Greville's Post Office Directory 1872  SMITHFIELD

Page 466
Distance 20 miles South of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 4 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Sunday excepted) 7 am.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Sunday excepted) 7.16 am.
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 9.20 am.

Route  Rail or steam Parramatta, 5m. Smithfield; or rail Fairfield 

ANTHONY                Edward                carrier                Smithfield
ANTHONY                John                farmer                Smithfield
ASH                Alfred                labourer        Smithfield
ASH                Edward                labourer        Smithfield
BARTER                Thomas                labourer        Gabbramatta
BECKHAM                Edgar                ---                Abbots Borough
BEECHER                James                labourer        Smithfield
BELLENGER        James                fruiterer        Overter Park
BERRY                John                storekeeper        Smithfield
BERRY                Marshall        labourer        Sherwood
BETTS                Mrs. M. A.        ---                Sherwood Grange
BROWN                Charles                storekeeper        Smithfield
BROWN                Elijah                blacksmith        Smithfield
BROWN                Henry                farmer                Retreat Farm
BROWN                John                farmer                Retreat Farm
BROWN                Sydney                innkeeper        Smithfield
BURNS                Mrs. E.                ---                Smithfield
CARPENTER        Henry                sawyer                Smithfield
CARSON                John                farmer                Sherwood
CARTER                William                farmer                Smithfield
CHANTLER        Christopher        harness maker        Smithfield
CHAPMAN                James                farmer                Bulls Hill
CHARLES                Henry                labourer        Smithfield
COLEMAN                Thomas                labourer        Smithfield
COLEMAN                William                wheelwright        Smithfield
COLMAN                James                storekeeper        Smithfield
COOK                Alfred                carpenter        Smithfield
COOK                Charles                carpenter        Smithfield
CRITCHLEY        Samuel                currier                Smithfield
CRITCHLEY        Samuel sen.        tanner & currier Smithfield
CROOK                Samuel                ---                Sherwood Grange
CUMMINS                John                labourer        Smithfield
DOWNEY                Thomas                farmer                Prospect
DUMMITT                William                labourer        Smithfield
FOSTER                George                bootmaker        Smithfield
HAMILTON        John                ---                Mark Lodge
HAMILTON        William                labourer        Smithfield
HARRIS                Isaac                farmer                Sherwood
HARRIS                James                farmer                Sherwood
HATCH                Daniel                labourer        Smithfield
HATCH                John                brickmaker        Smithfield
HERFORD                Henry                labourer        Smithfield
HERFORD                Isaac                bootmaker        Smithfield
HINDER                Edward                teacher                Smithfield
HODGES                Job                labourer        Sherwood
HODGES                Thomas                baker                Smithfield
HODGES                Thomas                labourer        Sherwood
HODGES                Walter                labourer        Sherwood
HOLLIER                George                farmer                Smithfield
HOLLIER                Thomas                farmer                Prospect
HURLEY                Denis                labourer        Smithfield
HURLEY                John                labourer        Smithfield
JAMES                George                blacksmith        Smithfield
KENYON                Joseph                fruiterer        Smithfield
KING                Frederick        labourer        Sherwood
KING                James                gardener        Sherwood
KING                William                gardener        Sherwood
LACKEY                John                ---                Smithfield
LEWIS                Charles                labourer        Smithfield
MANSFIELD        James                postmaster        Smithfield
MASKEYLANE        George                bootmaker        Smithfield
MORRIS                John                labourer        Smithfield
MCGAUR                Richard                blacksmith        Smithfield
MCGAUR                William                labourer        Smithfield
MCGRATH                Patrick                labourer        Smithfield
PIKE                William                gardener        Smithfield
PRICE                Edward                storekeeper        Smithfield
QUARTERMAN        C.                carpenter        Sherwood Grange
RANDELL                John                labourer        Smithfield
RANDELL                William                butcher                Smithfield
SHEPHARD        Thomas                master mariner        Smithfield
SLADE                John                ---                Losco Grange
SMART                Frederick A.        ---                Fairfield
SMITH                John                gardener        Smithfield
SPRATT                Edwin                labourer        Smithfield
SPRATT                James                labourer        Fairfield Station
STEIN                Bernard                carpenter        Smithfield
STEIN                Christian        gardener        Fairfield Station
STEIN                Jacob                fruiterer        Sandel Farm
STEIN                James                gardener        Smithfield
STEIN                John                butcher                Smithfield
STEIN                John                labourer        Smithfield
STIMER                William                gardener        Sherwood
TURNER                James                brickmaker        Smithfield
WALCOTT                Edward                surveyor        Ulverston
WATTS                John                tobacco twister        Smithfield
WEBB                William                gardener        Smithfield
WELSH                James                labourer        Horsley
WESTON                Mrs. B.                ---                Horsley
WHITE                Henry                catechist        Sherwood Grange
WILKINSON        John                labourer        Sherwood Grange
WILLIAMS        Abraham                ---                Sherwood
WILLIAMS        Abraham                innkeeper        Smithfield
WILLIAMS        William                labourer        Smithfield
WILTON                John                farmer                Prospect
WILTON                Thomas                farmer                Prospect
YOUNG                Daniel                farmer                Cockatoo Farm

Greville 1872

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