Greville's Post Office Directory 1872  SCONE

Page 453
Distance 167 miles North of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 5.30 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Monday excepted) 12.5 pm.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Sunday excepted) 4.50 pm.
Mail arrives at Sydney every evening.

Route  Steam Newcastle, rail Murrurundi, Cobbs coach Scone.

ADAMS                John                farmer                Swamp Paddock
ASSER                Louis                butcher                Kelly St.
ASSER                Nathaniel F.        storekeeper        Kelly St.
ASSER                Sydney                carpenter        Kelly St.
AURISH                Ernest                farmer                Redbank
BARNES                Thomas                farmer                Keewell Ck.
BELL                Frederick        sheep owner        Scone
BERMAN                Richard                carrier                Guernsey St.
BLAYDON                Charles                farmer                Mount Mooby
BOORER                John                miller                Guernsey St.
BOWRANG                Charles                farmer                Middle Brook
BRAMBLE                James                sawyer                St. Aubin St.
BRIENT                Charles                butcher                Liverpool St.
BRIGGS                Stephen                farmer                Middle Brook
BROWN                Frederick        overseer        St. Aubins
BROWN                Thomas                carpenter        Liverpool St.
BUSH                Leonard B.        chemist                Guernsey St.
CAMERON                Donald                farmer                Hunters River
CARLEY                Robert                labourer        Guernsey St.
CASLIE                William                farmer                Brushy Hill
CHALLIS                Stephen                sawyer                Dry Ck.
CHESTON                Charles                farmer                Redbank
CHI                William                storekeeper        Guernsey St.
COFFEE                Thomas                farmer                Mount Mooby
COLE                John                teacher                Kingdon St.
COLLINS                John                farmer                Dart Brook
COLLINS                Mathew                farmer                Dart Brook
CONE                Samuel                farmer                Brushy Hill
CONNIE                David                carpenter        Kelly St.
COOK                Thomas                squatter        Turinville
CORBAN                Robert                bootmaker        Guernsey St.
CREED                John M.                surgeon                Kingdon St.
DARCY                Hugh                farmer                Mount Mooby
DEACHER                William                dealer                Scone
DENSHIRE        Job                agent                Scone
DIMMOCK                G.                saddler                Scone
DODD                John                farmer                Swamp Paddock
DODD                Matthew                farmer                Keewell Ck.
DODDS                James                carpenter        Kelly St.
DONALLY                James                farmer                Middle Brook
DOYLE                Louis                ---                Yarrundi
DUMARESQUE        W. A.                squatter        St. Aubins
DUNBAR                Charles                bricklayer        Kelly St.
DUNBAR                Charles                labourer        Hill St.
DUNBAR                Jeremiah        carrier                Hill St.
ETHERIDGE        Edward                butcher                St. Aubins
EVAN                Ann                storekeeper        St. Aubins
FERGUSON        Robert                innkeeper        Liverpool St.
FIELDER                Samuel                gardener        Hill St.
FLINN                John                farmer                Dry Ck.
FOX BROS.                        butchers        Kelly St.
FRENCH                Thomas                farmer                Scone
GARRETT                John                PM                Liverpool St.
GOLDEN                John                railway station master Scone
GOODWIN                Elizabeth        ---                Guernsey St.
GRAHAM                James                storekeeper        Guernsey St.
GRAY                George                blacksmith        Kelly St.
HANLY                James                farmer                St. Aubin St.
HARDCASTLE        John                farmer                Scone
HARDY                W.                wheelwright        Scone
HARNEY                Thomas                farmer                Dry Ck.
HASPER                William                bootmaker        St. Aubin St.
HAYNE                George                carrier                Scone
HAYNE                Henry                farmer                Scone
HAYNE                James                blacksmith        St. Aubins
HAYNE                Walter                farmer                Belvue
HENRY                Mary                cook                Liverpool St.
HENWOOD                Samuel                blacksmith        St. Aubins
HIGGINS                John                storekeeper        Kelly St.
HINDE                Oliver                constable        Guernsey St.
HINE                Frederick        sawyer                Scone
HODGES                Charles                servant                Bell Tree, H. R.
HOLMES                Thomas                mason                Kingdon St.
HOPPER                George                farmer                Middle Brook
HOUSON                George                labourer        St. Aubin St.
HOW                George                farmer                Mount Mooby
HOWHARD                Patrick                farmer                Scone
HUDSON                John                carpenter        Scone
