Greville's Post Office Directory 1872  ROUSE HILL

Page 447
Distance 29 miles West of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 7.30 am,
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 8.30 am.
Mail arrives at Post Town Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 12.15 pm, Tuesday,
Thursday, Friday 1.15 pm.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Sunday excepted) 3.30 am.
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7 am.

Route  Rail Riverstone, 4m. Rouse Hill, or rail or steam Parramatta, 10m.
Rouse Hill.

ACRES                Miss                farmer                Windsor Rd.
ANDERSON        Charles                labourer        Rouse Hill
BENNETT                James                labourer        Windsor Rd.
BENNETT                John jun.        carpenter        Windsor Rd.
BENNETT                John sen.        carpenter        Windsor Rd.
BROWN                David                farmer                Rouse Hill
CAMPBELL        Robert                farmer                Nelson
CASSIDY                John                blacksmith        Rouse Hill
CLEARY                Timothy                overseer        Seven Hills Rd.
CLOUT                Edward                sawyer                Rouse Hill
CLOUT                James                sawyer                Rouse Hill
COOK                John                overseer        Hambledon
CORNWALL        James                farmer                Nelson
CUSACK                James                teacher                Nelson
DARGIN                Ellen                ---                Rouse Hill
DICKSON                Thomas                farm overseer        Rouse Hill
FOREST                James                gardener        Rouse Hill
GALLAUGHER        Patrick                labourer        Maryville
GILBERT                Richard                farmer                Windsor Rd.
GOUGH                Thomas                farmer                Windsor Rd.
GRACE                Edmund                constable        Police Station
HARLEY                Edward                labourer        Long Hill
HARRISKEY        James                squatter        Windsor Rd.
HAWKINS                William                labourer        Windsor Rd.
HORSLEY                William                farmer                Rouse Hill
HUNTER                George                mason                Rouse Hill
HUSSIAN                Patrick                farmer                Nelson
HUSSIAN                Thomas                farmer                Nelson
HYNDES                Charles                farmer                Nelson
HYNDES                James                farmer                Nelson
HYNDES                Robert                farmer                Nelson
JONES                Mary                laundress        Rouse Hill
LARKINS                James                farmer                Rouse Hill
LYE                Samuel                labourer        Rouse Hill
MASON                Samuel jun.        farmer                Nelson
MASON                Samuel sen.        farmer                Nelson
MONTGOMERY        H.                farmer & mason        Nelson
MOULD                John                farmer                Seven Hills Rd.
NEEDHAM                Thomas                storekeeper        Rouse Hill
NEWIS                Charles                gardener        Seven Hills Rd.
NICHOLLS        Sampson                storekeeper & farmer Rouse Hill
NICHOLS                Henry                farmer                Rouse Hill
PEARCE                R.                squatter & farmer Maryville
PEMBERTON        John                labourer        Rouse Hill
REED                James                carpenter        Rouse Hill
ROBINS                James                farmer                Nelson
ROBINS                Thomas                farmer                Nelson
ROOKE                Thomas H.        teacher                Rouse Hill
ROUGHLY                Charles                farmer                Rouse Hill
ROUSE                Edwin                squatter        Rouse Hill
ROUSE                John R.                ---                Rouse Hill
ROUSE                Miss Emma        ---                Rouse Hill
ROUSE                Miss Lizzie        ---                Rouse Hill
ROUSE                Mrs. H. T.        ---                Rouse Hill House
SCHOFIELD        Joseph                farmer                Rosenithon
SCHOFIELD        Samuel                farmer                Windsor Rd.
SEATH                John jun.        squatter & farmer Rouse Hill
SEATH                John sen.        innkeeper        Rouse Hill
SKINNER                George                farmer                Rouse Hill
SMITH                William jun.        ---                Woodlands
STAFF                James                farmer                Seven Hills Rd.
STEVENSON        John                labourer        Rouse Hill
STRAHAN                Robert                farmer                Windsor Rd.
STRANGER        Elias                farmer                Windsor Rd.
TERRY                Samuel H., JP        squatter & farmer Box Hill
TOWNSEND        William                farmer                Mount Pleasant
TURNER                Frederick        farmer                Windsor Rd.
TURNER                Henry                farmer                Windsor Rd.
TURNER                William                farmer                Windsor Rd.
WELLS                James                farmer                Murphys Ck.
WHITMORE        John                carpenter & farmer Rouse Hill

Greville 1872

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