Greville's Post Office Directory 1872  RYLSTONE

Page 451
Distance 139 miles West of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 12.30 pm.
Mail leaves for Sydney Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10.30 am.
Mail arrives at Sydney Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 7 am.

Route  Rail Wallerawang, Cobbs coach Ilford, 18m. Rylstone.

ARBER                John                farmer                Coxs Ck.
ARMSTRONG        William                CPS                Rylstone
ASHE                Thomas                squatter        Bogee
BARKER                Thomas                farmer                Rylstone
BATTEN                Daniel                farmer                Tommy Tommy
BATTEN                John                farmer                Tommy Tommy
BATTEN                William                farmer                Tommy Tommy
BLACK                Edward                sheep overseer        Tongbong
BROGAN                James                farmer                Vincents Hole
BROWN                James                carpenter        Rylstone
BURNS                Michael                farmer                Wet Swamp
CAFE                William                farmer                Fernside
CAITHNESS        J.                superintendent        Dabey Farm
CALLAGHAN        John                farmer                Dennis swamp
CALLAGHAN        Patrick                farmer                Petticoat Lane
CARNEY                John                bootmaker        Rylstone
CHADWICK        George                farmer                Combermelon
CLARKE                William                farmer                Coxs Ck.
COOPER                Charles                fencer                Waterhole Flat
COSGROVE        Edward                fencer                Thistle Flat
COX                Daniel sen.        fencer                Rylstone
COXEN                Isaac                fencer                Coxs Ck.
DAVIS                Charles                farmer                Tryalyan
DAVIS                John                farmer                Gyngie
DEAN                Charles                farmer                Jollys Downfall
DEWEY                Henry                farmer                Sugar Loaf Ck.
DIBBEN                Frederick        labourer        Rylstone
DICKER                William H.        labourer        Rylstone
DONOGHUE        John                farmer                Combermelon
DONOGHUE        Joseph                farmer                Combermelon
DONOGHUE        Thomas                farmer                Pinnacle Swamp
DOWD                Edward                farmer                Pinnacle Swamp
DUNN                Andrew                farmer                Narrango
DUNN                Mrs. Eliza        squatter        Narrango
FARRAR                John                farmer                Flat Lands
FARRAR                William                farmer                Rylstone
FARRAR                William                farmer                Brymaid
FARRELL                John                farmer                Blind Ck.
FARRELL                Patrick                farmer                Blind Ck.
FENTON                Samuel                farmer                Rankins Flat
FERGUSON        Henry                labourer        Rylstone
FERGUSON        John                bootmaker        Wet Swamp
FISHER                Christleib        farmer                Louee
FITZPATRICK        Thomas                carrier                Woodlawn
FITZPATRICK        William                carrier                Woodlawn
FROST                John                grazier                Widdin
FULLER                Charles                farmer                Coxs Ck.
GEORGE                B. W.                farmer                Dabee
HALL                Goodwin                innkeeper        Rylstone
HALPIN                Patrick                farmer                Coxs Ck.
HARDWICK        John                storekeeper        Rylstone
HARRIS                Thomas jun.        farmer                Kelgoola
HARRIS                Thomas sen.        farmer                Growee
HARRIS                Abel                farmer                Neva Neva
HARVEY                William                labourer        Rylstone
HATFIELD        Henry                labourer        Dennis Swamp
HAWKINS                William                tanner                Rylstone
HAYES                Michael                bootmaker        Rylstone
HIGHFIELD        Robert                mason                Rylstone
HOLDEN                William                farmer                Jollys Downfall
HOWE                Robert jun.        butcher                Rylstone
HOWE                Robert sen.        farmer                Dabee
HUBBARD                Samuel                farmer                Dairy Swamp
JACKSON                John                saddler                Rylstone
JOHNSON                Thomas                farmer                Rylstone
JOHNSTONE        Joseph                farmer                Rock Valley
JUPP                Samuel                farmer                Bogee Nile
KABLE                James                farmer                Farewell
KABLE                John                farmer                Combermelon
KEECH                William                farmer                Rankins Flat
KERSLEY                Robert                farmer                Rylstone
KING                Albert                labourer        Jollys Downfall
KIRKLAND        James                carpenter        Rylstone
LEE                Henry                farmer                Rankins Flat
LEE                John                squatter        Bylong
LLOYD                John                farmer                Combermelon
LOVE                John                blacksmith        Rylstone
LUCKING                William                carpenter        Rylstone
MARTIN                Donald                shepherd        Pinnacle Swamp
MARTIN                Hugh                farmer                Dairy Swamp
MARTIN                William                farmer                Dungaree
MASON                George                farmer                Combermelom
MASON                Henry                farmer                Rylstone
MATTHEWS        William                storekeeper        Rylstone
MILLS                James                bootmaker        Rylstone
MILLS                William                farmer                Carwell
MISKELL                Patrick                farmer                Louee
MOLONEY                John                innkeeper        Dungaree
MOORE                Michael jun.        butcher                Rylstone
MORRISON        James                farmer                Davis Swamp
MORRISON        John B.                farmer                near Fernside
MORRISON        William                farmer                Pinnacle Swamp
MOSS                Abraham                farmer                Pinnacle Swamp
MULHOLLAND        John                farmer                Combermelon
MULLENS                Rev. Joseph        (CE)                Rylstone
NASH                James                blacksmith        Rylstone
NEVELL                James                grazier                Carwell
NEVELL                Thomas                grazier                Cudgegong River
OWEN                Thomas                butcher                Rylstone
PATTERSON        Henry                mason                Glenlee
PHIPPS                Charles                ---                Widdin
PHIPPS                William                stockman        Widdin
PICKETT                Samuel                farmer                Long Gully
PIKE                George                teacher                Rylstone
PODMORE                Mrs. Mary        ladies school        Rylstone
PROBERT                John                farmer                Thistle Flat
PROBERT                Robert                farmer                Thistle Flat
PURVIS                John                miller                Rylstone
RICHES                David                farmer                Rankins Swamp
RILEY                J. J.                squatter        Lower
ROBBINS                William                blacksmith        Rylstone
ROBERT                Phineas                superintendent        Rawden
ROGERS                Matthew                wheelwright        Rylstone
RUSSELL                Thomas                farmer                Combermelon
SHANKLIN        Holmes                farmer                Flat Lands
SHARP                Benjamin        farmer                Coxs Ck.
SHERIDAN        John                farmer                Blind Ck.
SHERIDAN        Thomas                farmer                Blind Ck.
SHUMACK                Joseph                farmer                Pinnacle Swamp
SIMPSON                George                farmer                Emu Ck.
SIVERSON        Hans                farmer                Wet Swamp
SMALL                Alfred                saddler                Rylstone
SMEDE                John                superintendent        Louce
SMITH                George                farmer                Grassy Hill
SNOW                William                labourer        Rylstone
STEPHENS        Augustus        Scripture Reader Rylstone
TAILBY                George                squatter        Fernside
TAYLOR                James                farmer                Dairy Swamp
TAYLOR                Joseph                farmer                Rylstone
TAYLOR                Samuel                farmer                Rylstone
THOMPSON        John                farmer                Widdin
THOMPSON        William                farmer                Rylstone
TRAIN                George                farmer                Tea Tree Swamp
WALKER                Henry                farmer                Rankins Flat
WALTON                John                innkeeper        Rylstone
WHITE                Abel                farmer                Rockville
WHITE                George                farmer                Rockville
WILLIS                Edward                farmer                Spring Hill
YABSLEY                Thomas                farmer                Dabee

Greville 1872

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