Greville's Post Office Directory 1872  SODWALLS

Page 467
Distance 97 miles West of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 4 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Sunday excepted) 8 am.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Sunday excepted) 6 pm.
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7 am.

Route  Rail Rydal, 4m. Sodwalls.

ANDERSON        John                mason                Sodwalls
BAKER                George                labourer        Sodwalls
BARDEN                Denis                farmer                Antonies Ck.
BARRY                James                ---                Sodwalls
BARTON                Henry                farmer                Antonies Ck.
BENNETT                Frederick        labourer        Sodwalls
BLACKETT        James                carpenter        Sodwalls
BLACKWIN        James                bricklayer        Sodwalls
BLUNT                George                contractor        Sodwalls
BOYD                George                mason                Sodwalls
BUCKLES                William                bricklayer        Sodwalls
BUTCHETT        David                farmer                Sodwalls Ck.
CASSIDY                Francis                saddler                Sodwalls
CHARETTON        Elizabeth        farmer                Jerries Meadows
CHARETTON        J.                farmer                Jerries Meadows
CHARLISS        Joseph                farmer                Sodwalls Ck.
CHARLISS        Thomas                farmer                Sodwalls Ck.
COLLINS                James                farmer                Pomeroy
COOPER                Thomas                labourer        Sodwalls Ck.
CORNISH                William                blacksmith        Sodwalls
DAWKINS                James                farmer                Antonies Ck.
DIXON                John                carpenter        Sodwalls
DONALD                George                mason                Sodwalls
ELSTON                George                labourer        Sodwalls Ck.
ELSTON                William                labourer        Sodwalls Ck.
ENNIS                John                carpenter        Sodwalls
FISHER                Richard                labourer        Sodwalls
FOOK                George                farmer                Sodwalls Ck.
FRITH                Thomas R.        engineer        Sodwalls
FRITCHLEY        Richard                farmer                Sodwalls
FROST                Richard                blacksmith        Sodwalls
GODFREY                Thomas                mason                Sodwalls Ck.
GREEN                J.                innkeeper        Sodwalls Ck.
GRIFFITHS        James                farmer                Jerries Meadows
GRIFFITHS        J.                farmer                Jerries Meadows
GRIFFITHS        Michael                farmer                Jerries Meadows
HAND                Michael                farmer                Sodwalls Ck.
HISCOCK                Charles                blacksmith        Sodwalls
HUDSON                William                carpenter        Sodwalls
JINKINS                W.                farmer                Jerries Meadows
KEEGAN                James                farmer                Antonies Ck.
LEITCH                Edward                mason                Sodwalls
LOWE                William                carpenter        Sodwalls
MARTIN                Peter                farmer                Sodwalls Ck.
MATHEWS                John                labourer        Sodwalls
MAY                Charles                bricklayer        Sodwalls
MILLAN                Francis                storekeeper        Sodwalls
MILTON                Patrick                innkeeper        Sodwalls Ck.
MILTON                Thomas                farmer                Sodwalls Ck.
MCCLINTOCK        William                farmer                Solitary Ck.
MCLAUGHLIN        John                farmer                Sodwalls Ck.
PERRY                Samuel                farmer                Antonies Ck.
PINCETT                Frederick        butcher                Sodwalls
PURKINSON        Thomas                carpenter        Sodwalls
RAWARD                John                mason                Sodwalls
REGAN                William                farmer                Antonies Ck.
RILLEY                Thomas                teacher                Sodwalls
SIDDONS                Thomas                labourer        Sodwalls Ck.
SMITH                Robert                labourer        Sodwalls
SPOONES                John                catechist        Sodwalls
STEIN                John                labourer        Sodwalls
STUART                John                innkeeper        Sodwalls
TAYLOR                Edward                farmer                Jerries Meadows
TAYLOR                Noah                farmer                Jerries Meadows
THOMPSON        James                farmer                Pomeroy
TOOL                Richard                farmer                Sodwalls Ck.
TOPPS                James                labourer        Sodwalls
VARLEY                John                storekeeper        Sodwalls
WARNING                Richard                labourer        Sodwalls
WEBB                George                labourer        Sodwalls
WEST                John                farmer                Sodwalls Ck.
WILLIAMS        Charles                butcher                Solitary Ck.
WILLIAMSON        Alex.                farmer                Sodwalls Ck.
WILLIS                John                storekeeper        Sodwalls

Greville 1872

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