner		North
JENKINS		David		innkeeper	Lambton
JOHNS		Nicholas	innkeeper	New Lambton
JOHNSON		Thomas		storekeeper	Lambton
JONES		Daniel		builder		North
JONES		Thomas		miner		Lambton
JORDON		John		innkeeper	New Lambton
LAMB		Edwin		miner		Lambton
LAW		James		miner		North
LEWIS		David		miner		North
LEWIS		Evan		draper		Lambton
LIGHTFOOT	William		miner		North
LLOYD		Charles		sawyer		North
LUNN		Benjamin	innkeeper	New Lambton
MACINTOSH	John		storekeeper	Lambton
MADDINSON	George		miner		Lambton
MARKS		John		miner		North
MCBLAIN		Robert		storekeeper	North
MCMULLEN	John		carrier		Lambton
MCNAUGHTON	James		storekeeper	Lambton
NOBLE		Mark		miner		North
PHEPPEN		Joseph		miner		Lambton
PILKINGTON	Henry		mason		North
PLATT		John		miner		Lambton
POSER		Peter		druggist	Pizer
RICHARDSON	William		storekeeper	Lambton
SALMON		Benjamin	storekeeper	Lambton
SCOTT		Stewart		carpenter	Lambton
SHARP		James		storekeeper	New Lambton
SHEEDY		Michael		miner		Lambton
SHOESMITH	William		baker		Lambton
SHORT		William		engineer	Lambton
SILLES		Duncan		sawyer		North
SMITH		George		engine driver	North
SMITH		George		miner		North
SMITH		William		dealer		Lambton
STEEL		Michael		saw mills	North
STEEL		Ralph		saw mills	North
STEEL		Robert		saw mills	North
STEEL		William		saw mills	North
STOKER		John		innkeeper	Lambton
THOMAS		Richard		joiner		Lambton
TIMS		Robert		blacksmith	Lambton
WILLIAMS	David		miner		North
WRIGHT		Henry		miner		North
YOUNG		Peter		storekeeper	

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here