Greville's Post Office Directory 1872  SPRINGSIDE

Page 470
Distance 162 miles West of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Friday 4 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town Sunday 7 am.
Mail leaves for Sydney Monday 6 pm.
Mail arrives at Sydney Wednesday 7 am. 

Route  Rail Rydal, Cobbs coach Orange, 4  m. Springside.

ALLY BROS.                        farmers                Springside
BAILEY                George                farmer                Springside
BEECHER                Richard                storekeeper        Long Swamp
BISHOP                ---                farmer                Forest Rd.
BOWKUS                Frederick        farmer                near Beneree
BURGOYNE        Mrs.                farmer                near Spring Ck.
CASSIDY                Henry                farmer                Middle Ck.
CASSIDY                John                farmer                Middle Ck.
CASSIDY                Robert                farmer                Middle Ck.
CLARKE                William                farmer                Spring Ck.
COLE                Thomas                farmer                Back Ck.
COLEBRON        John                farmer                Spring Ck.
COLLINS                James                farmer                Springside
COLLINS                John                farmer                Gosling Ck.
CONOLLY                Patrick                farmer                Beneree
COOK                John                farmer                Spring Ck.
COOKE                Isaac                farmer                Spring Ck.
COURTS                John                farmer                Rods Ck.
CUMMINS                Patrick                farmer                Beneree
CUMMINS                John                farmer                Rods Ck.
CUMMINS                Thomas                farmer                Beneree
DAWSON                James                farmer                Gosling Ck.
DAWSON                Thomas                farmer                Pinnacle
DEMERE                William                farmer                Middle Ck.
DONIVAN                James                farmer                Rods Ck.
DUGGAN                Daniel                farmer                Gosling Ck.
DWYER                Timothy                farmer                Spring Ck.
FAHEY                Michael                farmer                Rods Ck.
FITZGERALD        Edward                farmer                Back Ck.
FITZGERALD        James                farmer                Gosling Ck.
FLOYD                Peter                farmer                Beneree
GALLAGHER        John                farmer                Middle Ck.
GARDENER        William                blacksmith        Gosling Ck.
GARVIN                John                farmer                Rods Ck.
GIBSON                William                ---                Rods Ck.
GILL                William                farmer                Beneree
GOODWIN                Charles                farmer                Middle Ck.
GRENELS                John                sawyer                Springside
HAWKINS                John                farmer                Gosling Ck.
HAZARD                Peter                farmer                Spring Ck.
HEREY                Thomas                farmer                Beneree
HESLECK                Richard                farmer                near Gosling Ck.
HOBSON                Thomas                farmer                Spring Ck.
HOGAN                John                innkeeper        Beneree
HOGAN                Mrs. James        farmer                Gosling Ck.
HOLLEY                James                sawyer                Rods Ck.
HOUREL                John                farmer                Rods Ck.
JACOB                Henry                farmer                Springside
LEARY                John                farmer                Rods Ck.
LIVINGSTONE        Colin                farmer                Rods Ck.
MACLEAN                John                farmer                Pendal
MAYFIELD        William                farmer                Back Ck.
MILLER                George                farmer                Middle Ck.
MILLER                John                farmer                Spring Hill
MILLER                Thomas                farmer                Beneree
MORRIS                John                farmer                Middle Ck.
MORRIS                Thomas                farmer                Spring Ck.
MUNROE                John                farmer                Gosling Ck.
NORRIS                Joseph                farmer                Middle Ck.
OWEN                James                farmer                Gosling Ck.
PATON                John                farmer                Bald Hill
REYNOLDS        Charles                farmer                Rods Ck.
RING                Henry                farmer                Gosling Ck.
RUSSELL                Michael                farmer                Rods Ck.
RUTTER                William                farmer                Middle Ck.
SEATON                George                farmer                Beneree
SELWOOD                William                farmer                Beneree
SHERRY                Daniel                farmer                Rods Ck.
SMITH                John sen.        farmer                Rods Ck.
SMITH                John jun.        farmer                Rods Ck.
STEADMAN        James                farmer                Rods Ck.
STEVENS                Andrew                farmer                Forest
STEVENS                Edward                farmer                Forest
SUSON                Charles                farmer                Middle Ck.
SWEENEY                Charles                farmer                Rods Ck.
TUNG                Henry                farmer                Middle Ck.
WELB                E. C.                farmer                Bellview
WOOLLEY                Thomas                carpenter        Middle Ck.
WRIGHT                William                farmer                Spring Ck.

Greville 1872

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