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Distance 138 miles North of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Wednesday, Friday 5.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 6.30 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8.30 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday evenings

Route  Steam Newcastle, rail West Maitland, coach Laguna

AKHURST		Frederick	farmer		Laguna
BEVIN		George		farmer		Sugar Loaf Ck.
BEVIN		William		farmer		Biora
BLAKE		Henry		farmer		McDonald Flat
BOWCOCK		James		farmer		Dairy Arm
BOWCOCK		Timothy		farmer		Blaxlands Arm
BOWDEN		William		farmer		Laguna
BRIDGES		Thomas		farmer		Yango Ck.
BROWN		Henry		storekeeper	Laguna
BUTLER		Ellen		farmer		Yango Ck.
CAGNEY		Michael		farmer		Murrays Run
CAGNEY		Thomas		farmer		Murrays Run
CAMERON		Angus		farmer		Watagon Ck.
CAMERON		Donald		farmer		Watagon Ck.
CAMERON		Flora		farmer		Watagon Ck.
CAMERON		John		farmer		Watagon Ck.
CASTLES		Patrick		farmer		Yango Ck.
CONNOR		Dennis		farmer		Yango Ck.
CONNOR		Mary		servant		Laguna
COOK		Henry		farmer		Murrays Run
CRAFT		John		sawyer		Laguna
CRAFT		Joseph		farmer		Watagon Ck.
CRAFT		William		farmer		Laguna
CROSLEY		Thomas		farmer		Watagon Ck.
CRUMP		Isaac		farmer		Watagon Ck.
CRUMP		Isaac jun.	farmer		Watagon Ck.
CULLY		Patrick		farmer		Dairy Arm
DALTON		John		farmer		Yango Ck.
DAUNT		Achilles	farmer		Laguna
DAUNT		John H.		innkeeper	Laguna
DAVIS		Henry		farmer		Yango Ck.
DEMPSEY		Stephen		farmer		Murrays Run
DIPLOCK		Jeremiah	farmer		Watagon Ck.
DOUGLASS	Joseph		farmer		Murrays Run
EGAN		Constantine	farmer		Yango Ck.
FERNANCE	John		farmer		McDonald Flat
FERNANCE	Joseph		farmer		McDonald Flat
FOLEY		James		farmer		Laguna
GOLDSMITH	John		farmer		Murrays Run
GOODWIN		David		farmer		Yango Ck.
GOODWIN		John		farmer		Blaxlands Arm
GOODWIN		William		farmer		Yango Ck.
GOODWIN		William jun.	farmer		Yango Ck.
GREIG		William		servant		Dairy Arm
HARRIS		Thomas		farmer		Dairy Arm
HARRIS		William		farmer		Dairy Arm
HARRIS		William jun.	carrier		Laguna
HAWKINS		Ann		housekeeper	Laguna
HAWKINS		Frederick	farmer		Watagon Ck.
HAWKINS		Henry		farmer		Watagon Ck.
HAWKINS		Richard		farmer		Watagon Ck.
HEWSTON		William		farmer		Watagon Ck.
HIBBS		William		farmer		Watagon Ck.
HOCKEY		Henry		farmer		Laguna
HOPKINS		George		drover		Laguna
HOULAGON	Daniel		farmer		Laguna
HOULAGON	James		farmer		Dairy Arm
HOULAGON	James jun.	farmer		Murrays Run
HOULAGON	William		farmer		Blaxlands Arm
KNIGHT		James		farmer		Murrays Run
KNIGHT		John		farmer		Bluckety
LANGAN		Robert		farmer		Watagon Ck.
LOWER		Clement		servant		Watagon Ck.
LYNCH		John		farmer		Watagon Ck.
LYNCH		Patrick		farmer		Watagon Ck.
LYNCH		Sarah		farmer		Watagon Ck.
LYNCH		Sarah M.	teacher		Watagon Ck.
MADDEN		Francis		blacksmith	Laguna
MAIDENS		Bridget		farmer		Yango Ck.
MANN		William		farmer		Watagon Ck.
MANNIX		Daniel		farmer		Watagon Ck.
MANNIX		Patrick		farmer		Watagon Ck.
MANNIX		Timothy		farmer		Watagon Ck.
MANNIX		Timothy jun.	farmer		Watagon Ck.
MANSERGH	Thomas		farmer		Blaxlands Arm
MEDHURST	John		farmer		Mount Pleasant
MITCHELL	Benjamin	farmer		Murrays Run
MITCHELL	Henry		sawyer		Murrays Run
MCCABE		Mary		housekeeper	Milsons Arm
MCGANLEY	John		farmer		Milsons Arm
MCGANLEY	Mabel		farmer		Laguna
MCMULLEN	William		farmer		Dairy Arm
NASH		John		gardener	Laguna
NEWMAN		William		farmer		Watagon Ck.
OBRIEN		Francis		farmer		Watagon Ck.
OCKWELL		Francis		servant		Laguna
PATEMAN		Maria		farmer		Watagon Ck.
PENDER		Jane		farmer		Watagon Ck.
POULSON		Mary		farmer		Yango Ck.
REDDING		Edward		farmer		Yango Ck.
RILEY		Edward		farmer		Yango Ck.
RILEY		James		farmer		Murrays Run
RILEY		John		farmer		Yango Ck.
ROOTES		James		farmer		Blaxlands Arm
SEAWARD		William		bootmaker	Laguna
SMITH		George		farmer		Dairy Arm
SMITH		John		farmer		Dairy Arm
SMITH		Thomas		carrier		Dairy Arm
STERNBACK	George		farmer		Murrays Run
SYLSESTER	Eliza		tailoress	Laguna
THOMPSON	George		farmer		Mount Auban
THOMPSON	John		servant		Watagon Ck.
THOMPSON	Matthew		farmer		Mount Auban
TOWNSEND	Mary		teacher		Laguna
TURNBULL	James		servant		Watagon Ck.
WALKER		Henry		bootmaker	Murtys Sands
WATTS		Joseph		farmer		Murrays Run
WELLINGS	James		farmer		Laguna
WILLIS		John		farmer		Watagon Ck.
WISEMAN		Jane		farmer		Laguna
WISEMAN		John		farmer		Laguna
WOODBURY	James		farmer		Watagon Ck.
WOODBURY	John		farmer		Dairy Arm
WOODBURY	Thomas		farmer		Watagon Ck.
YATES		Benjamin	servant		Laguna
YATES		Jacob		farmer		Laguna
YATES		Joseph		farmer		Mount Auban
YATES		Joseph jun.	farmer		Dairy Arm
YATES		William		carrier		Laguna

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here