Greville's Post Office Directory 1872  SACKVILLE REACH

Page 452
Distance 44 miles West of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Tuesday, Thursday 8.30 am., Saturday 7.30
Mail arrives at Post Town Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 2.40 pm.
Mail leaves for Sydney Tuesday, Thursday 4.30 pm.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9.10 am.

Route  Rail Windsor, coach Sackville Reach  Portland Heads.

ASPBERY                John                farmer                Sackville Reach
BOCKS                John                farmer                Ulinbawn
BRADLEY                Gabriel                farmer                Sackville Reach
CAMPBELL        Hugh                farmer                Ulinbawn
CHATTERTON        Edward                teacher                Sackville Reach
COPPS                George                carpenter        Sackville Reach
COTTON                Alfred                farmer                Upper Portland Head
DERENE                Paul                farmer                Stamx Park
DUNSTAN                Iristram        farmer                Rose Hill Cottage
EVERINGHAM        Matthew                farmer                Knights retreat
GETTS                John                farmer                Sawyers Reach
HALL                George                farmer                Lilburn Dale
HALL                John                farmer                Lilburn Dale
HALL                Thomas                farmer                Lilburn Dale
JOHNSTON        George                farmer                Sawyers Ck.
KNIVAN                C.                farmer                Sackville Reach
LEET                Robert                storekeeper        Sackville Reach
MANNING                George                farmer                Sawyers Reach
MUSGROVE        Thomas                farmer                Sawyers Reach
STEPHENS        John                mason                Sackville Reach
STUBBS                Joseph                farmer                Upper Portland Head
TUCKERMAN        Charles                farmer                Sackville Reach
TUCKERMAN        Prosper                farmer                Forest Hill
TUCKERMAN        Stephen                farmer                Sackville Reach
TURNBULL        George sen.        farmer                Evans Dale
TURNBULL        James                farmer                Mud Island
TURNBULL        John                farmer                Mud Island
TURNBULL        Thomas                farmer                Mud Island

Greville 1872

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