Greville's Post Office Directory 1872  ROCKY RIVER        

Page 445
Distance 304 miles North of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Thursday, Saturday 5.30 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town Wednesday, Saturday, Monday 3.30 pm.
Mail leaves for Sydney Saturday, Monday, Wednesday 1 pm.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Wednesday, Friday evenings.

Route  Steam Newcastle, rail Murrurundi, Cobbs coach Uralla, 2m. Rocky River.

ADAMS                George                farmer                Morses Ck.
AH                Seong                storekeeper        Mount Wels
AH                Tut                storekeeper        Mount Jones
AINSWORTH        Thomas                miner                Mount Jones
ANDERSON        John                miner                Sydney Flat
AUSTIN                Henry                farmer                Kentucky Green
BAILEY                Andrew                gardener        Swamp Station
BILLINGTON        John                miner                Mount Mutton
BISHOP                James                farmer                Mount John
BOUER                Augustus        farmer                Tipperary
BOUER                Theodore        farmer                Tipperary
BROWN                Joseph                farmer                Mount Jones
BROWN                Robert                farmer                Mount Jones
BROWNING        James                farmer                Northern Rd.
BULLEN                George                farmer                Tipperary
BULLEN                Jonathan        farmer                Tipperary
CAIN                Timothy                miner                Kentucky
CARROLL                Mrs. Ann        innkeeper        Mount Welsh
CHANDLER        William                miner                Mount Welsh
CHAN                Lin                storekeeper        Mount Jones
CHAN                Lin                storekeeper        Mount Welsh
CLEGHORN        W.                storekeeper        Mount Welsh
CONNOR                John                miner                Burying Ground Gully
COOPER                Charles                miner                Mount Jones
COOPER                Richard                farmer                Mount Welsh
COX                George                miner                Swamp Station
COX                James                miner                Malcombs Point
COX                Thomas                miner                Camp
CRAPP                John                miner                Maitland Point
CRAPP                John T.                butcher                Mount Jones
CRAPP                William                butcher                Mount Jones
DOHERTTY        James                miner                Sydney Flat
DOUGLAS                William                miner                Maitland Point
DRABSCH                Gotleib                miner                Yarrowick
EDMONDS                James                miner                Mount Welsh
EULER                Vernor                farmer                Tipperary
FALCONER        George                miner                Mount Jones
FEARLEY                William                miner                Maitland Point
FI                Lin                storekeeper        Mount Welsh
FLIGHT                Thomas                miner                Mount Welsh
FRANCIS                John                nursery                Sydney Flat
GARAHEY                John                miner                Mount Jones
GARAHEY                Martin                miner                Mount Jones
GLUCK                John                miner                Sydney Flat
GOLLEDGE        George                miner                Sydney Flat
GOOD                John                miner                Sydney Flat
GRAHAM                Helen                ---                Tipperary
GRANT                Charles                miner                Mount Jones
GRANT                Donald                miner                Swamp Station
GREY                Charles                miner                Mount Jones
GRIFFITHS        George                farmer                Black Gully
HALL                John                miner                Sydney Flat
HANSON                Charles                miner                Sydney Flat
HARRIS                James                miner                Maitland Point
HASSETT                Thomas                miner                Sydney Flat
HAYTHORN        William                ---                Tipperary
HERBERT                Joseph                miner                Sydney Flat
HUNT                William                miner                Mount Welsh
HUNTING                Henry                shepherd        Yarrowick
HUTCHINSON        John                shepherd        Yarrowick
INGLE                Henry                blacksmith        Mount Welsh
JACKSON                Mrs.                storekeeper        Maitland Point
JAMES                Caleb                miner                Mount Welsh
JAMES                Henry                gardener        Mount Welsh
JEW                Joseph                miner                Mount Welsh
JONES                George                miner                Camp
JONES                Richard                miner                Mount Jones
KELLETT                Joshua                miner                Mount Welsh
LAMB                Robert                miner                Barley Field
LAW                Richard                innkeeper        Mount Welsh
LILLYCROSS        James                miner                Tipperary
MARSH                George                miner                Mount Welsh
MEHRTEN                John H.                miner                Sydney Flat
MIDDLETON        T.                storekeeper        Mount Jones
MILLS                George                miner                Sydney Flat
MORAN                Thomas                miner                Sydney Flat
MULLHOLLAND        A.                miner                Maitland Point
MCARTHUR        Neil                shepherd        Yarrowick
MCGREGOR        John                miner                Maitland Point
MCLEOD                Alexander        miner                Mount Jones
MCNEIL                Angus                miner                Maitland Point
NEYLAN                John                miner                Mount Jones
NORTHEY                James                miner                Maitland Point
NORTHEY                William                blacksmith        Mount Welsh
OBRIEN                Mrs.                ---                Sydney Flat
OSBORNE                William                miner                Sydney Flat
PARKER                Henry                miner                Mount Welsh
PARKER                Isaiah                miner                Kentuck
PARKER                John                miner                Mount Welsh
PARKER                John G.                miner                Mount Welsh
PARKINSON        Thomas                farmer                Kentucky Green
PASTERFIELD        William                miner                Sydney Flat
PLATTS                Henry                miner                Maitland Point
POTTS                Laurence        dealer                Mount Jones
RICE                John                miner                Sydney Flat
RICHARDS        Robert                blacksmith        Mount Welsh
RIXON                Frederick        farmer                Barley Field
RIXON                Silas                farmer                Barley Field
ROBERTS                John                miner                Mount Jones
ROBERTS                Richard                miner                Mount Jones
ROLFE                William E.        miner                Mount Jones
ROONEY                Bernard                gardener        Sydney Flat
ROONEY                William                miner                Sydney Flat
SAUNDERS        Sydney                miner                Mount Welsh
SHEPHERD        Isaac                miner                Maitland Point
SIMONAIS        Walter H.        miner                Mount Welsh
SKEWS                William                miner                Maitland Point
SKIPPIN                George                miner                Lambing Gully
SMITH                Alexander        miner                Mount Welsh
SMITH                Thomas                miner                Mount Jones
SNOW                Edward                miner                Mount Welsh
STUDDY                Albert                teacher                Mount Jones
SULLIVAN        Benjamin        miner                Mount Jones
SULLIVAN        John                miner                Rocky River
TAGGART                William                miner                Mount Jones
TAYLOR                James                miner                Mount Jones
TAYLOR                Samuel                miner                Yarrowick
TERBUTT                Ralph                miner                Northern Rd.
THOMPSON        James                tinsmith        Mount Welsh
TOLLEY                Giles                shepherd        Maitland Point
TOLLEY                Richard                miner                Maitland Point
VICKERY                James                farmer                Swamp Station
WATSON                Richard                miner                Sydney Flat
WESTERN                G., JP                storekeeper        Mount Jones
WHACKET                Thomas                miner                Maitland Point
WHITE                George                miner                Sydney Flat
WIGGINS                Thomas                farmer                Kentucky Green
WILSON                William                miner                Mount Welsh
WITHERS                Charles                miner                Sydney Flat
WOODS                George                miner                Mount Welsh
YATES                John                farmer                Kentucky Green
YEOMAN                John                farmer                Kentucky Green
YOUNG                James                miner                Mount Welsh

Greville 1872

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