Greville's Post Office Directory 1872  RYDAL

Page 449
Distance 92 miles West of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 4 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Sunday excepted) 11.50 pm.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Sunday excepted) 12.30 am.
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7 am.

Route  Rail Rydal.

ALLEN                Hodgson                carrier                Rydal
ALLEN                Thomas                coal merchant        Rydal
BALL                David                farmer                Ferngrove
BISHOP                Alexander        quarryman        Rydal
BREEN                Michael                labourer        Rydal
BRODERICK        Edward                porter                Rydal
CARROLL                William                baker                Rydal
CLINCH                John W.                telegraph clerk        Rydal
CLOUTING        Jonathan R.        teacher                Rydal
CLYNE                John Edward        auctioneer        Rydal
COEN                Michael                storekeeper        Rydal
CORNSLEY        Julian                porter                Rydal
CROW                T.                mason                Rydal
DEMPSEY                Joseph                labourer        Rydal
DOGGETT                William                labourer        Rydal
DOLAN                William                blacksmith        Rydal
DOWNS                John                farmer                Gowan Hill
DUNN                William                baker                Rydal
ESSELL                Robert                innkeeper        Rydal
EVANS                John                labourer        Rydal
FORSTER                George                carrier                Rydal
FORSTER                Robert                contractor        Rydal
GILBERT                Andrew                blacksmith        Ferngrove
GREEN                James                innkeeper        Rydal
GREENBAGH        George                farmer                Ferngrove
GREENBAGH        James                carrier                Ferngrove
GREENBAGH        Thomas                innkeeper        Ferngrove
GUNNELL                Patrick                bootmaker        Rydal
HANNAH                Hugh                innkeeper        Rydal
HARD                Peter                carpenter        Rydal
HARDING                John                labourer        Rydal
HARDING                Thomas                labourer        Rydal
HAYTHORP        Thomas                teamster        Rydal
HEATON Brothers                        commission agents Rydal
HEATON                Edward                commission agent Rydal
HENNESSY        Michael                labourer        Rydal
HORNE                Joseph                innkeeper        Rydal
HULL                William                saddler                Rydal
JOHNSTONE        George                porter                Rydal
JONES                Thomas                ---                Rydal
JONES                William                teamster        Rydal
KELLETT                Charles                agent Cobb & Co. Rydal
KENDALL                William                painter                Rydal
KENNEDY                Henry                teamster        Rydal
LEEFY                Denis                innkeeper        Rydal
LEWIS                Thomas                senior constable Rydal
LOFTUS                John                labourer        Rydal
LOFTUS                Thomas                labourer        Rydal
LUCAS                William                blacksmith        Rydal
LYONS                Michael                labourer        Gowan Hill
MACPHERSON        Hugh                farmer                Ferngrove
MAGGS                Charles                blacksmith        Rydal
MAGGS                Henry                blacksmith        Rydal
MIDDLESON        Joseph M.        station master        Rydal
MCCLINTOCK        John                storekeeper        Rydal
MCCLINTOCK        William                farmer                Gowan Hill
MCMENAMIN        Edward                baker                Rydal
MCNEIL                David                commission agent Rydal
NIAS                John G.                innkeeper        Rydal
NOLAN                William                bootmaker        Rydal
NORRIS                Richard                innkeeper        Rydal
NORRIS                Thomas                butcher                Rydal
PERRY                William                blacksmith        Rydal
PYE                John                ---                Rydal
RAMSDALE        Charles                mason                Rydal
RILETT                William                labourer        Rydal
ROBY                John                labourer        Rydal
ROME                James                storekeeper        Rydal
RYAN                Patrick                storekeeper        Rydal
SCHOFIELD        Samuel                labourer        Rydal
SCOTT                Charles                ---                Kangaroo Ground
SCOTT                J. W.                farmer                Kangaroo Ground
SMITH                Charles                agent                Rydal
STANBERRY        W. F.                cordial manufacturer Ferngrove
STEVENSON        George                storekeeper        Rydal
STILES                H. T. C.        clerk                Rydal
TATTERSALL        Richard                contractor        Rydal
TOWERS                John                storekeeper        Rydal
UMSTAD                William                blacksmith        Rydal
UPTON                Benjamin        blacksmith        Rydal
WALKLEY                Henry                wheelwright        Ferngrove
WALKLEY                William                wheelwright        Rydal
WATSON                Robert                porter                Rydal
WELSH                William                farmer                Pipers Flat
WHYTE                John                ---                Rydal
WILLIAMS        Charles                butcher                Gowan Hill
WINDSOR                Benjamin        clerk                Rydal
WRIGHT                F. & Co.        carriers        Rydal

Greville 1872

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