Greville's Post Office Directory 1872  ROCKLEY

Page 442
Distance 146 miles West of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Tuesday, Friday 5 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town Wednesday, Saturday 1 pm.
Mail leaves for Sydney Monday, Thursday 11 am.
Mail arrives at Sydney Tuesday, Friday 7 am. 

Route  Rail Rydal, Cobbs coach Bathurst, 22m. Rockley.

ALDRED                Richard                poundkeeper        Rockley
AMOS                Arthur                ---                Rockley
ASHE                Charles                superintendent        Charlton
ASIMUS                Carl                farmer                Triangle Flat
BADLEY                James                farmer                Jerremy
BADLEY                John                farmer                Jerremy
BADLEY                Joseph                shepherd        Bunnamagoo
BAKER                Isaac                farmer                 Rockley                
BAKER                James                farmer                Rockley
BAKER                John                farmer                Rockley
BAKER                William                farmer                Triangle Flat
BARNES                George                grazier                Triangle Flat
BARNES                Jacob                grazier                Triangle Flat
BARRETT                Thomas                butcher                Rockley
BENNETT                James                farmer                Rockley
BOSWELL                Thomas                blacksmith        Rockley
BOYCE                Rev. Burty        ---                Rockley
BRETT                Neal                farmer                Black Ck.
BROWN                Thomas                fencer                Fosters Valley
BROWNLOW        John                grazier                Rockley
BROWNLOW        W. jun.                grazier                Campbells River
BROWNLOW        W. sen.                grazier                Campbells River
BUCK                Edward                butcher                Rockley
BUDDEN                Arthur                storekeeper        Rockley
BURGE                Charles                overseer        Dunns Plains
BURGE                John                farmer                Rockley        
BURKE                Patrick                farmer                Bald Hills
BYRNES                Thomas                farmer                Triangle Flat
CABREA                Antonio                farmer                Campbells River
CARROLL                Patrick                farmer                Rockley
CASHMAN                John                farmer                Mountain Run
CASHMAN                Michael                farmer                Mountain Run
CASHMAN                Thomas                carrier                Mountain Run
COLBORNE        George                farmer                Fosters Valley
COLE                Christopher        farmer                Campbells River
COLE                Joseph                farmer                Campbells River
COLE                William                farmer                Campbells River
COLLINS                Abraham                storekeeper        Rockley
COLLINS                William                storekeeper        Rockley
CONNORS                William                bootmaker        Rockley
COREY                Charles                grazier                Brownlea
CRAWHURST        Alfred                grazier                Campbells River
CULLEN                Dominic                miner                Rockley
CULLEN                Philip                farmer                Mountain Run
CULLEN                Thomas                farmer                Rockley
CUMMINS                Cornelius        farmer                Fosters Valley
DAVERON                Rev. P.                (RC)                Rockley
DAVIES                W.                shepherd        Campbells River
DOULMAN                Charles                farmer                Jumpers Flat
DOULMAN                Stephen                farmer                Jumpers Flat
DUNSWORTH        W.                stockman        Bunnamagoo
DWYER                Cornelius        farmer                Campbells River
EDWARDS                David                farmer                Brownlea
ENGLISH                Andrew                farmer                Dunns Halls
ENGLISH                Benjamin        farmer                Dunns Halls
ENGLISH                Joseph                farmer                Dunns Halls
EVANS                John                innkeeper        Rockley
EVANS                W.                shepherd        Campbells River
FALVEY                John                farmer                Mountain Run        
FALVEY                Thomas                farmer                Black Springs
FELL                Joseph                miner                Back Ck.
FITZGERALD        John                 farmer                Stoney Ck.        
FLEETAN                James                farmer                Fosters Valley
FLEETAN                William                farmer                Fosters Valley
FLOOD                John                miner                Rockley
FOX                Graham                squatter        Fosters Valley
FRANCIS                John                farmer                Summer Hill
FRENCH                William                bushman                Fosters Valley
FULTON                Arthur                farmer                Triangle Flat
GALE                George                sawyer                Rockley
GLASSON                Robert                miner                Back Ck.
GLYNN                Thomas                farmer                Rockley
GODDEN                Thomas                miller                Rockley
GODWIN                Chas.                superintendent        Bunnamagoo
GOLDSBY                Edward                butcher                Rockley
GOLDSBY                William                farmer                Brownlea
GRANDISON        Robert                farmer                Charlton
GREEN                Thomas                shepherd        Corrowa
HENNESSEY        Richard                farmer                Rockley
HENRY                Edward                farmer                Mountain Run
HENRY                Joseph                farmer                Mountain Run
HOCKEY                Henry jun.        farmer                Rockley
HOCKEY                Henry sen.        farmer                Rockley
HOCKEY                Thomas                farmer                Rockley
