Greville's Post Office Directory 1872  SHELL HARBOUR

Page 457
Distance 84 miles South of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 8.30 am.
Mail leaves for Sydney Saturday, Tuesday, Thursday 2.30 pm.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Wednesday, Friday 7.15 am.

Route  Steam Kiama, 8m. Shell Harbour; or rail Campbelltown, via Albion Park,
5m. Shell Harbour.

AITKEN                George                storekeeper        Mary St.
AKERS                Henry                farmer                Peterborough
ALDCORN                William                farmer                Clear Hills
ALLEN                Walter                storekeeper        Addison St.
ATCHESON        Samuel                farmer                Peterborough
BAXTER                James                blacksmith        Addison St.
BAXTER                William                butcher                Addison St.
BAXTER                W. sen.                master mariner        Addison St.
BLACKWOOD        James                farmer                Lachlan Hill
BLANEY                Margaret        farmer                Shell Harbour
BONSER                George                farmer                Indigo Range
BRITTON                Edward                farmer                Lachlan Hill
BRODIE                Andrew                farmer                Lake Estate
BUCKLEY                John                farmer                Shell Harbour
BUCKLEY                Miss                farmer                Shell Harbour
BURSILL                Mrs.                farmer                Shell Harbour
BYRON                Edward                labourer        Shell Harbour
CARROLL                Matthew                farmer                Lake Estate
CLAXTON                Thomas                mariner                Addison St.
COCKERELL        Christopher        farmer                Long Point
COCKERELL        William                farmer                Long Point
COLLINS                Mrs.                farmer                Clear Hills
COLVILLE        Robert                farmer                Stoney Range
CONDON                James                innkeeper        Addison St.
CONDON                John                farmer                Indigo Range
CONWAY                John                farmer                Long Point
COSGROVE        Ann                farmer                Lake Estate
COUCH                Edward                farmer                Minnamurra
COUCH                George                farmer                Minnamurra
COUCH                James                farmer                Shell Harbour
COUGHRANE        Andrew jun.        farmer                Shell Harbour
COUGHRANE        Andrew sen.        farmer                Shell Harbour
COUGHRANE        David                farmer                Indigo Range
COUGHRANE        Thomas                farmer                Shipmans Hill
CRAWFORD        William                teacher                Peterborough
CREAGAN                Patrick                farmer                Minnamurra
DEANE                John H.                butcher                Addison St.
DUNLOP                ---                constable        Mary St.
DUNSTER                Joseph                farmer                Green Hills
DUNSTER                Walter                farmer                Stoney Range
DURRILL                Joseph                farmer                Stoney Range
FENWICK                Thomas                farmer                Stoney Range
FITZGERALD        Gerald                farmer                Minnamurra
FITZGERALD        James                farmer                Minnamurra
FLEMING                Mrs.                farmer                Lake Estate
FOLEY                Denis                farmer                Minnamurra
FOLEY                Patrick                farmer                Minnamurra
FOSTER                William                farmer                Lake Estate
FRYER                George                farmer                Turragong swamp
FRYER                William jun.        farmer                Stoney Range
GOW                Duncan                farmer                Fox Gully
GRANGER                Edward                farmer                Minnamurra
GRANGER                Mrs.                resident        Mary St.
GREY                George                butcher                Addison St.
GREY                Thomas                farmer                Shell Harbour
HADDIN                John                farmer                Minnamurra
HALL                Richard                teacher                Mary St.
HAZLETON        Charles                labourer        Addison St.
HERRON                James                mariner                Addison St.
HICKS                Henry                farmer                Shell Harbour
HOY                John                labourer        Addison St.
HURST                James                saddler                Addison St.
INSKIP                Charles                butcher                Peterborough
JAMES                William                farmer                Peterborough
JAMISON                Edward                farmer                Clear Hills
JONES                Evan                builder                Wollongong St.
KEELAHER        Denis                farmer                Peterborough
KEELAHER        Wm.                farmer                Terragong Swamp
KEEVERS                ---                labourer        Minnamurra
KELLY                John                farmer                Black Butt
KELLY                John                farmer                Oak Flats
KINNEALLY        William                blacksmith        Addison St.
LARKINS                John                farmer                Peterborough
LEARY                William                farmer                Long Point
LINDSAY                Andrew                farmer                Shell Harbour
LINDSAY                David                farmer                Green Hills
LINDSAY                James                farmer                Lake Estate
MALONE                Bartholomew        farmer                Green Hills
MARTIN                Aaron                farmer                Lake Estate
MARTIN                Irvin                farmer                Minnamurra
MARTIN                James                farmer                Minnamurra
MARTIN                Robert                innkeeper        Addison St.
MAY                William                bootmaker        Addison St.
MISAN                Reuben                boatman                Minnamurra
MORAN                William                cooper                Addison St.
MURPHY                Martin                farmer                Clear Hills
MCCARTHY        John                farmer                Lake Estate
MCCOY                James                blacksmith        Addison St.
MCENCROE        Mrs.                farmer                Stoney Ck.
MCNAB                ---                farmer                Minnamurra
NINNIS                John                tinsmith        Addison St.
ODWYER                Thomas                farmer                Fox Gully
ONEAL                John                farmer                Lake Estate
PREEO                John                farmer                Stoney Ck.
PRIOR                James                farmer                Shell Harbour
RANKIN                George                farmer                Shell Harbour
READ                William                farmer                Shell Harbour
REDDALL                Thomas                ---                Lake House
ROBINSON        James                bootmaker        Addison St.
ROGAN                Mrs.                teacher                Sophia St.
RUTHY                William                farmer                Oak Flats
RYAN                John                farmer                Lake Estate
SCULPHER        William                carpenter        Shell Harbour
SEYMOUR                John jun.        farmer                Shell Harbour
SEYMOUR                John sen.        farmer                Minnamurra
SHARP                James                farmer                Indigo Range
SMITH                Alfred                farmer                Shell Harbour
SMITH                Henry                farmer                Green Hills
SOMERVILLE        Gilbert                farmer                Broad Water
THOMAS                John                butcher                Addison St.
WALSH                John                farmer                Stoney Ck.
WENHAM                George                farmer                Long Point
WHILY                James                farmer                Lake Estate
WILSON                Robert                miller                Wollongong St.
WILSON                Wm.                master mariner        Addison St.
WINKLE                Martin                wheelwright        Addison St.

Greville 1872

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