IRONS                David                farmer                Keewell Ck.
ISAAC                Francis                postmaster        Guernsey St.
IVERY                William                butcher                St. Aubins
JAQUES                ---                agent                Scone
JOHNSTON        Alexander        butcher                Kelly St.
JOHNSTON        Alfred                poundkeeper        St. Aubins
JOHNSTON        William                innkeeper        St. Aubins
KELLY                John                bootmaker        Guernsey St.
KEMMELL                Frederick        labourer        Hill St.
KINGSMILL        A.                agent                Scone
KINGSWOOD        William                labourer        Guernsey St.
LAINSBURY        James                labourer        Scone
LEDGER                Lydia                teacher                Kingdon St.
LINZE                Jacob                cooper                Cliffdale
LITTLE                Archibald        freeholder        Cressfield
LITTLE                Archibald        sheep holder        Scone
LITTLE                James                storekeeper        Kingdon St.
LITTLE                James                storekeeper        St. Aubins
LITTLE                William                freeholder        Invermeir
MANLEY                William                labourer        Liverpool St.
MILLER                Mathew                builder                Guernsey St.
MOODY                Thomas                clerk                Liverpool St.
MOORE                William                farmer                Middle Brook
MOULD                William                miller                Guernsey St.
MOXHAM                George                ---                Railway Station
MURRAY                Denis                farmer                Middle Brook
MURRAY                Francis                overseer        Turinville
MURRAY                Hugh B.                farmer                Middle Brook
MCCOLL                Duncan                farmer                Belvue, H. R.
MCCOLL                Hugh                farmer                Belvue, H. R.
MCCUE                Patrick                blacksmith        Kelly St.
MCCULLY                J.                lock-up keeper        Kingdon St.
MCGRATH                Edward                farmer                Mount Mooby
MCGREGOR        John                farmer                Northern Rd.
MCGREGOR        Philip                farmer                Northern Rd.
MCINTYRE        William                farmer                Red Bank
MCNAMARA        John                farmer                Rock Wood, H. R.
NEWLING                James                farmer                Dartbrook
NEWLING                Noah                farmer                Dartbrook
NEWMAN                George                carrier                St. Aubin St.
NEWMAN                John                brickmaker        Scone
NEWMAN                William                bootmaker        Guernsey St.
NICHOLS                Robert                innkeeper        Liverpool St.
NOWLAN                Daniel                painter                Guernsey St.
OBRIEN                Edward                farmer                Dry Ck.
OBRIEN                Jeremiah        farmer                Scone
ONEAL                Francis                farmer                Dry Ck.
ONEAL                John                farmer                Dry Ck.
PHILLIPS        James                farmer                Kareen
PHILLIPS        Thomas                farmer                Kareen
PINKERTON        James                farmer                Gum Flat
PINKERTON        William                farmer                Belvue
PORTER                George                farmer                Petwyn Valley
ROBERTSON        G. R.                farmer                Yarrundi
ROYAL                John                farmer                Brushy Hill
RUSSELL                Frederick        bootmaker        Kelly St.
SEATH                ---                innkeeper        Scone
SHAW                Rev. John        (CE)                Hill St.
SHOESMITH        George                baker                Guernsey St.
SKINNER                John                innkeeper        Northern Rd.
SLADDER                William                farmer                Northern Rd.
SMART                William                farmer                Middle Brook
STEVENSON        David                farmer                Scone
STEVENSON        John                labourer        Hill St.
SULLIVAN        Owen                farmer                Mount Mooby
SUTTOR                Charles                tailor                Guernsey St.
SWEENEY                James                labourer        St. Aubin St.
TARRANT                William                labourer        Northern Rd.
TAYLOR                George                farmer                Brushy Hill
TERRY                James                ---                Liverpool St.
TRIHEY                James                farmer                Dry Ck.
TROGG                Charles                storekeeper        Guernsey St.
VERNON                James                surveyor        Liverpool St.
WALTERS                Jane                ---                Liverpool St.
WARLAND                Edward                ---                Scone
WHARTON                James                farmer                Hunter River
WHARTON                William                farmer                Brushy Hill
WILLIS                John                farmer                Belvue
WILSHIRE        Frederick        CPS                Scone
WINTER                Michael                carrier                St. Aubin St.
WORLEY                John                labourer        Scone
YOUNG                Thomas                bootmaker        Kingdon St.
YOUNG                Thomas                tailor                Kingdon St.

Greville 1872

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