INGRAM                John                farmer                Rockley        
JOHNSON                John                farmer                Fosters Valley
JONES                John jun.        farmer                OBriens Ck.
JONES                John sen.        grazier                OBriens Ck.
JOYCE                William                farmer                Fosters Valley
KEARNEY                Charles                shepherd        Rockley
KENNEDY                Peter                miner                Native Dog Ck.
LARVIN                Thomas                shepherd        Chain of Ponds
LIGO                William                farmer                Mountain Run
LINGWOOD        George                farmer                Rockley
LOCKHART        George                farmer                Fosters Valley
LOCKHART        James                farmer                Fosters Valley
LOCKHART        Robert                farmer                Mountain Run
LOCKHART        Samuel                farmer                Fosters Valley
MARSH                Frederick        miner                Rockley
MATHEWS                Henry                farmer                Campbells River
MILLER                John                miner                Back Ck.
MONAGHAN        Rev. Joseph        ---                Rockley
MULLINS                Thomas                farmer                Rockley
MURPHY                John                farmer                Campbells River
MCCLELLAN        John                farmer                Gilmandyke
MCCORMACK        John                farmer                Triangle Flat
MCCREA                Donald                farmer                Campbells River
MCGAW                David                sawyer                Back Ck.
MCGAW                James                sawyer                Back Ck.
MCGAW                Samuel                sawyer                Back Ck.
MCQUEEN                Charles                farmer                Davies Ck.
NIGHTINGALE        Daniel jun.        farmer                Rockley
NIGHTINGALE        Daniel sen.        blacksmith        Rockley
NIGHTINGALE        John                carrier                Rockley
OBRIEN                Brien                contractor        Rockley
OBRIEN                Edward                surgeon                Rockley Villa
OBRIEN                John                squatter        Rockley        
OKEEFE                Jeremiah        farmer                Rockley
ONEAL                Daniel                farmer                Rockley
OWEN                Samuel                blacksmith        Rockley
PATON                James                farmer                Brownlea
POPALARIE        William                labourer        Rockley
PRESS                David                farmer                Triangle Flat
PRESS                Francis                farmer                Triangle Flat
PRICE                Henry                farmer                Summer Hill
PRICE                Thomas                bootmaker        Summer Hill
PUZLE                James                farmer                Cherry Tree Hill
QUINN                Henry                farmer                Rockley
QUINN                Owen                farmer                Brownlea
QUINN                Thomas                farmer                Lime Stone
RICHY                W.                servant                Mountain Run
ROBERTS                George                farmer                Mountain Run
ROBERTS                George                farmer                Summer Hill
ROBERTS                James                shepherd        Dunns Hall
ROBERTSON        Robert                miner                Native Dog Ck.
ROLFE                John                miner                Back Ck.
RYAN                Cornelius        farmer                Triangle Flat
RYAN                Edward                farmer                Triangle Flat
RYAN                Michael                farmer                Campbells River
RYAN                Thomas                farmer                Triangle Flat
SAGAR                Smith                farmer                Davies Ck.
SALMON                Henry                cook                Bunnamagoo
SCARLETT        Edward                servant                Rockley
SCHLY                John                farmer                Gilmandyke
SEWELL                Daniel                farmer                Sewells Ck.
SEWELL                Joseph                farmer                Sewells Ck.
SHEA                John                farmer                Reedy Ck.
SHEPPARD        George                farmer                Wallaby Joes Ck.
SKINNER                Charles                farmer                Rockley 
SMITH                John                farmer                Mountain Run
SMITH                William                miner                Native Dog Ck.
STANGER                Ebenezer        farmer                Campbells River
STIFF                George                miller                Rockley
STEEL                Watson                JP                Rockley
STURZAKER        E.                farmer                Campbells River
SULLIVAN        John                carrier                Rockley        
SULLIVAN        W. D.                teacher                Mountain Run
TAYLOR                John                miner                Back Ck.
TAYLOR                Samuel                miner                Back Ck.
TERRY                James                storekeepers assistant Rockley
THOMAS                Richard                labourer        Rockley
THOMAS                William                farmer                Gilmandyke
TODD                David                storekeeper        Stoney Ck.
TODD                Edward                storekeeper        Stoney Ck.
WALSHE                John                grazier                Lakes Dirt Hole
WALSHE                Thomas                farmer                Bald Ridges
WARD                James                saddler                Rockley
WARD                William                saddler                Rockley
WEEKES                Henry                farmer                Campbells River
WILKINSON        Arthur                teacher                Cow Flat
WILSON                Frederick        shepherd        Bunnamagoo
WINCHESTER        John                bricklayer        Rockley
WITTY                John                farmer                Campbells River

Greville 1872

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