Greville's Post Office Directory 1872  SHEPHERDS CREEK

Page 458
Distance 176 miles West of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 4 pm.
Mail leaves for Sydney Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 4.30 am. 
Mail arrives at Sydney Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 7 am.

Route  Rail Rydal, Cobbs coach Shepherds Creek.

ABBOT                John                labourer        Shepherds Ck.
ALBURY                Robert                miner                Macquarie
BARR                Richard                farmer                Carrs Ck.
BEAUCHAMP        Richard                labourer        Macquarie
BLUNDEN                Henry                grazier                Newbrigan
BLUNDEN                William                labourer        Newbrigan
BROWN                William                groom                Shepherds Ck.
COCKRANE        George                engineer        Carrs Ck.
COX                William                farmer                Coopers Flat
DANE                Edward                miner                Macquarie
DAVIES                John Henry        miner                Macquarie
DAVIS                Thomas                miner                Macquarie
GIBBS                George                miner                Macquarie
GREEN                Josiah                shepherd        Macquarie
GUMBLETON        Edward                shepherd        Newbrigan
HALL                Charles                bootmaker        Shepherds Ck.
HARVEY                George                shepherd        Spring Ck.
HASSELL                Samuel                miner                Macquarie
HATCH                James                labourer        Shepherds Ck.
JOHNSON                William                innkeeper        Shepherds Ck.
JONES                Evers                labourer        Shepherds Ck.
KATER                Henry                miller                Calula
KINGSTONE        Henry                labourer        Shepherds Ck.
LANGBIEN        Henry                blacksmith        Shepherds Ck.
LANGBIEN        James                blacksmith        Shepherds Ck.
LASOVRE                George                shepherd        Macquarie
LAWSON                William                farmer                Back Ck.
LIONS                James                farmer                Coopers Flat
MAER                Charles                miner                Back Ck.
MAXWELL                M.                labourer        Shepherds Ck.
MELLERS                Joseph                miner                Macquarie
MCCORMICK        ---                shepherd        Store Ck.
MCKINNON        Hugh                innkeeper        Glinfenir
NEAVE                William                teacher                Shepherds Ck.
PINCOMBE        William                grazier                Withywine
PRICE                Joseph                miner                Macquarie
PRIEST                Jabez                innkeeper        Shepherds Ck.
PRIEST                John                farmer                Spring Ck.
PURDY                George                labourer        Shepherds Ck.
RICHARDSON        Thomas                farmer                Carrs Ck.
ROBERTS                John                miner                Macquarie
ROWE                Edward                farmer                Carrs Ck.
SHEOBALD        Walter                shepherd        Garragarack
SHERRING        William                labourer        Gum Flat
SLAINS                William                farmer                Back Ck.
SMITH                Robert                grazier                Shepherds Ck.
STEPHENS        Thomas                labourer        Macquarie
TRUDGETT        Mrs. Robert        grazier                Gum Flat
TUCKER                Alfred                storekeeper        Macquarie
VANE                William                shepherd        Macquarie

Greville 1872

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