Greville's Post Office Directory 1872  ROLLANDS PLAINS

Page 447
Distance 276 miles North of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Thursday 5.30 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town Friday, Monday 6.15 pm.
Mail leaves for Sydney Friday, Monday 5.15 am.
Mail arrives at Sydney Wednesday, Saturday mornings.

Route  Steam Kempsey, or Port Macquarie, 20m. Rollands Plains.

BENJAMIN        L. D.                ---                Clarefields
BROWN                Henry                farmer                Allendale
CAMPBELL        William                farmer & grazier Rollands Plains
CARNELL                William                fencer                Clarefields
COLLARD                Mrs.                ---                Willesbro
COOMBS                Charles                cooper                Rollands Plains
DOYLE                John                grazier                Mount John
FOWLER                Mrs.                farmer                Brill Brill
GAMACK                Alexander        grazier                Clarefields
HALLIDAY        Charles                farmer                Wilson River
HALLIDAY        George                farmer & grazier Rollands Plains
JACKSON                Mrs. Ann        farmer                Allendale
JOHNSTON        Samuel                carrier                Rollands Plains
LANCASTER        William H.        postmaster        Rollands Plains
MACKEY                Thomas                farmer                Rollands Plains
MCIVER                John                ---                Glenesk
MCKAY                Alexander        farmer & grazier Goyo
MCKAY                Angus                farmer                Goyo
MCKAY                James                ---                Goyo
NAYLOR                Edward                grazier                Willesbro
PORTER                Rev. H.                ---                Willesbro
POUNTNEY        John                farmer                Scott Plains
PREREN                Robert                ---                Glencoe
READ                Mrs.                farmer                Brill Brill
READ                Ellis                farmer                Allendale
ROWSELL                Joseph D.        grazier                Hampton Court
SPOKES                John                grazier                Willesbro
STEWART                Hector                ---                Wallaby Hill
STEWART                J.                farmer & grazier Wallaby Hill
SUPPLE                Benjamin        fencer                Bellangray
THOMPSON        John                farmer                Goyo
TINGCOMBE        G.                farmer & grazier Glencoe
WALLACE                James                storekeeper        Rollands Plains
WALLACE                William                storekeeper        Rollands Plains
WALTERS                Miss                ---                Mill Plain
WALTERS                Mrs. Jane        ---                Mill Plain
WALTERS                William                farmer & grazier Rollands Plains
WARREN                Miss                ---                Glencoe
WEBSTER                John                farmer                Rollands Plains
WEBSTER                John jun.        farmer                Rollands Plains
WEBSTER                Miss                ---                Rollands Plains
WEBSTER                Thomas                farmer                Rollands Plains
WILSON                Henry L.        farmer                Glen Garry
WILSON                Roger                ---                Willesbro
WILSON                Miss Sarah        ---                Willesbro
WILSON                T. G.                farmer & grazier Willesbro
WOODLANDS        Richard                farmer                Bellangray
WOODLANDS        Robert                farmer                Allandale
WOODLANDS        Thomas                farmer                Bellangray
WORKMAN                Christopher        farmer                Allandale

Greville 1872

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