Greville's Post Office Directory 1872  SOMERTON

Page 470
Distance 273 miles North of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Thursday 5.30 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town Wednesday, Saturday 9.30 am.
Mail leaves for Sydney Monday, Friday 5.30 am.
Mail arrives at Sydney Tuesday, Saturday evenings.

Route  Steam Newcastle, rail Murrurundi, Cobbs coach Tamworth, 22m. Somerton.

BARNES                James                farmer                Somerton
BENDLE                James                carpenter        Somerton
BENERD                Thomas                stockman        Bective
BLAXLAND        John                squatter        Keepit
BOND                Thomas                bootmaker        Menedebry North
BORTHWICK        W.                squatter        Menedebry North
BRATTAN                T.                carrier & farmer Peel River
BROWN                David                squatter        Menedebry South
BROWN                Frank                labourer        Bective
BROWN                John                shepherd        Bective
BROWN                John                squatter        Menedebry South
BROWN                Richard                squatter        Menedebry South
BROWN                Thomas                shepherd        Bective
CAMERON                Donald                labourer        Peel River
CAMERON                Dugal                stockman        Menedebry North
CANNON                Thomas                shepherd        Bective
CHAPMAN                Benjamin        stock-rider        Bective
CHAPMAN                Richard                drover                Bective
COLIGAN                John                shepherd        Keepit
CONNELLY        Michael                farmer                Peel River
CROTTY                J. jun.                carrier & farmer Peel River
CROTTY                John sen.        farmer                Peel River
CROTTY                T.                carrier & farmer Peel River
EGGESTON        W.                bootmaker        Somerton
EWING                Philip                farmer                Attunga Ck.
FALKNER                John                storekeeper        Summer Hill
FITZGERALD        John                carrier                Keepit
FREEMAN                John                labourer        Somerton
FRINDLE                Charles                stockman        Keepit
GARDENER        Charles                labourer        Bective
GARDENER        George                farmer                Summer Hill
GIBSON                Thomas                shepherd        Summer Hill
GORDON                John                overseer        Bective
HARKES                Alexander        labourer        Bective
INCHES                John                farmer                Peel River
JOHNSON                John                storekeeper        Keepit
JONES                Thomas                carrier                Mount Seir
KEATING                Thomas                overseer        Bective
KELLEY                Thomas                stockman        Bective
KINGSCOTT        William                squatter        Summer Hill
LOMEY                John                labourer        Keepit
LUAIN                George                squatter        Oakey Ck.
LUAIN                James                squatter        Oakey Ck.
LUAIN                John                farmer                Oakey Ck.
MCALISTER        John                labourer        Summer Hill
MCBEAN                John                driver                Bective
MCCAFFERY        Barney                carrier & farmer Peel River
MCCAFFERY        Bernard                carrier & farmer Peel River
MCCAFFERY        J.                carrier & farmer Peel River
MCCARTHY        Herbert                squatter        Summer Hill
MCGRATH                John                labourer        Keepit
MCKENZIE        Alfred                innkeeper        Somerton
MCKENZIE        J.                farmer                Menedebry North
OBRIEN                Thomas                carrier                Keepit
OBRIEN                Thomas                carrier & farmer Redbank, Peel River
OHARRA                Frank                butcher                Carroll Gap
ONEIL                James                farmer                Namoi River
ONESS                Robert                shepherd        Keepit
PERFERNENT        Geo.                farmer                Peel River
PERFERNENT        J. jun.                squatter        Menedebry North
POLYNUL                Arthur B.        superintendent        Somerton
PRINGLE                Robert                squatter        Bective
RAE                Peter                labourer        Keepit
REEVES                Joseph                carrier                Shannon View, Namoi River
RODD                Robert                squatter        Keepit
SMITH                James                carrier                Somerton
SMITH                Thomas                stockman        Keepit
SWAIN                James                innkeeper        Somerton
TAYLOR                George                surgeon                Peel River
WALSH                Patrick                shepherd        Bective
WARD                Samuel                carpenter        Somerton
WENBAN                Jesse                carpenter        Somerton
WILEY                Peter                well sinker        Bective
WILSON                John                gardener        Summer Hill
WOODLEY                George                shepherd        Bective
WOODS                Robert                well sinker        Bective

Greville 1872

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